Magus Genetics came a long way from cultivating cannabis from poor quality seeds found in bags of coffeeshop weed in the 80s to producing industry legends like the infamous and award-winning Warlock strain. 

This seed bank became synonymous with some of Holland’s finest cannabis seeds through their tireless and undeterred efforts, and have produced some of the most respected and desirable hybrid strains in the world.

These are beans that SeedSupreme Seed Bank simply cannot recommend highly enough.

Marijuana plants in plant pot, Magus Genetics
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Magus Genetics came into being during the early 90s, though the precise year is somewhat challenging to uncover.

Founder Gerrit Slot got started as so many budding cannabis breeders have done before and since - by cultivating the seeds he had acquired from weed he had purchased from a coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

Gerrit got his hands on those beans in 1989, but due to the poor quality of the seeds and his own lack of knowledge surrounding identifying female and male plants, those early harvests left a lot to be desired. 

Undeterred, Gerrit progressed to attempting indoor grows, testing his own F1 hybrids of Skunk and Afghani lineage, hybridizing his last female Skunk specimens and generally boosting his cultivation knowledge.

By 1993, his knowledge and experience was piquing, the enterprising founder made a crucial choice to cultivate his own genetics rather than rely on others’, and Magus Genetics was founded in earnest.

Brand Evolution

Coffeeshop Quality

The real moment of triumph for Magus Genetics came in 1993, when Gerrit gained permission for his new Warlock strain to be sold through the legendary Amsterdam coffeeshop, Bluebird Coffeeshop.

The smashing success of Warlock served as a catalyst to the Dutch breeder, who realized the demand for his hybrid coming from the breeding and cultivation community and rose to meet the challenge head on.

At this stage, Magus Genetics got an upgrade from personal breeding projects to a more professional establishment aimed at supplying the community’s need for top-shelf cannabis seeds.

Magus Genetics - Warlock

A Professional Enterprise

Motivated by the resounding success of Warlock (alongside a rising fear for the germination power of his original hybrid seeds, each many years old now, and trepidation at the thought of losing his mother plants to a raid or theft), Gerrit guided Magus Genetics towards a new, professional level of operations.

First, he sowed all his original seeds, mercifully achieving great germination rates still. Next, the Magus Genetics founder embarked on a studious journey to understand the marijuana plant, learning all he could about botany and various breeding techniques.

During this time, Gerrit realized what was necessary to bring out the very best in his hybrid strains, including the need for more growing space to maximize the plants’ potential.

By 1998, Magus Genetics had been legally registered and set up in a larger grow room, ideally poised, it seemed, to take on the new millenium for marijuana.

Critical Acclaim

Between 1997 and 1998, Magus Genetics established over 50 breeding lines producing feminized and regular weed seeds for their 6 different strains of high-quality hybrids

Gerrit was on a mission to widen the gene pool and provide cultivators with the best cannabis seeds money could buy.

The seed bank secured a number of ‘safety copies’ of their essential parent plants to safeguard against misfortune, and selected the strongest line to create the infamous and highly desired Warlock as a commercially available strain - one which won at the ‘97 High Times Cannabis Cup and, when released to the market during the ‘98 Cup, received overwhelming praise and adoration.

From Warlock there came a number of new and equally beloved varieties, from the White Widow meets Northern Lights hybrid named Exile, to Starwarz, Double Dutch and Early Biddy - each in their own right some of the world’s most respected and sought-after strains.

Marijuana plants, Magus Genetics


The Dutch ban on seed production in 1999 did little to stop Gerrit, who had operated as an underground breeder for many years anyway (though it did force him to downsize his operation somewhat).

The strains from Magus Genetics continued to gain popularity as the years went on, leading Gerrit to trying broader ventures such as opening the Magus Genetics Hemp Store in 2002 - a laudable but sadly not commercially successful endeavor which closed its doors in 2005.

By now, the political climate in the Netherlands was shifting. Facing this alongside some life-altering personal hurdles, Gerrit decided he was due a break.

Adoption by Serious Seeds

Magus Genetics’ founder Gerrit had befriended Simon of Serious Seeds acclaim a number of years before his decision to step back from breeding.

The two shared the same pot philosophy, the belief of producing only a handful of carefully selected high-grade strains which could meet the criteria of truly exceptional specimens, boasting maximum potency, aroma, yield and that indefinable mystical element which makes marijuana spectacular.

In 2011, Serious Seeds adopted the Magus Genetics library into their own, taking the father and mother plants into their loving care. Though 2 of the 6 Magus Genetics strains were tragically lost in the transition (RIP Exile and Biddy’s Sister), the rest are still available through them to this day - all dutifully labeled as Magus Genetics seeds in honor of Gerrit’s exemplary breeding work. 

Essential Strains

When shopping for Magus Genetics beans, you only truly have a handful of strains to select from, however, when each is such a revered specimen of unique and exceptional cannabis, it’s tough to go wrong. 

We’ll take a closer look now at the standout strains among these award-winning hybrids.


The unforgettable flagship strain of the Magus Genetics library, Warlock comes through the artful crossing of Afghani and Skunk strains to bring us an exceptional flavor and high.

Warlock is a multiple award-winning hybrid strain who displays the very best characteristics of both her Indica and Sativa lineage, though tends to be felt more in the head high than body stone end of the spectrum. 

Novice cultivators can see some spectacular results when growing these beans. Warlock flowers within 55 to 60 days and produces a mightily generous yield of 400 to 500 grams per meter squared with little effort. The plants explode during the flowering stage, so don’t let her early stout stature fool you, these buds will get massive! Some knowledge of trimming techniques can serve you wonderfully well with this one.

Double Dutch

Another winner of multiple Cannabis Cup awards, Double Dutch is a sublimely stable cross between a Warlock male and a pre-2000 Chronic female, famed for delivering an intensely pleasurable cerebral high you’ll not soon forget.

Magus Genetics have provided a number of cultivation tips for this notable hybrid, advising all growers that all tips of the plant exposed to sufficient light form enormous and dense buds, and to prepare with some stakes or trellises for added support so your Double Dutch side-branches won’t be weighed down by their own mass.

One of Double Dutch’s more defining features beyond her stupidly large buds is this strain’s enticing aroma, akin to a pleasant fruity wildflower.