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The pure Indica icon that is Northern Lights is one of the most famous and cherished strains of all time, beloved as an easy to grow landrace hybrid that’s sweet and spicy in all the right places, and one of the most prolific...

Faster than Ever, Just as Legendary


Bud Basics

The pure Indica icon that is Northern Lights is one of the most famous and cherished strains of all time, beloved as an easy to grow landrace hybrid that’s sweet and spicy in all the right places, and one of the most prolific parents to ever hit the scene.


For decades, breeders have harnessed the incredible Northern Lights genetics for their own hybrids - many of which are legends in their own right, like Shiva Skunk and the infamous Super Silver Haze.


With this fast version, you might think you’re in store for an autoflowering variety… but you’d be wrong.


This fast-flowering photoperiod strain contains no Ruderalis genes, and delivers the same quantities and quality of prestigious pot the original is famed for - just in far less time.


Your quintessential two hit and quit strain, Northern Lights Fast Version is everything cannabis connoisseurs worldwide have come to love about this iconic hybrid, and nothing less.


Highly sedative and delightfully moreish, there’s a reason this Amsterdam superstar features on every toker’s must-try list, and it’s fair to say you can hardly call yourself a true canna-fan without having sampled this potent herb.


Thai and Afghani landraces are the believed building blocks of this stuff, and given the unshakable stability and reliability of these plants (alongside that knockout potency), the genetic logic adds up - though the precise ancestry remains shrouded in mystery (further adding to the appeal).


An infinitely popular variety among recreational and therapeutic tokers alike, Northern Lights Fast Version is breeders’ successful attempts to tweak this already beginner-friendly strain and create the swiftest version on the market.


For anyone craving legendary cannabis with a truly effortless cultivation experience (and the fastest possible results), these are the beans you’re looking for.



Flavor and Fragrance of Northern Lights Fast Version

Taking the definition of zest to an entirely new level, the flavor and fragrance of Northern Lights is the stuff of legends, with myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene terps coming together in an unforgettably sweet and spicy cannabis cocktail.


While the natural aromas of earthy fresh pine and woodiness may not seem much to those accustomed to West Coast tastebud sensations, these buds boast a truly organic and quintessential profile - one which translates beautifully from nose to tongue.




With an average THC of 19% and 95% Indica-dominance, this herb offers the very definition of relaxation in a cannabis strain.


Northern Lights wastes little time getting to work, working her will on the body and mind in a few short hits - and earning this stuff the reputation of being a two hit and quit strain.


Before you know it, your entire being is succumbing to a delightfully lazy, leaden-limb kind of vibe where all you’ll want to do is kick back and chill out with some friends, some tunes, a little Netflix and a heaping stack of snacks.


The sense of uplifted euphoria makes short work of stress, washing away negativity and replacing it with nothing but positive vibes and a dream-like haze of serenity.


There are those who claim to feel an uplift in their creativity, focus and inspiration, though it’s likely you won’t feel this so much unless you have the THC tolerance of a demi-god - most mere mortals find any kind of physical or mental exertion is fully off the cards when Northern Lights is involved.


All this leaves us with a strain that’s definitely best suited to afternoon, evening or weekend use when there are no demands of you and you’re free to enjoy this deeply soothing experience to the fullest.


Careful though - go too hard and you can easily invite adverse side effects… or find the munchies become so great that you eat yourself out of house and home (and swiftly crash out afterwards under the dominating sedative influence).



Medical Uses of Northern Lights Fast Version

Though many modern medical marijuana users have their sights set on high CBD strains (of which this most certainly is not), Northern Lights has been healing the cannabis community for decades already with incredible and highly praised effectiveness.


The potent sedative effects of this herb have long been used by those suffering from insomnia, who find the call of the Sandman impossible to resist after a few heavy hits from these buds.


What’s more, that full-body influence has proven countless times to be an effective painkiller, boasting analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which waste no time in soothing and relieving everything from mild aches to chronic pains.


Staying on the physical side of things, the hunger this herb induces is truly legendary, and when combined with the anti-emetic agents within Northern Lights, helps to put a stopper in feelings of nausea and return lost appetites in even the most severe cases.


While physical relief has always been the main medical appeal, this hybrid is not without her cerebral stimulation, and you’ll find that any negative demons like stress, anxiety or depression are quickly banished when these buds come out to play. Even conditions such as PTSD and ADHD can be effectively treated.


Of course, given the high THC content, those with low tolerance or no interest in psychoactive pot may be put off - though by consuming in moderation and staying well hydrated throughout, you can effectively mitigate any chances of adverse side effects, leaving you with only a truly blissful treatment ahead.



Growing Northern Lights Fast Version Seeds

Northern Lights has long been renown as an ideal strain for newbies to cultivate, and it’s exactly the same story when it comes to this fast version pheno.


These lime green beauties are everything you’d expect from a quality Indica. The plants remain easy to manage, rarely reaching huge heights (though nonetheless being capable of hitting upwards of 2 meters when treated to optimal conditions).


Balmy Mediterranean climates like California or Spain are going to suit this ganja perfectly, though you’ll find that Northern Lights Fast Version is robust enough to survive cooler climes, and fend off common plant-related problems like mold, pests or pathogens - all meaning these babies can thrive in most outdoor conditions.


Still, treat them to the ideal environment (whether outdoors or in an adequate indoor setup which mimics those optimal conditions) and you’ll be in for the biggest possible yields.


Utilize a Sea of Green (SoG) setup and combine this with a hydroponic cultivation medium to further boost your plants towards their maximum potential and you won’t regret it. Of course, if you’re more interested in developing the fullest flavor, aroma and medical efficacy of your nugs, opting for an organic soil medium instead will be a wise choice.


Aside from a little TLC, you won’t find Northern Lights Fast Version plants are particularly demanding, and within as few as 6 weeks of flowering you can find yourself eyeing up an enormous, beautiful and bulging crop that’s ready to harvest and smells sweeter than pure natural bliss.


Indoor growers can rake in up to 500 grams per meter squared for their efforts, while outdoors, it’s possible to find yourself with up to 1000 grams per plant (under optimal conditions).




Northern Lights is one of those cannabis strains which helped define the industry, and needs almost no introduction.


A quintessential evening hit guaranteed to bring about that stereotypical stoned lull where nothing matters beyond the moment and you can revel in some unashamed ‘you’ time.


Don’t mistake this hybrid for an autoflowering variety though - Northern Lights Fast Version is 100% photoperiod and has lost none of the original’s considerable appeal. Easy to grow and generous beyond the telling of it - a quality batch of iconic ganja can be yours in under 2 months with these beans.

More Information
Strain IconsFast
SexFeminized Fast
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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