CBD Chemdog #4 (1:1) Feminized Seeds

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CBD Chemdog #4 (1:1) Feminized Seeds

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CBD Chemdog #4 comes from the perennially popular and prestigious Chemdog family - also spelt Chemdawg.

A Citrusy CBD Delight


Bud Basics 

CBD Chemdog #4 comes from the perennially popular and prestigious Chemdog family - also spelt Chemdawg.


Despite being a high THC strain favored largely among recreational audiences, the mighty Chemdawg #4 has boasted a diverse and wide-reaching range of medicinal benefits since first hitting the marijuana market.


Those able to handle the potent psychoactive influence of this exceptional strain have for years noticed the inflammatory and pain-relieving side effects at play, but for anyone with a low THC tolerance, it’s been a different story entirely.


CBD Chemdog #4 adds the CBD-rich genetics of an undisclosed high CBD strain into the equation, helping this beloved strain achieve the coveted 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, thereby tempering the psychoactive high and making this hybrid all about the therapeutic tokers.


With THC and CBD hovering around the 7% mark, we have here a simply perfect balance between influence, which sets this beauty up as a veritable medical marijuana marvel.


Better yet, these plants are famously friendly to the more novice growers (although, you’ll see best results with a few tips and tricks under your sleeve - more on that to come).



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Chemdog #4

Lovers of lemon flavors and fragrance, step on up because CBD Chemdog #4 awaits.


Much like her Chemdog #4 parentage, this high CBD hybrid strain caresses the senses with citric tones from the early days of flowering till the last hit leaves the lips.


The flavor profile is not quite as vibrant as the aroma - which comes positively loaded with the most nuanced and deep scents of pungent earth, fresh soil and refreshing pine forests which are somewhat lost on the tongue.


However, present across both aroma and tang is that lemony citric kick that simply won’t quit, and while it sounds like the loss of some of the aromatic depth might be a disappointment, the lemon zest is a truly mouthwateringly indulgent treat.




Here is where CBD Chemdog #4 parts ways somewhat from the influence of her heavy-hitting Chemdawg 4parentage.


Rather than socking you with an average 22% THC capable of inducing states of sedative couchlock, this CBD-infused hybrid takes a strikingly different tact - delivering a mellow and uplifting sense of euphoria which soothes the mind and body as one.


While some would argue the original capable of much the same influence, this THC-tempered experience will be far more agreeable for those new to cannabis or the psychoactive influence of those potent cannabinoids.


With CBD Chemdog #4, you’re in for the kind of focused and clean high necessary to mentally re-align, de-clog your mind clutter and even find the motivation and creativity for those odd jobs you keep putting off.


As a final goodnight, when the high starts wearing down, the sedative vibe that’s been bubbling away in the background begins to take over, ushering you into a state perfect for bedtime and instant z’s when your head hits the pillow. Control your dosage well and you can ride this beautiful wave all evening, crashing at just the right time for sleep.



Medical Uses of CBD Chemdog #4

Thanks to the 1:1 THC to CBD ratio of CBD Chemdog #4, the wide and varied medical benefits of the famed Chemdawg family are finally accessible in a beginner-friendly package with an impressive 7% CBD.


Having a balance between CBD and THC enables this hybrid to get to work on mitigating any chances of nausea while stimulating the hell out of your appetite - proving in so doing one of many reasons why a balance between these cannabinoids is essential.


Of course, you also reap all the benefits of the original Chemdawg 4 strain, from psychological to physical.


CBD Chemdog #4’s potent analgesic properties combine with the strain’s anti-inflammatory aspects to effectively combat a range of ailments - everything ranging from a simple headache to full-blown migraine, PMS cramps, arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis or the most chronic and debilitating pain.


On the psychological side of things, sufferers of stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, bipolar and so many more can find the solace they’ve been seeking with a careful dose of CBD Chemdog #4.


As is expected from many marijuana strains, the deep and compellingly sedative nature of this specimen also lends itself well to those who struggle to sleep, and even fully-fledged cases of insomnia.



Growing CBD Chemdog #4 Feminized Seeds

Developing exactly like the original Chemdog #4, this CBD-infused Indica-dominant hybrid actually grows far more like a Sativa strain - meaning growers should expect some serious stretching as their plants mature into mighty marijuana trees.


Think that’s an over-exaggeration? Well, give these beauties optimal outdoor conditions to thrive in and you could be gazing up at plants over 2 meters tall. Even indoors, 1.5 meter high plants are not uncommon.


Your best bet with a crop of CBD Chemdog #4 is to opt for an indoor growing setup where you can control the climate conditions and help mitigate any chances of mold or unwanted pest issues. Moreover than that, indoors, you’ll be able to maintain the ideal optimal temperature of between 21 and 27°C, and relative humidity levels of no more than 50%.


If all this sounds beyond you, perhaps reconsider your choice of strain (though a little research goes a long way!).


If, on the other hand, your heart is set on a CBD-heavy harvest from the illustrious Chemdawg family, then you might want to consider using a Screen of Green setup and some Low Stress Training (LST) techniques to help maximize the potential of your CBD Chemdog #4 Feminized plants.


You’ll also likely need to trim these ladies, especially in the lower plant areas, to increase sunlight saturation, reduce the chance of disease and boost budding sites.


Also worth noting is that a slightly lower relative humidity in the final 2 weeks of flowering is highly recommended - drop to between 20 and 40% for best results.


After 7 to 9 weeks of flowering in total, you should be ready to harvest and reap anywhere between 300 and 400 grams per meter squared for your efforts when cultivated indoors. Outdoor growers who aim for an October harvest, however, can net a delicious 400 grams per plant.




If you’ve heard of the famed Chemdawg family and always fancied a try but just can’t handle those high THC levels, CBD Chemdog #4 is the strain for you.


With a perfectly balanced 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, the cannabinoids are working overtime and in elegant union with one another to provide tokers with the best of therapeutic cannabis benefits in an easily manageable and mouthwateringly citric package.


Capable of some seriously impressive yields and feminized to take some of the cultivation challenges away, anyone hunting a high CBD strain could do far worse than these beauties.

Strain Profile
THC ContentLow (5-10%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentHigh (5-10%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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