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Magnum Autoflower Seeds

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Magnum Auto might be a bit of a marijuana mystery, but we don’t believe it matters when the high is this good - clearing your thoughts and boosting you up to euphoria well beyond the expected capabilities of her THC levels...

A Spicy Citrus Slow-Builder that’s Surprisingly Stimulating


Bud Basics

A three-way split between Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis, the exact origins of Magnum Autoflower are unknown since the breeders are so damn secretive - but given her awesome high, there’s been much speculation in the cannabis community over the years as to exactly what her lineage may be.


Some say Jack Herer or Haze have to be in there. Others suspect OG Kush or AK-47 - but honestly? We don’t care. What we do know, is that with THC levels averaging at 10% to 15%, this stuff shouldn’t be capable of inducing the kind of euphoria that she does - and yet, this ganja might surprise you.


Magnum’s high is, well, higher than you’d think. Sweet and spicy with citrus notes, a spliff of this will build slowly in a unique manner that gradually gets more and more intense, til you’re chatting away and socializing like the very best of extraverts.


Increasing your energy and clearing your head, eventually a soothing body buzz will creep in to calm you down to relaxation.


Medical cannabis consumers can enjoy this strain without being overwhelmed by the high, as she’s of great therapeutic benefit for mild pain relief, and excellent at alleviating symptoms of stress and depression by lifting the mood into a more positive place.


To grow Magnum Auto, even the most black thumb grower will feel at one with nature, as this plant is straightforward from germination to harvest. Keeping her environment steady is key, but this autoflowering variant is hard to mess up with, and she’ll yield a decent harvest so long as she gets the light she needs.



Flavor and Fragrance of Magnum Autoflower

Pungent and yet fresh in aroma, Magnum Auto is spicy with floral, pine notes that develop deliciously into sweet citrus flavors once combusted, and are underpinned with hints of earthiness.




The quality that makes Magnum Auto particularly sought after is her ability to provide a slow-building buzz that gradually intensifies over time - making this herb a fairly unique strain. This ganja's average THC levels (12% to 15%) induce a euphoric high that settles in to have tokers feeling uplifted and sociable.


An enjoyable strain to share with friends in social settings, even the shyest of introverts will find themselves chatting and talking away with a joint of this. Talkative and giggly, this is a strain to really bring people out of their shells.


Much like Haze, this weed will reinvigorate tokers who need that extra little kick, and are feeling sluggish and tired. By boosting your energy and clearing your head, you’ll find this strain gives you that extra little push you need to stay on track and keep productive.


Especially good for artists and creators of any kind, Magnum will usher in creativity and innovative thinking, too.


As this pot’s potency intensifies, her physical effects will begin to creep into the body, balancing and complementing the cerebral high in a manner that makes it impossible to feel lazy. Magnum will instead ease you into a state of relaxed calm that doesn’t overwhelm in the cerebral department.



Medical Uses of Magnum Autoflower

Due to the magnitude of mood-enhancing properties in Magnum Autoflower, medical marijuana (MMJ) consumers can put her recreational effects to good use as a therapeutic strain. If you’re struggling with stress, depression or social anxiety, this weed can help to melt away the symptoms temporarily, providing a much-needed respite.


Magnum can also be of some aid as an analgesic, though is not suitable for serious, chronic pains. But for those suffering from eye pressure, migraines or pain from injury, relief is at hand with a spliff of this spicy strain.


Though this cannabis has many recreational and medicinal benefits, that doesn’t mean she’s side-effect free. Lighting up if your tolerance to THC is low can cause adverse effects, as can smoking this pot when you’re new to the cannabis community and haven’t had a chance to acclimate.


Dry eyes, cottonmouth and some slight dizziness are common effects, but if the dosage is too high you may also induce feelings of mild anxiety, or increased paranoia.



Growing Magnum Autoflower Seeds

Once upon a time, there were parts of the cannabis community that would turn their nose up at autoflowering variants of marijuana, citing claims that the buds were less potent and flavorful than their regular or feminized counterparts. Now, this is no longer a concern - and it’s hard to argue when Magnum Autoflower is one of the tastiest and most potent strains available.


Since this weed has an in-built, natural resistance to most pests and fungi, you already know you’re on to a winner - plus, she’s feminized and unlikely to produce males, so pollination is off the cards, as stress won’t bring on any hermaphroditic tendencies.


Growing Magnum Auto indoors is a simple affair, though she can grow pretty big (up to 5 feet) so plenty of space is a must.


A 20/4 light cycle will do well with this strain, and she’ll need at least a 600W grow lamp for real explosive growth - but after 10 to 12 weeks of flowering, this lady can leave you with 1.63 ounces of nugs per square foot, so you won’t mind the extra on your energy bill.


Outdoor growers can expect a higher yield, and she’ll go from seed to bud in around the same timeframe. Once harvest rolls around, you can expect 7 ounces of buds per plant.


Not much to look at, Magnum is coated in light amber hairs and her nugs look pale, crumbly and a little dusty under those trichomes - but her appearance is more than made up for once she’s rolled, smoked and you’re kicking back and enjoying the ride.




A spicy citrus flavor is something we can all enjoy, whether you’re consuming for medicinal purposes, or because you fancied getting high and giggly with your friends.


Magnum Auto might be a bit of a marijuana mystery, but we don’t believe it matters when the high is this good - clearing your thoughts and boosting you up to euphoria well beyond the expected capabilities of her THC levels.


Beneficial for easing physical and psychological symptoms alike, this marijuana is medicinal magic and you’ll be after a stash of your own as soon as you take a toke. Thankfully, autoflowering seeds make Magnum an ideal strain for those new to cannabis cultivation, and a total breeze for those with the expertise, since she’s hardy, resilient and yields a decent harvest in almost any environment.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentMedium (10-15%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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