You’d be forgiven for thinking that a windowsill wouldn’t be the best place to grow weed. You’ve limited space to play with, no room to set up much equipment and the whole thing is plainly visible from the outdoors.

In reality, a windowsill can actually be the ideal place to grow a couple of cannabis plants. You simply need to have realistic expectations and go about the job in a strategic and mindful manner.

Of course, growing towering Sativa plants in a confined space is out of the question. You’ll need to stick exclusively to compact Indica specimens, but this is hardly the end of the world. Particularly when you consider the benefits of growing weed on a windowsill, such as:

  • It costs next to nothing to get setup
  • Your plants benefit from direct sunlight
  • No space taken up on your floors
  • Little to no equipment needed

As for making the most of your windowsill grow, it’s a case of ensuring they get what then need by supplementing what nature can’t provide. Not to mention, starting out with the right cannabis strains in the first place.

Here’s what to consider if looking to succeed with a windowsill grow:


Exposure to Light

Most cannabis strains need around 10 to 12 hours of direct sunlight each day, in order to perform at their best. They can survive with as little as 2 hours of direct daily sunlight, but aren’t going to perform nearly as well.

If the windowsill you choose isn’t the quintessential suntrap, supplemental lighting should be considered. LEDs are a suitable option for confined spaces, as they are small in size, cheap to run and produce little to no heat. 


Use Pots of an Appropriate Size

The size of the pot you grow a cannabis plant in will have a major impact on its performance. From root health to plant size to hydration and nutrition, cannabis plants need a certain amount of space to do their thing.

As such, it’s worth treating your plants to the largest possible pots you can get away with, in accordance with the size of the windowsill. Rectangle pots that match the shape and size of the surface are ideal, if looking to make the most of every square inch.


Focus Heavily on Soil Quality

Your plants will have limited access to soil, due to the compact nature of the pots you’re growing them in. You therefore need to be meticulous with the quality of the soil you provide, ensuring it’s as nutrient-rich as possible. 

Speaking of which, windowsill-grown weed also benefits enormously from a precise dose of nutrients in accordance with life-stage requirements. Water alone won’t get the job done, if you’re chasing results to be proud of.


Choose the Right Strains 

Perhaps most importantly of all, choosing appropriate strains for windowsill growing will make or break the entire project. Two perfect specimens for this type of grow are Easy Bud and Royal Dwarf, which in both instances rarely reach more than 50cm in height and are ready to harvest after about eight weeks.

Go for something durable, small in size and capable of delivering decent yields within a short timeframe. 


A Question of Discretion…

Of course, keeping things discreet should also be prioritized. Even if you live in a region where home growing is legal, a thriving specimen behind a sheet of glass represents a near-irresistible prospect for the opportunist thief.

If you’re going to grow on a windowsill, try to make it a windowsill that isn’t clearly visible from nearby roads and sidewalks.

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