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Devil XXL Autoflower Seeds

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Thanks to the artful balance between Jack Herer influence and Big Devil #2’s relaxation tendencies, you’ll find consuming this stuff brings on a shot of euphoria, a dose of creative clarity and the sense to throw caution to the wind and...

A Gift from the Ganja Gods


Bud Basics

Combining the highly prized genetics of an autoflowering Jack Herer and the less globally acclaimed (but still famously potent) Big Devil #2, the Devil XXL Autoflower hybrid is a monstrous resin-coated cannabis of biblical proportions.


Inheriting the best of a long line of illustrious strains (stretching back to include Haze, Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk, to name a few), this stuff is the kind of pot progeny that even award-winning Jack Herer parent would be hard-pressed to beat.


Devil XXL Auto follows dear Jack’s beloved energetic characteristics, delivering through her 20% average THC content a Sativa-heavy hit that’s perfect for a coffee companion cannabis or wake and bake strain.


Thanks to the artful balance between Jack Herer influence and Big Devil #2’s relaxation tendencies, you’ll find consuming this stuff brings on a shot of euphoria, a dose of creative clarity and the sense to throw caution to the wind and just go for it - whatever it may be.


What’s more, growing this ganja is pretty much as easy as it gets - novice cultivators should have no trouble at all looking after these stunners and revelling as they reach their mighty heights, developing crystals for days and an alluring citric aroma.


As a medical marijuana (MMJ) choice, Devil XXL Autoflower may not be your go-to for serious physical conditions, but anyone suffering from mental maladies (and able to handle a notable cerebral high) will benefit immeasurably with these buds in tow.


Even for those with low THC tolerance, you’ll find this strain more than accommodating - and downright delightful, too.



Flavor and Fragrance of Devil XXL Autoflower

Boasting a truly loud terpene profile, the flavor and fragrance of Devil XXL Autoflower is one that’s not afraid to blast you in the face and let the whole world know it’s here.


Fans of lemony ganja will find these buds the most decadent of treats, though those less accustomed to strong and sharp citric notes on the nose or tongue could find themselves a little overwhelmed by the experience.


It’s not all lemons though, and on the aftertaste, you can look forward to debating the nuances of that exquisite tingly herbiness while reaching for another hit.




With an average THC content of around 20% and a heaping helping of supercharged Sativa genetics, you can expect two main things from this hybrid - a quick hit and a cerebral flight.


Many recreational and medicinal tokers alike turn to this stuff as an early morning wake and bake strain, thanks to the almost instantaneously uplifting sensation of these buds.


Devil XXL Auto really does waste no time getting your engine revving - you’ll still be waiting for your coffee to cool when this ganja’s energy starts surging through your mind, body and spirit.


Think espresso without the jitters and you’re almost there. And while you could ride the clear-headed, focused and motivated high of this hybrid all alone, combining this cannabis with coffee is a surefire way to see you flying through your day, crushing goals and making magic - whatever form that takes for you.


Whether you have a day of monotonous cleaning tasks ahead of you or inspiration to find and seize, Devil XXL Autoflower is the ideal strain to light a (highly pleasant) fire under you and get shit done.


When the wave begins to crash, you’ll never find this high peters out anywhere close to sedation. The tail end of the experience has been likened to a kind of dream-like relaxation, remarkably comforting and welcome.


Of course, for those with the THC tolerance or desire, careful dosage can see you right back on the cusp of the cerebral buzz, ready for more.


Do not consume this cannabis late at night unless you’re planning on not sleeping.



Medical Uses of Devil XXL Autoflower

Despite a low CBD averaging 0.5%, Devil XXL Auto’s highly uplifting cerebral and physical stimulation is not to be overlooked. While this is technically a high THC strain, you can expect far from a typical ‘stoner’ specimen, and many medical marijuana patients can benefit hugely from this type of THC therapy.


Those less acclimatized to psychoactive pot will need to consume with care to mitigate any chances of less desirable side effects like mind-race, dizziness or dry mouth - staying hydrated will also help you enjoy this tasty therapy to the fullest.


Largely, patients turn to Devil XXL Auto for solace from stress or general malaise and fatigue, finding the potent combination of Sativa and Indica influence to be the perfect relief for their symptoms.


Within minutes of this high kicking in, it’s tough to feel any kind of negativity or self-deprecation - that’s the anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties at work, and has proven remarkably efficient at managing depression, anxiety or even the likes of PTSD or bipolar.


While there are fewer patients regularly using this hybrid for relief from physical aches and pains, the physical efficacy of Devil XXL Auto goes far beyond an energizing boost, and it is indeed possible to use these buds for relief from mild aches and pains as well.



Growing Devil XXL Autoflower Seeds

As you’d expect from a progeny of Jack Herer, this ganja’s genetics are on point - thoroughly robust and reliable, as well as capable of epic results. As such, don’t expect growing Devil XXL Autoflower to present much of a challenge.


If you’re new to cannabis cultivation, this could be the perfect place to start.


Thanks to the autoflowering genes running through these beans, you won’t have to worry about how much light your plants receive early on and if it’s enough for them to flower - these beauties are going to flower regardless.


Expect your crop to reach heights of over 1.5 meters tall under optimal conditions - this may not seem enormous compared with some Sativas, but given that autos tend to be squat little specimens, it’s larger than expected!


Once your seeds are planted, there’s not much beyond the usual to occupy yourself with. Devil XXL Auto plants shouldn’t require trimming or pruning, and you’ll want to avoid any kind of High Stress Training (HST) at all.


You shouldn’t have any concerns about light penetration, airflow or moisture build-up threatening bud rot - this hardy hybrid can handle the unexpected and then some.


A Sea of Green (SoG) setup is about as complex as things can get, but if you’re able to implement this then you’ll be doing your crop a big favor and helping boost that bud output come harvest time.


As a further means to extract the full potential from yours, treat your crop to at least 30% coco coir in your cultivation medium.


While the auto genes bestow this hybrid with the ability to survive in less ideal conditions, you’ll find the best results come from warm sunshine and low humidity levels. As with most autoflowering varieties, many cultivators opt for indoor grow rooms to look after these devilish beauties.


After 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, it’s time to harvest. Indoors, it’s possible to rake in anywhere between 425 and 650 grams per meter squared of this glistening ganja, while outdoors can hit up to 350 grams per plant under optimal conditions.


If you’re in the northern hemisphere and still sold on an outdoor crop despite the lower yield potential, start germinating as early as April, and no later than August for ideal results.


Keep in mind wherever you do cultivate this cannabis, if discretion is a concern, you will need strong odor control measures in place to mask the sharp aroma of these plants.




For those who love the famed Jack Herer, this hybrid is one you should absolutely bump up on your to-try list.


While not the most potent pot in the world or the swiftest auto, Devil XXL Autoflower blends a tremendous combination of traits from her long and award-winning genetic lineage, bringing us a specimen that’s devilishly simple to grow, guaranteed to yield generously, and capable of the kind of motivated and clear-headed high it’s impossible not to love.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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