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Black Widow Feminized Seeds

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28% THC is more than enough to knock the living daylights out of even the most experienced smokers. Newcomers (seriously) need not apply, as the soaring nature of the cerebral high is borderline bonkers...

The Fine Art of Deception


Bud Basics

A web of sin if ever there was one, which entices with an irresistible exterior and attacks with a venomous bite. The epitome of elegance and sophistication, Black Widow Feminized also excels in the fine art of deception.


This almighty specimen was brought into existence by combining the genetics of White Widow and Pure Power Plant. Both of which are known for taking potency to extremes, resulting in a heavy-hitter to be approached with extreme caution.


In fact, Black Widow Feminized routinely tests for an average of 28% THC content, making this one of the strongest strains doing the rounds on the green scene.


Still, it takes more than biblical potency to impress these days. Far from a one-trick pony, Black Widow impresses with an intoxicating flavor and fragrance, which brings out the best of her two superstar parents.


Weighing in at around 75% Sativa and 30% Indica, users can expect a predominantly cerebral high with racing energy and endless creativity. Though to such an extent that anyone with a low THC tolerance may find the whole thing difficult to cope with.


Easy to grow, stunning to look at and fantastically fragrant, resistance really is futile with this particular dark mistress. But be warned – let your guard down one second and she will literally bite your head clean off your shoulders!



Flavor and Fragrance of Black Widow Feminized

The all-round sensory experience begins with an enchanting fragrance you can pick up on from a mile away. Pungent, aromatic and enticing, you’re hopelessly drawn in by the mesmerizing appeal. There’s wave after wave of sweet and sour skunkiness on the nose, with just a hint of pine and fresh fruits in the background.


Set fire to Black Widow Feminized buds and things get even more irresistible. Skunky, spicy, nutty and piney – the room is immediately filled with the quintessential Amsterdam coffeeshop fragrance you can’t help but love. All of which translates to an equally delicious flavor, with a pronounced nuttiness on the exhale and plenty of peppery spice.


This is the kind of strain that encapsulates all that’s fantastic about that ‘classic’ cannabis fragrance and flavor, which instinctively draws you in for more.




The fact that this stuff often hits the 28% THC mark says all that needs to be said about its punch. Not to mention, the way in which novice users need not apply.


Leaning heavily towards the Sativa side of the scale, the initial stages of the high in particular are reminiscent of what you’d associate with a full-on psychedelic trip from a much stronger drug. You can expect the kind of euphoria that makes it difficult to do anything but smile, leaving you feeling happier than you had felt in a long-time.


If you can handle this super-racy uplift, you’ll be treated to hour after hour of blissful contentment and pure positivity. The whole thing remains pretty intense for the duration, though calms slightly when the physical side of the stone kicks in.


Black Widow Feminized isn’t going to weigh you down or incapacitate you, instead filling the entire body with a warming and relaxing buzz you’ll want to hold onto for life.


The potency of the high makes this a less-than ideal productivity smoke, but you'll find this herb's just about as good as it gets for inspired and creative thinking. Perfect for artistic types, musicians and the like.



Medical Uses of Black Widow Feminized

The medical benefits of this THC-heavy strain are predominantly psychological in nature. However, a THC content of 28% could prove far more than many therapeutic tokers can handle. Proceeding with extreme caution at first is therefore advisable, as one toke too many and you’re on another planet.


Firing up the brain with creative energy and positive thoughts, Black Widow Feminized has the potential to immediately eradicate every semblance of stress, anxiety, depression and negativity. These buds are more or less as powerful and effective as it gets in the treatment of mental maladies, bringing on waves of pure happiness for hours on end.


There’s a gentle physical stone to the experience, but not to such an extent as to have any real therapeutic value. Black Widow Feminized certainly isn’t going to send you to sleep or lock you to the couch, but she's almost guaranteed to have you pigging out on snacks like it’s a competition.


She's also a great choice for days where you’re simply feeling tired, demotivated and devoid of purpose. Even just a single toke can be enough to bring you right around.



Growing Black Widow Feminized Seeds

The simplicity with which this strain can be cultivated at home further adds to her all-round irresistibility. Durable, resilient and forgiving, Black Widow Feminized rarely reaches more than 100cm in height and can be grown with ease indoors or out.


Fittingly, the super thick and sticky coating of trichomes that forms on the buds looks a little like cobwebs, giving some indication of the THC content you’re looking at.


Nine weeks or so is all it takes to produce a relatively moderate harvest, though you don’t need much 28% THC weed to get you where you want to be.


Whether growing indoors or out, the spectacular stink of this strain needs to be taken into account, which can travel quite extraordinary distances. If discretion is a priority, you’ll need to think very carefully about where and how you set up your grow, in order to avoid arousing suspicion.


If you decide to set up outdoors, aim to harvest towards the beginning of October for the best possible results.




Black Widow Feminized is the kind of sultry and sexy strain that borders on organic entrapment. Irresistible in every way, one sniff of this stuff and you simply cannot help yourself. Nor is it easy to resist going back for more, at which point she shows her true colors.


28% THC is more than enough to knock the living daylights out of even the most experienced smokers. Newcomers (seriously) need not apply, as the soaring nature of the cerebral high is borderline bonkers. In fact, it’s about as close as you’ll get to the experience of a much harder narcotic, with none of the associated risks or side-effects.


If you think you can handle her, this is absolutely a strain you need to check out. If you’re not 100% sure you’re up to it, set your sights on something a little less dangerous!

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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