What is couch-lock?

What causes couch-lock?

How long does couch-lock last?

How to beat couch-lock

Can specific strains trigger couch-lock?

Forewarned is forearmed


Have you tried relaxing after a long day by smoking a joint or two, only to find yourself unable to move off your couch? You may be unaware of what happened or why your body is unresponsive. This feeling is ‘couch-lock.’ 

Many who encounter this motionless state find it welcoming and enjoy it. Others don’t appreciate it. Whatever you prefer, continue reading to discover the causes and how you can enjoy or conquer a couchlock experience. 


What is couch-lock?

Couch-lock has a different meaning for each toker. Some describe it as ‘becoming one with your couch’ and a deeply relaxed feeling. Others have likened it to being wrapped in a cozy blanket that comforts and soothes you all over.

Being couch-locked is a state of extreme high where you’re unable to move. Certain cannabis users embrace this sedative state as it helps them deal with insomnia. 

It’s also believed to relieve symptoms associated with other chronic conditions. As welcoming as it may be to these people, it also evokes a sense of helplessness that others try to avoid.

It’s important to note that even though you may feel sluggish due to the effects of couch-lock, it won’t harm you. Let’s have a closer look at what causes this state of immobility and listlessness.


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What causes couch-lock?

If you asked a few seasoned marijuana users how weed causes couch-lock, you’d receive various answers. Many cannabis consumers hold different views on this topic. 

It’s believed that specific strains, like those of indica lineage, are responsible for this overwhelmingly stoned feeling. You may experience couchlock from weed of sativa lineage, but it’s not common.

A terpene, called myrcene, has a sedative and relaxing effect and is responsible for the tranquil sensation. This aromatic compound is present in both sativa and indica buds. 

If myrcene’s content level in cannabis exceeds 0.5%, it could evoke a couch-lock effect. An extremely high dosage of THC is another cause of heavy limbs and an inability to lift yourself off the sofa.

Even with this information and a lack of research, it’s difficult to accurately determine the cause of being heavily stoned.


How long does couch-lock last?

Now that you’ve learned a little about what couch-lock is, let’s look at how long it continues before you’re able to move.

A few factors influence how long you’ll remain at this high. Each individual differs physiologically, which impacts how you react to the effects of ingesting weed.

Another element that determines the duration of a couchlock experience is your method of consumption. The effects of vaping and smoking can last up to two hours, while the impact of having an edible can continue for longer. 

The dosage and strain of marijuana also contribute to the duration of being one with your couch. 


How to beat couch-lock

Once you’re on this elevated high, it’s not easy to “snap” out of it. There are certain steps you can take to help regain your composure and resume your daily tasks. 

  • Caffeine and sugar intake: Consuming fluids that are high in caffeine or sugar is one way of combating being couchlocked from cannabis. Drinks like Red Bull, coffee, or soda are recommended as they’ll give you a surge of energy.

These liquid refreshments also serve as hydration, as dehydration is possible when ingesting cannabis. It’s essential to exercise caution when consuming these thirst quenchers. 

Too much caffeine or sugar can cause an elevated heart rate or high sugar levels.

  • Consume CBD: Consuming CBD can assist with reversing the couch-lock effects. You may not feel highly energetic after having it, but it can help you be more functional.

Taking a few drops of CBD concentrate sublingually could take effect within 15 minutes. CBD can diminish THC’s impact by preventing the CB1 receptors in the brain from binding with THC. 

  • Nutritional meal: Having a healthy meal can also help you beat the related couch-lock effects. Ingest a reasonable amount so as to avoid feeling ill. After eating, rest for a few minutes and then slowly start moving around.
  • Remain active and engaged: Avoid the couch or sitting down is another way to combat the onset of couchlock. Remaining active allows the blood to flow and can keep you more alert.

Try splashing some cold water on your face and take deep breaths. Follow this by engaging in a conversation with someone to maintain your level of concentration and awareness. 

These are a few suggestions to help you conquer the sluggish feeling. There are also ways to avoid it, which include not over-indulging in couch-lock strains. Continue reading to discover which cultivars these include. 


Can specific strains trigger couch-lock?

The following strains are known to trigger a higher degree of euphoria and should be used only in cases where you can enjoy it.


OG Kush feminized

OG Kush feminized is 55% Sativa with increased levels of THC. It can give you an initial boost to a lazy day, but a euphoric sensation soon follows. If not used cautiously, you may experience one of  couchlock’s various meanings.

OG Kush is great for social interaction and one of the weed strains used to play video games with friends. It’s also well known with medical conditions by relieving symptoms associated with mild depression. 


Girl Scout Cookies autoflower

Another cultivar popular for medicinal use, Girl Scout Cookies auto, is one of the best couchlock strains that relieve various ailments. It can soothe you and spread warmth throughout every part of your body, leaving you completely relaxed.

If you’re a grower, Girl Scout Cookies autoflower grown from marijuana seeds doesn't require much effort to cultivate. They’ll thrive both indoors and outdoors in favorable conditions. 


Super Skunk autoflower

Super Skunk autoflower is regarded as a world-class strain, receiving the Cannabis Cup in 1990. It’s one of the best strains for depression and anxiety and a great pain reliever. 

Super Skunk can hit you hard if you’re not paying attention, leaving your limbs heavy and making it difficult to move. It’s one of the best couch-lock strains and is ideal for a chill day at home.


Master Kush feminized

As its name indicates, Master Kush feminized, is a master in the area of relaxation and also boasts a few awards. Its THC level is at a whopping 22% and quickly elevates your mood.

Before long, your body will experience warm and fuzzy sensations, leaving you couch-locked and carefree. It may not be your giggly weed strains, but you’ll find much joy in growing them as you would consuming them. 


Forewarned is forearmed

Now that you know what couchlock means and its causes, you may be able to either avoid it or conquer it. Whenever you consume cannabis, it’s always advisable to start low and go slow.

Knowing what to expect is beneficial whether you enjoy a sedative buzz or not. Being prepared is half the victory.

Growing your own couchlock strains will help you enjoy it whenever you need some ‘sofa time.’ Visit our online store for more information on cannabis cultivation and to discover a wider range of premium-quality seeds available.

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