White Widow Seeds

The very mention of the White Widow Strain is usually enough to have the average cannabis connoisseur quaking with excitement. One of the most famous and celebrated cannabis strains worldwide, you cannot walk into an Amsterdam coffee shop without the Widow taking pride of place on the menu.

Famed for delivering a sense of contentment and tranquillity in equal measures, WW is the kind of staple with which you know exactly what you’re getting. Potent enough in choice batches to hold a candle to even some of the highest THC strains, fragrant and undeniably delicious, the fact that the Widow is also comparatively easy to grow only serves as an added bonus.

When it comes to both recreational and medical cannabis use alike, this is one strain that really needs no introduction whatsoever. 

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Bud Background

Unsurprisingly, the origins of White Widow cannabis can be traced back to the Netherlands. Dutch engineers brought together a Sativa strain from South America and an Indica strain from India, in order to produce what would go on to become a legend among legends.

You the only need to steal a glance at a plant of the Widow strain to know exactly how it got its name – a thick and luxurious coating of frosted white crystals coating its buds and many of its leaves. The widow part clearly referring to its ability to knock unsuspecting newcomers well and truly off their feet.

white widow

The White Widow strain is a relatively balanced hybrid strain, though comes in at approximately 40% Sativa and 60% Indica. The common assumption that it is a 50/50 hybrid isn’t quite accurate.

Having been a staple in Amsterdam for more than 30 years, it didn’t take long for White Widow ganja to gain traction on a global basis. In fact, try and find even an entry-level cannabis smoker that hasn’t heard of the Widow and you’re in for a challenge!


Of course, the White Widow strain wouldn’t have become legendary if it wasn’t for the fact that it packs a serious punch.

Rather than the kind of overpowering hit you can’t fully enjoy, this white weed makes its mark with an instant sense of tranquil relaxation, followed by cheerful and happy contentedness the likes of which is moreish to say the least.

A fantastic social smoke, the Widow is known to boost creativity, invigorate the senses and simply take you to a better place for the duration.

Even when hit relatively hard, this is not the kind of cannabis that leads to couch lock. Which means that rather than sitting around doing very little, you’ll want to get up, socialise with others and make the most of every minute of your time. Which is precisely why this white strain has become a staple among Amsterdam’s coffee shops – it encourages socialising and creates an energetic, friendly and beautifully relaxed atmosphere.

white widow strain

Medical Uses of the White Widow strain

The white cannabis strains have earned legendary status in medical cannabis circles, having been recognised for their capacity to treat a wide variety of mood disorders and psychological issues, from depression to anxiety, and even chronic pain.

What’s more, its uplifting and energising characteristics make it great for dealing with daytime fatigue, along with periodic cases of writer’s block.

If you need inspiration for pretty much anything at all, you need only reach for the Widow.

Plus, if you simply want to relax and feel slightly less tense after a hard day,this cannabis strain ticks all the right boxes – without knocking you out.

Flavour and Fragrance

As already touched upon, it’s the simply stunning appearance of white weed that the strain is perhaps most famous for. Nevertheless, it boasts an aroma and flavour profile that takes its appeal to an even higher level.

There’s a distinct sugary fragrance to White Widow buds, which bursts into life with a pungent hit of spicy earth when burnt. The flavour delivers exactly what you’d expect – sweetness and earthy tones in equal measures, often with a huge hit of pine and an aftertaste that’s not dissimilar to sugar.

In terms of both its effects and its flavour profile, the Widow really is no less than an absolute joy and pleasure to smoke.

Growing the White Widow strain

Those lucky enough to live in regions where cannabis cultivation is legal will find white cannabis strains an absolute gift to grow.

Even beginners with absolutely no experience whatsoever will find it takes minimum effort to produce exceptional yields of extraordinary quality. White Widow plants are highly durable and forgiving, making them suitable for the vast majority of indoor environments. Outdoors, you’ll need to live somewhere at least as warm and sunny as the Mediterranean.

Mature plants rarely tend to reach beyond about 40 inches in height and are therefore suitable for small grow spaces. The flawless control of climactic conditions isn’t strictly necessary, though you’ll need to provide your White Widow cannabis with plenty of high quality light for those plants to reach their best.

Flowering times come in at a generously low 60 days, with one square metre of grow space being sufficient to put out around 18 ounces of ganja. Grown outdoors, you can expect yields around 15% more generous.

white widow cannabis plant

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