Whether you’ve been dealt a bum bag or found a few buds you’d long-since forgotten about, dried-out cannabis is a drag. It’s better than having no pot at all, but only just. Brittle, harsh and anything but flavourful, it’s hard to look at overly-dry weed with anything but contempt.

The question being – can you realistically rehydrate dry cannabis? As in to such an extent that you’ll actually enjoy it?

Believe it or not, the answer is…yes!

The Best Ways to Rehydrate Cannabis

Now, it’s worth remembering that if any of those all-important active compounds have deteriorated along the way, all the moisture in the world won’t bring them back to life. So the cannabis you rehydrate might not be quite as good as it once was.

Still, try your hand at any of the following methods and nasty dried-out pot can be turned into tasty-enjoyable pot once again:

The Wet Seal

This simple yet surprisingly effective method involves taking a wet paper towel or cloth and stretching it over your storage jar, before replacing the lid. This creates not only a much tighter seal, but increases the humidity in the jar for your buds to slowly absorb. Just don’t leave things too wet for too long, or you could end up with a bigger problem…mould!

The Citrus Method

Simply throwing a couple of small strips of citrus rind into your storage jar can also prove surprisingly effective. All while giving your cannabis a delightful added citrus note as a bonus. It can also work by adding pieces of banana skin, chunks of fresh bread, mint leaves, lettuce leaves and so on. In all instances, the flavour of whatever you put in there will make its way into the pot, so choose with care. Also, take the organic matter out after 24 hours to prevent mould.

The Fresh Bud Method

Another great way of breathing new life into tired pot is to simply stick it in a jar with plenty of fresh pot. The moisture that naturally comes out of the fresh pot will make its way into the dry pot, reinvigorating it and adding greater depth of flavour/aroma. Get it right in terms of quantities (far more fresh pot than dry) and it shouldn’t have any real effect on the quality of the good stuff.

The Makeshift Humidifier

You could also have a crack at making your own DIY humidifier for your storage container. Take a wad of damp cotton wool, wrap it in tinfoil and poke a few holes in the foil to allow moisture through. Place this directly into your cannabis jar and leave it for a day or so. You can buy and use humidifying devices commonly used for keeping cigars hydrated, but it’s usually not necessary.

The Spray Method

Last but not least, you can always try your hand with nothing more than a measure of distilled water and an everyday spray gun. It’s a case of using the spray gun to emit the finest possible mist, giving your dry buds an extremely modest coating before resealing them in the jar. You may need to repeat the process a couple of times, though be extremely careful not to douse your buds in too much water. Doing so could pretty much destroy them.

Of course, the best method for keeping dried-up cannabis fresh again is to avoid letting it get so dry in the first place! If you’ve not already done so, invest in a high-quality storage jar and ensure when you buy or harvest the stuff, it has been dried and cured correctly.

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