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A direct descendant of the legend that is OG Kush, this impressive piece of cannabis engineering routinely tests for as much as 27% THC. True OG also impresses with a refreshing citrus fragrance, extensive medical applications and easy-grow characteristics...

Six Years in the Making

Bud Basics

A direct descendant of the legend that is OG Kush, this impressive piece of cannabis engineering routinely tests for as much as 27% THC. True OG also impresses with a refreshing citrus fragrance, extensive medical applications and easy-grow characteristics.

It’s worth highlighting how this new-generation hybrid has scooped up more therapeutic cannabis awards than almost anything else in its category. In fact, this herb's taken home one of the top prizes at every High Times Medical Cup in the past decade.

Few strains have so consistently wiped the floor with everything else put under the microscope. Not that this is surprising, given how it took the creators of this cannabis a full six years to finally come up with a winning formula.

Depending on the batch you’re looking at, THC content can vary from 20% to more than 27%. But what’s interesting is how in all instances, True OG combines an exceptionally potent Indica body stone with the cerebral alertness and clear headedness of quality Sativa strain.

Easy to grow and capable of delivering consistently superior yields, True OG Feminized is also compact enough to set indoors where space is at a premium. One of the proudest exports of California’s Topanga Canyon to date and a fantastically potent specimen that’s guaranteed to push your tolerance to its absolute limits.

Flavor and Fragrance of True OG Feminized

The flavor and fragrance profile of True OG could be described as ‘textbook’ cannabis. Nothing particularly complicated or intricate – more the kind of old-fashioned cannabis stink you can’t help but crave.

High in myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene, the most prominent terpenes in in the strain come together to produce deeply dank fragrance with plenty of pine freshness. You’ll often pick up on notes of sour citrus and wet soil in the background, coupled with peppery spice and exotic hashish when the buds are burned.

The flavor is equally simple yet enjoyable, combining notes of pine, earth, black pepper and hash on the exhale. The buds are fragrant enough in their original form, though stink to high heaven when put to use. True OG is not a strain that’s easy to keep under wraps and can be picked up on from a mile away – something to bear in mind before blazing.


This is a predominantly Indica strain with just a touch of Sativa genetics, though nonetheless gets to work right away with a particularly punchy cerebral uplift. The feeling of pressure that makes its way towards the temples and the eyes can feel overwhelming at first, though quickly washes away to leave behind a feeling of energetic and outgoing euphoria.

For a good few minutes at least, you’re suspended in a cloud of all-things creative and innovative, with nothing but appreciation for your surroundings.

Still, 15 minutes or so into the ride and the stone begins making its way gradually from the neck down. Waves of wooziness travel through the extremities, adding masses of warmth and weight to the limbs and eventually making it difficult to remain upright. You’ll still be able to perform basic functions with extremely careful consumption, but just a handful of heavy hits of this stuff is enough to trigger indefinite couch lock.

Inevitably, the whole thing gravitates towards drowsiness, sleepiness and eventual unconsciousness. This is a strain to plan for strategically, as the later stages of the high will render you completely incapable or lifting a finger.

Medical Uses of True OG Feminized

While it’s not to say that True OG is devoid of psychological benefits, this herb's therapeutic applications are predominantly physical in nature.

The initial euphoric uplift sets the mood for what’s to follow, eliminating every trace of stress, worry, anxiety, nervousness and upset. You’re immediately propelled into a higher and more positive state of consciousness, after which the body stone begins doing its thing. At which point, even relatively severe and chronic pain conditions are melted away, replaced with a feeling of floaty numbness and enjoyable incapacitation.

From headaches to muscle pains to joint stiffness to arthritis, True OG Feminized is a popular choice for the treatment of dozens of conditions and complaints. These buds are also known for triggering powerful and long-lasting bouts of the munchies, making appetite issues a thing of the past.

Insomnia patients may also appreciate the sedating effects of this herb, which almost always lulls you into a good night’s sleep at the end of the high.

Just be sure to approach those first few tokes with caution – a THC content of 27% is enough to take even the most experienced stoners over the edge.

Growing True OG Feminized Seeds

True OG Feminized has a physical appearance not dissimilar to that of OG Kush, manifesting in the form of relatively small and sturdy plants that generally take care of themselves.

The buds produced are not particularly large in size, but tend to be exceptionally dense and resinous beyond belief. Your biggest responsibility therefore is mold patrol, ensuring adequate air circulation and keeping an eye on moisture buildup.

Setting up indoors with a few plants in a compact space shouldn’t cause you too many problems, with no particularly advanced gear needed to get the job done.  As this is the feminized version of True OG, you’ll be looking at all female plants with a probability rate of around 99%.

Nine weeks of flowering is all it takes to produce as much as 20oz of cannabis from every mature plant – outdoor yields often exceeding indoor harvests by a significant margin.

The only issue you’re likely to encounter during cultivation is keeping the stink of this stuff under control. Unless you set yourself up with a seriously efficient ventilation system, everything in your entire home will be impregnated with skunky-funky goodness!


A labor of love and a product of more than six years’ research and development, True OG Feminized is a precision piece of engineering that’s worthy of respect.

One look, smell, taste or toke and you know exactly why this weed has picked up such a long list of awards over the years. Most of which have been in recognition of the herb's therapeutic properties, but this can also be an outstanding recreational strain for evenings of outright indulgence.

Easy to grow and capable of hitting 27% THC, there are few comparable strains right now with similar power or potency. With Indica-heavy genetics, True OG more or less guarantees a prolonged bout of couchlock, coupled with a dreamy sense of euphoria and a feeling of ‘oneness’ with the world as a whole.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
GrowsGreenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows Outside
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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