Critical x Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds

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Critical x Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds

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Crossing the two highly complementary Indica strains, iconic Northern Lights and explosive Critical Mass, has delivered in Critical x Northern Lights Auto one of the finest Indicas of legendary lineage imaginable...

A Strong Swift and Sedative Indica


Bud Basics

 Crossing the two highly complementary Indica strains, iconic Northern Lights and explosive Critical Mass, has delivered in Critical x Northern Lights Auto one of the finest Indicas of legendary lineage imaginable.


While the Critical influence adds a certain level of (greatly welcomed) challenge to the cultivation experience of these beauties, this hybrid remains very much within the reach of even more inexperienced growers - much like her famed Northern Lights parentage.


The strong sedative influence of this exciting hybrid is nothing short of spectacular and makes this strain the perfect pot partner for evening enjoyment, where the pressures of the day can be washed away with but a few tokes.


Easy to grow, abundantly generous, delightfully moreish and above all else one of the swiftest flowering top-shelf quality strains you’ll likely lay your hands on, Critical x Northern Lights Auto is an absolute treat of a herb guaranteed to impress in all regards.



Flavor and Fragrance of Critical x Northern Lights Auto 

The terpene profiles of both Northern Lights and Critical Mass are a complementary blend of myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene which balance a delicate and exquisite equilibrium when blended into the Critical x Northern Lights Autococktail.


This ganja packs all the quintessential sweet and spicy notes of the Northern Lights lineage with the more dominant fruitiness from Critical Mass in a profile as delicious on the nose as the tongue.


If you’re a fan of either parent strain, you’ll notice everything you loved before and then some.




Indicas are famed for their fantastic relaxation abilities, making them ideal choices for afternoon or evening enjoyment, clearing out the day’s mental clutter, shaking loose stress and embracing a relaxing Indica night.


With Critical x Northern Lights Auto, it’s no different. Expect a swift and heavy hit from these highly potent nugs and their 20% average THC content.


Just like with both parent strains, you’ll feel a warming and welcoming sense of sedation creeping through you within a mere few tokes, settling into every part of your body, calming the mind and clearing away any cares beyond the moment.


A euphoric elation often accompanies those compelling chillout vibes, releasing the mind from any troubles and encouraging pure contentment.


Don’t turn to Critical x Northern Lights Auto first thing in the morning unless you have a stupidly high tolerance for THC or absolutely nothing to do all day besides a lengthy Netflix and chong session.



Medical Uses of Critical x Northern Lights Autoflower 

Since Cannabidiol (CBD) levels sit at a hardly noticeable 0.5%, Critical x Northern Lights Autoflower doesn’t see much action among the medical marijuana masses - especially not as with THC averaging around 20%, these buds pack quite the psychoactive punch.


Those able to handle the strength of this THC therapy, however, can benefit from this hybrid strain’s wide range of therapeutic benefits, fuelled by the potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic and anxiolytic properties within the weed.


This translates to the greatly needed relief from both physical and mental maladies, such as everything from the mildest to the most severe aches and pains (headaches, migraines, PMS cramps, arthritis, muscular tension and the like) to anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, insomnia, nausea or vomiting.


Chemotherapy patients, in particular, can find this kind of treatment highly effective while they battle cancer, offering physical relief from pain, helping manage their mental state and stimulating their lost appetite while also putting a stopper on queasiness.


It’s important to remember that cannabis isn’t a cure for these conditions, however, merely a treatment which can help alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of patients’ lives by mitigating their suffering. Especially when marijuana medicine is high in THC like Critical x Northern Lights Auto, carefully controlling your dosage is essential if you want to avoid attracting any less desirable side effects of marijuana, like dry mouth, dizziness or red eyes.



Growing Critical x Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds

Northern Lights has long been renown not only as one of Amsterdam’s most legendary strains, but as a highly approachable specimen for even novice cultivators to grow, and thankfully, this hybrid presents as very much the same.


In fact, the only challenge you’re likely to face comes from the Critical Mass genetics, which hails from industry legend Mr Nice and his work with the famed Big Bud - a strain which (unsurprisingly) is a thing of legend when it comes to bountiful bud production.


While this influence makes Critical x Northern Lights Auto capable of some truly exceptional yields, you might find that these plants struggle somewhat when it comes to supporting their own weight as those dense buds develop.


This is easily overcome with a little prep work, however - be ready to provide additional support in the form of stakes or trellises as the plants mature and then sit back and watch these beauties flourish.


Given their autoflowering nature, don’t expect monstrously tall plants. This hybrid was designed to thrive best indoors and rarely reach much more than 1 meter tall. Critical x Northern Lights Auto is a perfect choice for a Sea of Green (SOG) setup if you’re able to, which will go a considerable way to maximizing your output come harvest time.


Expect a flowering time between 6 and 8 weeks long, after which you’ll be ready to reap the rewards of a plentiful production, raking in roughly 400 grams per meter squared for indoor grows, or up to 150 grams per plant outdoors.


Careful if you do grow outside, however, as it’s entirely possible you’ll need stronger or more support for your plants than you might expect when the buds mature.




An easy to grow blend of legendary ganja genetics guaranteed to produce gargantuan nugs even in the hands of inexperienced growers.


With a flavor and aroma profile you’ll not soon forget and a fast-acting sedative high for the ages, Critical x Northern Lights Autoflower is a treat worthy of any ganja garden. 

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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