Why is it important to know about germinating marijuana seeds? It’s the most critical process in your plant’s development—the point where its life begins. The procedure gives it the foundation to grow into a healthy crop that produces high-quality smokable buds.

Cultivators use many methods to help their cannabis seeds sprout—some that cost almost nothing to implement. We share popular ways to sprout cannabis seeds to help you start.

As every individual is unique, choose the ones that suit your goals and try them out before deciding what works best. Seed selection is also vital, as selecting the right one for your objective and the growing environment makes a huge difference in your results. 

Let’s look at the available phenotypes before exploring the techniques in detail. 


Germinating autoflower vs photoperiod strains

While knowing how to germinate is crucial, one of the first decisions to make is to choose between autoflowering and photoperiod strains. 

Generally, autos are easier to cultivate, and they grow faster than the latter, which produce higher yields but require more care. The key difference between the phenotypes is how they transition into the flowering stage.

Although the germination process remains the same, let’s look at the distinct traits of both phenotypes that greatly influence your plants’ growth.