Can you get a big harvest from windowsill growing?

Pros and cons of growing cannabis on a windowsill

Growing cannabis from seed on a windowsill: Key considerations

Put your weed on a windowsill


Do you long for an abundant harvest of cannabis nugs but lack the necessary space? Perhaps you have an empty windowsill pot that’s just lying around. This guide shows you how to cultivate marijuana plants on your windowsill.

All sorts of flowers can grow on ledges, and weed is no different. Follow our simple steps, from choosing the right strain to ensuring proper lighting, and explore new ways to cultivate cannabis.

Let’s begin.


growing cannabis on a windowsill


Can you get a big harvest from windowsill growing?

Many cannabis enthusiasts wonder if they can grow an autoflower marijuana plant near their windowsill. While possible, the plant’s yield may differ from seeds planted in “normal” conditions.

A larger container results in bigger yields and more buds. Whether you end up with a small or large harvest depends on your pot size.


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Pros and cons of growing cannabis on a windowsill

Don’t let the cons of cultivating weed in this way deter you. Using the simple steps later in our guide makes for the most effortless experience.

Here are the pros and cons of windowsill weed growing:


  • Cost efficient
  • Uses direct and natural sunlight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy for beginners


  • Smaller area for growth
  • The public might see your plants
  • Sunlight is only available at specific times of day


Growing cannabis from seed on a windowsill: Key considerations


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Growing marijuana from seeds on the windowsill sounds easy enough, but there are specific considerations in place.

For instance, picking the correct nutrition and recommended strains is vital to understanding windowsill cultivation. Knowing how to grow weed indoors is also crucial.

Below are some tips on cultivating windowsill pots.


Pick the right strain

The first step is choosing the optimal indoor cannabis seeds.

Aim to use non-photoperiod variants. Autoflower windowsill growing is ideal because the crops have strong genetics, making cultivation more straightforward. They also flower automatically without requiring a light cycle change.

Some suggested strains include:

  • Lowryder autoflower: This variant thrives in almost any environment and reaches a mere one foot tall. With a short flowering stage of five weeks, this variety of weed is relatively simple to grow. It yields around 1.7 ounces per meter squared.
  • Fruit autoflower: Only 6–7 weeks are needed for this strain to flower. It doesn’t reach much taller than three feet, which is ideal for windowsill growing. Expect to collect around 3.5 ounces per meter squared.


Select the right pot

Windowsills don’t always provide much space, so large pots generally won’t be able to fit. Measure the area you have to find the perfect container. A thin but wide one is ideal, unlike a round one.

Pots for marijuana growing are generally 3–11 gallons, but those won’t fit on the average windowsill. Find ones that are the right size for your shelf. Remember to use containers with efficient drainage holes.

Suggested pots include:

  • Flower pot
  • Smart pot
  • Air pot


Choose a suitable spot

Put your plant in a north-facing window for optimal sunlight. Try and get the sunniest spot in your home for your windowsill grow box. Ensure you have the best light for cannabis when growing indoors.

Marijuana flourishes in temperatures of 64–86°F and humidity levels of 40–70%. Use artificial lighting or heat sources to keep to these ranges. Cover your seedlings with a plastic bag to maintain humidity levels.


Consider using artificial lightning

While a windowsill offers direct sunlight, there won’t be a consistent source throughout the day. Cannabis grows with as little as 1–2 hours of light a day, but this results in lower harvests. Use artificial lighting, like LEDs, to fix this problem.

Try to get as much natural exposure as possible, but don’t skimp on artificial lights if needed. Remember that different seasons may affect sunlight.


Nutrition is the key

Light and space are important factors, but growing windowsill marijuana can’t occur effectively without the necessary nutrients. Find the best soil possible with high levels of nutrition. Mix it with around 30% vermiculite for optimal results.

Since the space your weed is growing in is smaller than usual, there needs to be enough nutrition. Worm castings are also suggested for your windowsill pot soil. Wet the mixture for a few days before planting your seedling.


Put your weed on a windowsill

So, that’s the low-down on growing marijuana on your windowsill. Cannabis is a relatively easy plant to cultivate, and with the right parameters, you’ll have the perfect buds in no time.

Follow our advice on pot sizes, lighting types, nutrition, suitable locations, and optimal strains to get ahead in your cultivating journey. Choose premium autoflower seeds to ensure a rewarding harvest.

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