The difference between autoflower and feminized seeds

Advantages of feminized seeds vs. autoflowering

Advantages of autoflower seeds vs. feminized

Choose the correct seed variant for your goals


Has trying to choose from the plethora of cannabis seeds available made you confused? One of the most crucial factors in achieving a rewarding marijuana harvest is your decision between an autoflower vs. feminized plant.

As every grower wants their crops to reach their full potential, its essential to educate yourself about your choices of seeds. Knowing which type blooms the fastest or makes the healthiest clones sets you on your path to a bountiful yield.

Are you ready to learn which versions are the most suitable for your garden? Let’s take a deeper look into which weed seed, feminized vs. autoflowering, is the key to your successful marijuana season.


feminized and autoflowering seeds: the difference


The difference between autoflower and feminized seeds

Don’t feel overwhelmed when deciding which cannabis seed to grow in your garden. The differences between autoflowering and feminized variants aren’t too complicated.


feminized vs autoflowering


Feminized seeds produce high yields of dense buds and are genetically modified to maximize their chances of developing into females. They grow more potent flowers and are much taller crops.

Autoflower seeds, named after their ability to flower “automatically,” are easier to grow and faster to bloom. They develop into successful cannabis plants without a strict lighting schedule. 

Below are some other ways autoflower and feminized crops vary. 


what is better autoflowers or feminized seeds


Cultivation process

Autoflowering seeds switch from vegetative growth to flowering depending on their age rather than light changes. This characteristic makes the cannabis variant best for those who want a fast and convenient growing experience. 

Their hardy genetics make them suitable for beginner cultivators, as autos don’t require as much attention as other weed types. They have high resilience to temperature fluctuations, pests, and mold.

However, it’s best to keep them stress-free at all times. Autoflowers don’t have enough time to recover from cultivation errors like under/overwatering, incorrect pot sizes, and harsh weather.

When deciding where to grow autoflowering vs. feminized crops, the former is more suited to indoor cultivation. They can flourish outside in all weather conditions with enough light and regular watering.

Feminized marijuana seeds require a little more attention than autoflowers. They’re photo-dependent and have a more demanding lighting schedule. 

This cannabis variant only produces buds after a manual light adjustment, going from 18 hours of illumination per day to 12.

Another significant difference between autoflowering and feminized seeds is that the latter has a longer life cycle. They also require a more experienced and knowledgeable grower to sow them at the correct time and spot any potential problems.

These weed seeds don’t produce male plants, so there’s no time wasted sifting them out of your grow room. They also have lower chances of turning into hermaphrodites due to poor genetics or environmental stress.

Feminized seeds are ideal for cultivators who enjoy traditional genetics with a photo-dependency period they can manipulate.


Plant differences

The differences in autoflower seeds vs. feminized show in the crops. The former stays small and bushy, rarely growing above three feet tall. These cultivars have dense foliage and develop fewer buds than other cannabis variants. 

Their small, compact stature makes them ideal for cultivating in restricted spaces or using the Sea of Green (SOG) method. Growers who wish to remain discreet can also easily conceal them among companion plants or on balconies and terraces.

With feminized seeds vs. autoflowering, the former plants tend to have fewer leaves and produce buds in a greater density. The flowers also develop an abundance of resin, creating more intense flavors and aromas.

The better calyx-to-leaf ratio on feminized crops makes it easier to harvest nugs. They allow various pruning techniques to control their height and shape. 

Should you extend their vegetative phase, the plants reach an even greater size than usual. 


Flowering stage

Feminized seeds vs. autoflowers both begin the flowering stage due to different triggers.

Well-lit indoor feminized crops begin flowering 12–20 weeks after germination. They only enter the blooming phase if they receive equal 12-hour periods of darkness and light. 

When growing outdoor cannabis strains, feminized variants usually start to flower as fall begins.

Whether the plant is indoors or out, it won’t enter its next life phase without a change in illumination.

The difference between autoflower and feminized plants is that the former produces buds based on age rather than a change in rays. These crops can be on the same light cycle for their entire lives and still provide substantial yields.

It takes them approximately 2–4 weeks to flower after planting, reaching full maturity roughly 6–8 weeks later.


Harvesting time

Autoflowering seeds are ready for harvest in around 8–12 weeks, with under 20 daily hours of light. Since they don’t require perfect illumination schedules to start flowering, non-photoperiod variants are great cannabis seeds for beginners.

Feminized plants require more time, taking 12–20 weeks from seed to maturity. 

As autoflowering vs. feminized seeds’ growth to harvest time varies, your choice depends on whether time or quantity is more important. 


Yield difference

Feminized seeds grow plants that overtake autos in size, producing medium to high yields.

The autoflower vs. feminized yield is lower. While autos produce buds faster than feminized plants, their final harvest size is slightly smaller.


Required space

Autoflowering seeds can develop in smaller areas, as the plants only reach heights of around 39 inches. If you have a tight space or wish to keep your grow secret, autoflowers are a perfect fit. 

Feminized seeds require a larger space as the plants are more prominent. Growing them indoors requires a more extensive setup and bigger pots. 


Advantages of feminized seeds over autoflowering

Are you leaning towards a feminized strain? These variants offer the following benefits over autoflowers.


Higher THC level

Compared to autoflowering marijuana, feminized seeds produce buds with more potent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentrations. Variants range from medium strength to strains with high THC levels.

These crops also typically feature more cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes than autos. 


Bigger yield

Feminized vs. autoflowering seeds produce a more significant yield. In an outdoor growing environment, expect to harvest up to two pounds of bud from every plant

Large quantities of nugs are possible because photoperiod plants can remain in the vegetative growth phase for extended periods before flowering. 


Better for beginners

Feminized seeds are well-suited for the beginning stages of advancing your cannabis-growing journey. Their longer development time gives you breathing space to amend any errors and reduce stress factors. Should you spot an unhealthy plant, there’s time to find a solution.

Once the crop’s condition improves, alter the lighting to induce flowering and watch your nugs grow. 


Cloning material

A significant difference between feminized and autoflower crops is that the former can produce more plants through cloning

Should a particular strain provide the perfect high or flavor profile, take a cutting at a 45-degree angle. Place it into a jar of water and trim off any excess foliage.

Nurture the clipping to form new roots, and you’re on your way to cloning a homegrown stash of your favorite cultivar.


You can re-veg them

When considering the differences between autoflowering and feminized plants, remember that it’s possible to re-veg the latter.

Manipulate feminized cannabis strains into another growing season by forcing them to return to the vegetative phase. This process involves reverting the crop from the using light.

Re-vegging your feminized marijuana means the same plant grows buds for a second harvest. It also frees up time and space by allowing you to eliminate mother plants and only keep crops that produce buds.


Cheaper to grow

Feminized vs. autoflower seeds are cheaper to grow. Since you can re-veg or clone these plants, you won’t have to buy new seeds to cultivate additional crops. 

Feminized seeds have a 99% chance of developing into female plants. This benefit means you won’t waste money buying crops that don’t produce nugs.

Another cost-effective advantage of growing feminized seeds indoors is their long dark cycle, which reduces your electricity bill.


Advantages of autoflower seeds over feminized

Autoflower vs. feminized seeds also offer growers their own set of advantages.


Multiple harvests

As autoflowering plants have a shorter seed-to-harvest period, they generate multiple yields per year

If you cultivate cannabis in climates with short, cold summers, your crops reach full maturity in mid-July rather than September.


Not afraid of light pollution

Autoflowers are hardy plants and aren’t affected by light leaks during their dark cycle. This cannabis variant can grow in ambient settings without disturbing its blooming phase. 


Better for growing outdoors

Autoflowering cultivars are better at withstanding cold climates and have a stronger resistance to diseases thanks to their ruderalis genetics. Unlike photoperiod strains, there isn’t prime seasonal weather to grow autoflowers.


Grow faster

A crucial difference between feminized and autoflowering seeds is that the latter has a faster growth cycle. These crops are ready for harvest 8–10 weeks after germination. This shorter life span means you don’t have to wait too long to enjoy your nugs.


Choose the correct seed variant for your goals

The best weed seed for you depends on your cultivation level and goals. If you require more growing experience or are looking for the fastest possible harvest, autoflower seeds are an excellent choice.

Select feminized seeds for a maximum yield and high potency. With a low chance of male plants developing, these variants provide the best opportunities for growing lush canopies full of resinous buds.

Whether you prefer autoflower or feminized crops, one version isn’t better than the other. Knowing their advantages, similarities, and differences is your best chance of selecting the most suitable cultivar for your garden.

Shop our wide range of top-quality seeds of weed in both variants. Purchase a cultivar with the terpenes and effects you desire to get started on your cultivation journey.

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