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There aren’t many strains doing the rounds right now that can be considered 100% unique – precisely what makes this herb such an exceptional specimen. Easy to grow, perfectly potent and ideal for indulgent evenings on the couch, there’s more to Blue Cheese than her crowd-splitting funk alone...

A Fusion of Funk 

Bud Basics

If there was ever a cannabis strain to split audiences right down the middle, this is the one. Quite frankly, there’s no point in pretending that Blue Cheese is anything close to a crowd-pleaser. It’s the classic case of something you either love or loathe – there’s really no middle ground with this stuff. That said, for the true cannabis connoisseur who understands and appreciates good weed, this hybrid is an extraordinary strain that warrants a ton of respect.

Combined by bringing together the genetics of UK Cheese and Blueberry, Blue Cheese Autoflower is just about as pungent as it gets. The only difference between this herb and your original Cheese weed is this stuff brings a curious hint of sweet berries into the fragrance and flavor profile.

Erring heavily towards the Indica side of the scale with just 20% Sativa genetics, this hybrid is just the thing for a spot of indulgent relaxation. Despite having a generous THC content that hovers around the 20% mark, Blue Cheese Auto doesn’t hit like the proverbial freight train.

This being the autoflowering version, there’s no need to worry about light/dark cycles when growing your own. Auto weed also makes for a slightly quicker cultivation process as a whole, which is also a bonus.

You could – if you really wanted to – wax lyrical about the fabulous properties and characteristics of this cannabis until the cows come home. But there’s really no point, as what made this strain a superstar (and why she's still legendary even today) is her unique fragrance and flavor profile.

Love it or hate it, you really can’t consider yourself a fully signed-up member of the cannabis community, until you’ve experienced a well-cured batch of these buds.

Flavor and Fragrance of Blue Cheese Autoflower

This is where Blue Cheese differentiates herself from more or less every other strain on the market. On the nose, this herb hits hard with an earthy and musky aroma, bursting with wave after wave of pungent cheese. You really have to experience it firsthand to believe it, but the way this stuff stinks like actual cheese is quite remarkable.

That's where things get a bit weird and wonderful, as these buds bring a fair amount of fruitiness to the whole experience. Think a sweet and sour fruity cheesecake that’s gone a smidge past its expiration date, and you’ll be on the right tracks!

As you’d expect, all of the above translates to an extremely… well, let’s say ‘interesting’ flavor profile. Sweet, smooth and satisfying, there’s a delightful hit of sugary berries on the inhale, with just a tiny hint of peppery spice in the background. By contrast, expel this stuff from your lungs and the aftertaste that lingers on the palate is more akin to parmesan cheese than anything else that springs to mind.

You can forget about anything subtle or difficult to detect - Blue Cheese leaves behind a funky cheesy aftertaste you’ll either adore or despise. In any case, it’s something you have to experience at least once.


Leaning heavily towards the Indica side of the scale, Blue Cheese is an excellent strain to reach for where relaxation is the order of the day. There’s a mild feeling of stress relief and anxiety alleviation to accompany the stone, but it is predominantly a physical experience.

Slowly but surely, Blue Cheese does the business on the joints and muscles from the neck down, gradually easing the user into a state of sleepy tranquility.

Though not without her charms for social situations, Blue Cheese is one of those strains best reserved for indulgent evenings alone. Particularly if you're planning on slowly lulling yourself into a great night’s sleep, this herb is just the ticket.

Couch-lock isn’t out of the question – particularly if you get carried away with a 20%+ batch. You can also expect a pretty prolonged bout of the munchies, unless the sour-funk of the cheesy aftertaste wipes out your appetite completely! But then again, that’s purely a judgment call.

Medical Uses of Blue Cheese Autoflower

The potential therapeutic applications of Blue Cheese are predominantly physical in nature, though this herb does have psychological benefits, too. It’s not going to completely turn around cases of severe or chronic cases of depression, but can nonetheless be just the thing for a welcome mood-boost (another reason why this ganja is a great choice for an end-of-day smoke – particularly those lousy days).

Another point of appeal with Blue Cheese Auto is the way in which this herb's relatively heavy physical effects manifest comparatively slowly. This makes dosage control straightforward, ensuring users with an underdeveloped THC never take things too far.

More or less any physical complaint that isn’t particularly severe can respond well to Indica strains like this – joint pains, stiffness, arthritis, headaches and so on.

The occasional bout of insomnia is also no match for this stuff, which in the vast majority of instances makes it impossible not to get a good night’s sleep. Blue Cheese is also notorious for bringing on powerful bouts of the munchies – especially in those with a taste for ripe and funky cheese.

Panic attacks and paranoia can’t be ruled out of the equation with more potent batches of these buds, so it’s advisable to tread carefully with those first few tokes.

Growing Blue Cheese Autoflower Seeds

It’s a tale of two halves where cultivation is concerned, though the list of positives vastly outweighs the one (relatively obvious) negative. In terms of simplicity, Blue Cheese Autoflower is just about as easy as it gets to grow.

This strain's UK roots make for a specimen that’s perfectly capable of doing her thing in cooler Northern European climates, making outdoor cultivation an option in most places.

More importantly, Blue Cheese Auto demonstrates consistently exceptional resistance to pest infestation, powdery mildew, mold and most common plant diseases. Being autoflowering, this herb is also preprogrammed to automatically switch to the flowering stage at the right time.

After a flowering period of approximately eight weeks, it’s not uncommon to harvest up to 18oz of seriously stellar weed from each plant.

What’s the downside? The inescapable fact that Blue Cheese stinks on a level that’s hard to believe. If you get a kick out of the fabulously funky fragrance, you’ll be in your element – your entire home will stink of the stuff for the duration. If you’re intending to keep things under wraps, you’ll need one hell of a good odor control system to keep your plants hidden.

Indoors or out, you can smell this stuff from a mile away!


If there was ever to be a formal list of 10 strains you simply have to experience in a lifetime, Blue Cheese would undoubtedly deserve inclusion. The simple fact of the matter being that even if you don’t get a kick out of this pot's funky and pungent flavor, you can at least say you’ve experienced it.

There aren’t many strains doing the rounds right now that can be considered 100% unique – precisely what makes this herb such an exceptional specimen. Easy to grow, perfectly potent and ideal for indulgent evenings on the couch, there’s more to this marijuana than her crowd-splitting funk alone.

Just be sure to factor that aroma into the equation if you intend to grow your own – keeping these beauties discreet is a full-time job!

More Information
Strain IconsAutoflower
SexFeminized Autoflower
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthAll Year
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentMedium (10-15%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)