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As relevant and coveted today as she was when she appeared on the market decades ago, this ganja is famous for her intense cerebral effects and calming body buzz. But most of all for the notorious odor...

Notoriously Stinky, Sturdy and Cerebral


Bud Basics

One of the oldest hybrids on the market, Skunk has worked to shape the cannabis community and industry, functioning as a base and lender of genetics to create more classic strains than we can count.


As relevant and coveted today as she was when she appeared on the market decades ago, this ganja is famous for her intense cerebral effects and calming body buzz. But most of all for the notorious odor she emits, that became her namesake and defining characteristic.


Tracing her heritage back to elite landrace genetics, Skunk is a descendant of such well-known strains as Afghani, Mexican, Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold.


A hodgepodge of profoundly euphoric Sativa strains and deeply relaxing Indicas that when bred together created a monster of ammonia stench, citrus and earth undertones and a mighty high beyond compare.


The THC content of this cannabis can stretch up to around 18% on average, and Skunk Fast Version's high is an accurate reflection of that. Beginning in the mind with a head-clearing euphoria that gradually intensifies as time goes on, this pot can also soften the limbs into a tranquil state of bliss that’s just as enjoyable as it can be sedating - especially for newbies.


A fast-growing photoperiod variant on a classic, this plant is undemanding throughout her short life cycle, thanks to the hardy and resilient genetics she’s inherited. Flowering in around 7 to 9 weeks, this compact little strain is sturdy enough to resist most minor stresses and mistakes, and these feminized seeds make her a choice first time grow for novices.



Flavor and Fragrance of Skunk Fast Version

Strong and pungent, Skunk Fast Version is named for her overpowering ammonia-like aroma.


Filling the nostrils and the mouth with her scent, this herb also emits undertones of earth, wood and some fungus notes. There's also a twist of zesty citrus that goes some way to explaining the sweet and fruity notes of her flavor when combusted - subtle, with an aftertaste of (you’ve guessed it) skunk.




Swift moving in her effects, Skunk Fast Version is mostly Sativa and highly cerebral as a result. At 18% THC, this herb's mental stimulation can be devastating if over consumed but is beautifully complemented by a sublime body-stone.


When toked in a moderate dose, the initial effect is to energize the mind with a euphoric buzz that livens you up, uplifts the mood and hones your focus. Initiating creativity, this ganja is a great choice for brainstorming or artists seeking inspiration. She’s also a great strain for sharing and social occasions, as she’s likely to make you happy, upbeat and talkative.


Once Skunk's cerebral high has well and truly set in, her body effects will begin to soothe, calming the body in a swarm of sensation that loosens muscles, eliminates tightness and tension and softens you from head to toe. This relaxing buzz continues while the mind remains at ease and filled with pleasant thoughts, combining for a truly profound effect. Still, in higher doses, this sedation can lead to couchlock.


For most tokers, only mild adverse effects such as dry, red eyes and cottonmouth will occur. However, if over-consumed, this cannabis can cause headaches, dizziness and increased anxiety.



Medical Uses of Skunk Fast Version

In addition to the recreational value of Skunk Fast Version’s psychoactive THC content, this weed boasts further compounds of serious medicinal value. Due to the sublime cerebral effects of this stuff, the euphoric state she induces is a prime pharmacological aid for stress relief, functioning as an anxiolytic and antidepressant to help those with anxiety and depression.


As a pain reliever, the Indica side of this herb can create a physical effect that’s ideal as an analgesic, fighting the symptoms of several chronic conditions, including (but not limited to) arthritis, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.



Growing Skunk Fast Version Seeds

Smaller in stature than the rest of her photoperiod family, Skunk Fast Version is compact enough to be ideal for indoor grow rooms, or even a balcony. Her growth traits make her a great choice for newbie growers. She’s capable of surviving stress and some minor mistakes, is feminized and remains resistant to pests and diseases. All of which combine to create a plant that’s a choice teaching tool for those new to cannabis cultivation.


The greatest challenge here is the routine maintenance of the temperature and Relative Humidity (RH) levels, which must be kept within a suitable range in order to avoid excess moisture in her upper canopy.


Utilizing a Sea of Green (SOG) training technique can be an excellent way to maximize the yields of this hybrid, and this will reduce the vegetative stage of the plant. She tends to flower for between 6 and 7 weeks before maturing to a point where she’s ready to be harvested. Even growing this fast, she should still produce a yield of up to 400 grams per square meter.


Grown outdoors, Skunk Fast Version can tolerate adverse weather conditions to some extent, but should still be grown in the most optimum environment available. She responds particularly well to warm and sunny locations such as the Mediterranean. Plenty of sunshine works wonders to help her flower to fully flourish, and she should be ready for harvesting around the beginning of October, with each plant yielding around 500 grams of buds.




Prominent landrace strains from across the globe were bred together to create the original photoperiod variant of this beauty. Skunk Fast Version outdoes her heritage to provide cerebral highs, body-buzzing physical effects and potent pain relief, all under the guise of the most notoriously stinky smoke known to the cannabis community.


Combined with a Ruderalis, this fast-flowering version of the classic herb is a hardy and resilient little gem that’s sure to thrive in any grow room or tent thanks to her tiny size and ability to survive most stressors and injuries.


Sure to provide relief to most medicinal tokers seeking psychological or physiological aid, any novice can help these all-fem seeds to thrive and patience isn’t an issue thanks to her 8-week flowering time. With hefty yields for such a compact plant, Skunk Fast is an all-round people pleaser, even if she does tend to stink out the room a bit.

More Information
Strain IconsFast
SexFeminized Fast
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthSeptember
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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