Are you looking for high THC strains to test your tolerances and push the psychedelic envelope? Perhaps you’d like to grow cannabis seeds that will make your friends green with envy. Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve put together a list of the 9 best high THC strains for 2021. You’ll find a brief description of each cultivar and a link to buy these seeds destined for greatness. All you need to do is pick your poison and start growing!


THC explained

As time goes by, we learn more about the majestic marijuana plant and its benefits. One of the many cannabinoids found in weed has particularly stood out amongst its peers. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, remains the key ingredient in judging the intensity of a high.

Marijuana breeders are creating high THC strains with the potential to reach astronomical percentages. In recent years, we’ve seen these values pass the 30% mark and truly push our tolerances to the edge.

These strains with high THC levels have etched their names in our minds, earning a strong reputation as well as our respect. What’s even more amazing is that beginner growers can harvest many of these cultivars right in their backyard.

Each weed variety offers something unique. High THC sativa strains bring on energy that’s hard to describe. These cultivars are perfect for daytime tokers and have the ability to trigger mental clarity, creativity, and motivation.

On the other side of the spectrum, we get high THC indica strains. This type of cannabis provides users with complete relaxation. You’ll find cultivars of this variety work well as a nightcap, ridding yourself of daily stresses and melting you to the couch.

There’s also a third type that has become synonymous with the medicinal community. These high CBD and THC strains give patients the option of an alternative treatment. If you fall into this category, make sure you consult your doctor before using marijuana as a medicine.


The 9 best high THC strains


List of the 9 highest THC strains

While there are many different high THC strains available today, we’ve put together a list of our favorites. Each of these nine cultivars brings something unique to the table, from taste to effect. Regardless of what you’re searching for, we’re positive you’ll find a potent option.


Girl Scout Cookies

When it comes to pure class, it’s hard not to mention the queen of high THC strains. Girl Scout Cookies remains a favorite for many cultivators due to the plant’s resilient nature and powerful effects. It produces buds bursting with up to 28% THC.

This high THC cannabis strain gives off aromas similar to its namesake, filling your senses with sweet and spicy tones. It’s predominantly made up of indica genetics, creating an initial bout of inspiration, followed by a sensation of warm relaxation.

For the best results, plant your seeds in an indoor setup and use the Sea of Green method. After flowering for up to ten weeks, you should harvest around two ounces per plant.


Alien OG

If you’re searching for high THC strains that are out of this world, Alien OG is your ticket to astral travel. This hybrid contains a balanced ratio of sativa and indica genetics, giving you the best of both types. It boasts THC levels of up to 28%, so proceed with caution.

As soon as you begin to taste fresh citrus and pine, the cerebral buzz takes over. This high THC weed strain gets to work instantly, producing feelings of happiness and euphoria. You’re then met with a calming sensation that melts you to the spot.

Growing this extraterrestrial is also surprisingly simple, flowering in just eight weeks. You’ll find an indoor setup produces the best results, with yields of up to 12 ounces per square foot.


Blue Cookies

There’s finally a cure for moody Mondays, and its name is Blue Cookies. Brought to life by mixing GSC and Blueberry, this indica leaning hybrid deserves a place on our list of high THC strains as it contains levels up to 28%.

Thanks to its lineage, you’ll pick up an assortment of fruity flavors mixed with sour, earthy undertones. After inhaling its smooth smoke into your lungs, you’re filled with optimism and confidence. It then puts you into a deeply relaxed state, perfect for a power nap.

Growing this high THC strain’s seeds is a walk in the park. It flowers in just nine weeks with a bounty of around 1.14 ounces per square foot.


The 9 best high THC strains


Bruce Banner

Staying true to its moniker, Bruce Banner flexes its strength, producing green monsters that contain up to 27% THC. Taking a hit from this beast delivers a blow that’s worthy of a superhero.

This cultivar has one of the most recognizable tastes of all high THC strains, delivering sweet berry flavors backed by an iconic fuel-like fragrance. It’s perfect for artists as it encourages creativity on another level.

Your energy then transforms into a strong body stone that leaves you on the couch for the remainder of the evening. Cultivators should plant this high THC weed strain outdoors, in an area swimming in light.


Gorilla Glue 

Gorilla Glue is one of the few high THC strains that goes beyond our expectations. This cultivar can reach up to 32%, forcing a level of euphoria that defies belief. It’s dominated by indica genetics, so you’ll want to keep this bud for evening times.

You should feel a wave of calm wash over your body, eliminating any desire to move. It’s surprisingly simple to cultivate, allowing beginners to reap this weed’s benefits. Keep your techniques simple, and you can expect a yield of around 2 ounces per square foot.



Thanks to quality packs of Gelato feminized seeds, even an inexperienced cultivator can enjoy this plant’s bounty. This high THC cannabis strain comes in at a scintillating 25%, generating a rush of energy as it hits your lips.

Its sweet berry and orange flavor profile pave the way to mental clarity and motivation. These feelings then dissipate, turning into a relaxed stone that’ll have you watching the world go by from a comfy seat.


Banana Kush

Although Banana Kush only has a THC level of 25%, it’s in no way a light smoke. This cultivar’s sedating effects are just as strong as its banana flavor and fragrance. While it’s dominated by indica genetics, it initially feels like high THC sativa strains, inducing a powerful euphoria.

This happy sensation turns into relaxation as your extremities begin to feel heavy. You’ll want to find a comfortable spot where you can enjoy some good music or a film. While its seeds are resilient, you should consider growing them indoors for the best results.


The 9 best high THC strains


Black Jack

If you’re looking for high THC autoflower strains, Black Jack is your best bet. As long as you can find a warm area to plant your seeds, you shouldn’t run into any issues with this cultivar. After flowering for nine weeks, you can expect a yield containing 25% THC.

Once it has you in its grip, there’s no way to bluff your way out. It first initiates a cerebral high, leaving you light-headed. This isn’t the only ace up its sleeve, as it carries you into a positive mindset that activates productivity on another level.


CBD Cherry Kush

With the rise in medicinal marijuana, it was only a matter of time before high THC, and CBD strains entered the fray. CBD Cherry Kush offers a 1:1 ratio of these two cannabinoids, awarding a therapeutic effect.

This cultivar requires a slightly experienced hand, as you’ll want to make use of low-stress training and the ScrOG method. It has a flowering time of 12 weeks, providing a yield of 1.8 ounces per square foot.


How high are you willing to go?

No matter what marijuana effects you’re after, our list of the 9 best high THC strains has you covered. You only need to ask yourself one question. Are you ready to launch yourself into the realm of truly potent cultivars

If so, you can purchase your cannabis seeds from Seed Supreme today and experience a stone like no other.

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