Critical Purple Autoflower Seeds

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Critical Purple Autoflower Seeds

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Gorgeous enough to make your eyes bulge from your head and easy enough for even novice growers to cultivate successfully thanks to powerful...

High THC Purple Pot Perfection


Bud Basics

Coming to us from a cross between Critical Mass and Big BudCritical Purple Auto brings you the best of star (and crystal) studded abundantly productive cannabis strains in an alluring purple-hued package.


Gorgeous enough to make your eyes bulge from your head and easy enough for even novice growers to cultivate successfully thanks to powerful autoflowering traits, Critical Purple is an Indica-dominant delight for those looking for an easy crop of high THC buds bursting with bag appeal.


This hybrid is the progeny of many years of dedication to perfecting Big Bud, one of the most prolifically producing strains ever to hit the market. None other than Mr Nice himself created Critical Mass years ago to enhance the already famous Big Bud (a blend between the iconic Afghani Indica landrace and the infamous Skunk #1), and breeding the resulting Critical strain with both Big Bud and an unspecified autoflowering superstar has created this beginner-friendly mauve marijuana masterpiece.


THC can hit a face-melting 25% on average with Critical Purple Auto (meaning these are buds to consume with care if you have a lower tolerance to THC), which accompanies the most moreish and delicious mix of citrusy goodness that awaits tokers on the nose and palate.


Careful though, this is something of a creeper strain and that delayed fuse can make it easy to overindulge with this potent hybrid - don’t underestimate Critical Purple, she’ll smack you with so much sedation that you’ll find it tough to be remotely productive while riding this high.



Flavor and Fragrance of Critical Purple Autoflower

Both Big Bud and Critical Mass have long been favored for their earthy spiciness, the latter strain bringing a sumptuous hint of citrus to the mix with her blend of myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene terpenes.


With Critical Purple Autoflower, you’re looking at an altogether wholly similar flavor and fragrance experience to these parent strains.


On both the nose and tongue, everything is driven by a sweet and floral citric quality that’s tough to beat, however, particularly on the exhale, it’s quite possible to detect the latent Skunk genetics hiding in the genes amongst an earthy woodiness.


This might sound like an odd combo to the uninitiated, but you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about.




You might think that with up to 25% THC, Critical Purple is going to hit you hard and fast. You’d also be dead wrong.


This purple-hued hybrid is the definition of a creeper strain, operating with a deviously delayed fuse that often lures the unsuspecting into a far more overwhelming high than they were expecting.


Consume this cannabis with care if your THC tolerance isn’t particularly strong because Critical Purple can knock the socks off even the most seasoned of daily recreational tokers quite effortlessly.


You might have finished your joint before the high hits, but when Critical Purple makes her presence known you’re sure to feel it. There’s a gentle sense of cerebral stimulation to begin with which can be ideal for clearing the mind and setting you up for what’s to come.


Pretty soon, the strong sedative influence takes charge, leadening the limbs as it sweeps through every part of your body and ushers in a true state of serenity. It won’t be long before all your cares are gone and your only concern is sinking into the couch, snacking and chilling out to some Netflix.


It’s not uncommon to feel something of the stereotypical stoner dopeyness as the mind follows the body into pure relaxation, and you’re likely to experience the likes of dry mouth or red eye even when keeping your dosage low.


Critical Purple Auto is definitely not a strain to underestimate or start your day with, but few can compare when it’s time for that hit that puts a full stop on your working day.



Medical Uses of Critical Purple Autoflower

With 0.7% average CBD content and such high THC, many medical marijuana patients shy away from Critical Purple Auto as their therapeutic strain of choice, however, for those with a higher tolerance for THC, these buds can prove invaluable.


The medicinal value of Critical Purple largely comes down to her supremely powerful sedative properties, which is decidedly irresistible in most cases. Since the cerebral influence of this hybrid is quite minimal, any effectiveness at treating mental maladies such as stress, anxiety, depression or general malaise can be more attributed as an aftereffect of that potent relaxation.


This is a strain to turn to when you need to shut out the world and re-connect with yourself, allow all worries to slip from your mind and embrace a state of sheer serenity.


Physical aches and pains feel muted and more distant when Critical Purple has you under her spell, and this kind of sedation can be absolutely perfect for regaining much-needed perspective.


Of course, with such high THC levels, some of marijuana’s less desirable side effects like dizziness, mild paranoia or cottonmouth are quite common. Consume with care, stay hydrated and keep a watchful eye on your dosage though and you should be just fine.


When all’s said and done, there aren’t many therapeutic strains that can send you off to as natural and peaceful night’s sleep like a quality batch of Critical Purple Auto.



Growing Critical Purple Autoflower Seeds

In your typical Indica manner, these beans develop into a reasonably short stature with plants that rarely reach taller than 1.5 meters at most. They also come with a natural resilience to mold or other common plant problems which is further enhanced by the Ruderalis genetics in the mix, helping to make growing Critical Purple Autoflower one hell of a straightforward cultivation experience.


Though these plants aren’t gigantic, they have a tendency to spread out horizontally - this is a trait you can encourage to help boost the productivity of your plants. Opt for a Sea of Green (SoG) setup if you’re able and carefully use other Low Stress Training techniques to maximize all your available space and increase light penetration to all areas of your Critical Purple Auto plants.


Indoors tends to be the best environment to cultivate Critical Purple Autoflower, though it’s entirely possible outside too, and thanks to the auto nature of these beans, you’ll find these plants can thrive almost anywhere.


TLC goes a long way though, and treating your crop to the best environment possible - indoors, where you have full temperate control - is highly advisable.


These plants should develop their attractive purple hues quite naturally, however, it’s possible to encourage the vibrant display this ganja is capable of by exposing the plants to cooler nighttime temperatures near the end of flowering.


Generally, while it is possible to harvest Critical Purple Auto after around 9 weeks of flowering, growers with the patience to hold off for closer to 11 weeks in total can rake in larger bounties of bud (and often find their nugs achieve better tastes and stronger highs, too).


350 grams per meter squared is common for indoor cultivators, while outdoor growers can look forward to up to 300 grams per plant under optimal conditions.




Purple, prodigious and strong as hell - Critical Purple Auto means business.


This stunning hybrid is one even more inexperienced cultivators can see excellent results with and produce bountiful yields of buds positively screaming with bag appeal.


With THC hitting up to 25%, these are nugs even more seasoned smokers might want to tread carefully when approaching. Thanks to a quintessential creeper high nature, it’s easy to find yourself out like a light after lighting up these potent purple buds.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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