Experts are constantly quizzed on their trade secrets for growing quality cannabis. Truth is, there are thousands of dos, don’ts and general guidelines for getting the job done like a pro.

The good new is that for the average home-grower, most are largely superfluous requirements. Contrary to popular belief, there’s really no need to complicate things if looking to grow decent cannabis at home. Cannabis plants largely grow themselves, so any added effort you throw into the mix could make a big difference.

So with this in mind, what follows is a quick rundown of five easy yet effective ways of transforming the performance of your indoor grow effort:

1. Select the Right Strain

First up, the road to success begins right at the moment you choose your cannabis seeds. Healthy cannabis plants start from quality cannabis seeds, so don’t take chances on substandard seeds. In addition, you’ll also want to choose a strain that guarantees maximum results with minimum effort required. Blue Dream, Wonder Woman, White Widow, Green Crack – all capable of producing powerful buds in massive quantities. They’re also far easier to grow than some of their counterparts.

2. Boost Light Intensity/Quality

Nothing will have a bigger impact on the health of your cannabis plants and their resulting output than the intensity and quality of lighting you provide. Cannabis plants will grow under just about any type of light, but they’ll reach their maximum potential if you treat them to the highest-quality grow lights on the market. They might not be cheap, but your investment will be repaid many times over in the quality of the buds you’ll soon be harvesting.

3. Climate Control

This means taking things like temperature, humidity and general air quality seriously. Choose a durable indoor cannabis strain and you won’t be punished too severely for the odd hiccup here and there. By contrast, turn a blind eye to the basic environmental conditions in the grow space and you’ll be lucky to harvest anything at all!

4. Get Serious with Nutrients

Like all other living organisms, cannabis plants need certain nutrients in very specific quantities to do their business. As they can’t exactly forage for what they need themselves, it’s up to you to give it to them. Exactly which nutrients you’ll be needing and in what kinds of quantities will be determined by what you’re growing and its current life-cycle stage. Buy the highest-quality nutrients you can lay your hands on and be very meticulous with the dosage.

5. Know When (and How) to Harvest

Last but not least, the harvesting process isn’t something to approach randomly. To avoid disappointment, you need to know exactly when and how to harvest your buds to maximise your yield’s quality and quantity. From picking to trimming to drying to curing, it’s not simply a case of hacking off the flowers and hanging them for a few days. Learn the basics of harvesting cannabis and you’ll get so much more satisfaction and enjoyment for your efforts.






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