Contrary to popular belief, growing cannabis during the colder months of the year isn’t impossible. Winter cannabis production presents certain additional challenges, but needn’t be as difficult as you might expect.

Assuming you’ll be setting things up indoors, successful winter cannabis cultivation is primarily about strain choice. As it can be more difficult to maintain consistent temperatures and humidity levels during the winter, you need to select strains that are as resilient and durable as possible.

Luckily, there are dozens of epic options to choose from. Of which, the following five winter cannabis strains are perhaps the easiest of all to grow when the weather is at its worst:

White Widow

One of the all-time classics and perhaps the most famed strain to come out of Amsterdam, White Widow is one of the most celebrated strains of all time.Characterised by its gorgeous pine fragrance and quintessential dankness, White Widow is popular among Netherlands natives and visitors alike.

With a THC content in the region of 20% and renowned psychedelic properties, White Widow is also surprisingly easy to grow. White Widow plants rarely reach more than around 90cm and are extremely resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations. A superb specimen to grow at any time of year, including the coldest winter months.


Taking things a step further still, Critical is by far one of the most robust and resilient strains on the market right now. Perfect for growing outdoors from spring through to autumn, it’s an absolute breeze to cultivate indoors over the winter. Critical is an indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a beautifully balanced high, with a THC content that usually hovers around the 18% mark.

Critical plants typically top-out at around 120cm, producing generous yields of up to 600g for every square metre. Best of all, flowering times as short as seven weeks guarantee generous harvests in almost no time at all. One of the best strains around for winter cultivation – no prior knowledge or experience necessary!

Northern Lights Auto

Most incarnations of Northern Lights are easy to grow, but Northern Lights Auto does almost all of the hard work on your behalf. Famed for its pungent pine fragrance with plenty of earth and a distinctive spicy flavour, Northern Lights Auto delivers a heady yet controllable high. THC usually comes in at around 15 per cent or slightly higher, making it a great session smoke and the perfect choice for inexperienced smokers.

The appeal of Northern Lights Auto as a winter cannabis strain lies in its flowering time – often as short as just five weeks. Yields tend to be somewhat moderate at around 400g for every square metre, but it’s worth remembering that this stuff practically grows itself.

Skunk XL

Skunk is a strain that needs no introduction - Skunk XL taking the original recipe and pushing things a step further. Skunk XL was engineered to capitalise on both the durability and the wide-reaching appeal of the original, in the form of a super simple specimen to grow at any time of year.

A good batch of Skunk XL will usually have a THC content of approximately 17%, along with a quintessentially spicy and rich flavour that lingers for hours.Treated to relatively amicable conditions, Skunk XL’s flowering times can be as short as seven weeks. By which time, the compact plants (usually around 90cm) can deliver as much as 700g for every square metre of grow space.

Royal Dwarf

Last but not least, Royal Dwarf is an award-winning strain that’s ideal where space is at a premium. Royal Dwarf plants rarely reach beyond 50cm in height, though possess the kind of rugged strength and resilience that go beyond most comparable strains. Perfect for winter cannabis cultivation, flowering times come in at approximately eight weeks, after which moderate yields of around 200g for every square metre are the norm.

Royal Dwarf is an outstanding session smoke, with a THC content of approximately 14% and a predominantly sativa high. Great for relaxing and unwinding, Royal Dwarf is just the thing for those long and lazy winter nights with nothing to do but chill.

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