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If you can look beyond it’s slightly deceptive name, Green Crack is an exceptional cannabis strain. Famed worldwide for its beautifully uplifting high and mouth-watering fruity flavour, this marvellous marijuana is a Sativa-dominant strain, with an Indica dominant variety also available which has some Afghani in its lineage. Originally known as Cush, the legendary Snoop Dogg gave it the moniker this strain is now known by worldwide.

Our friends over at Herb have a fantastic video on how this marijuana became mythical by the will of a legend. Check it out below.

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Green Crack Strains

A quality specimen of the Green Crack strain is known for its ability to instantly and completely alleviate stress, while delivering a powerful yet controllable cerebral high. Earning a place among the highest THC strains with levels reaching heights of 22% and CBD on the low end at 0.1%, Cush has the potential to pack one hell of a punch.

That said, it’s all about stimulation and getting things done, rather than finding yourself confined to the couch. If looking for an instant and long-lasting hit of energy, inspiration and invigoration, you’ll probably find this ganja is right up your street.

Visually, Cush leans towards stereotypical Indica structure, with small, clustered buds boasting heavy density. Rust-coloured pistils and a generous coating of crystal-white trichomes evoke the instinctual knowledge that you have your hands on something special before the sumptuous, citrusy scent overtakes the senses, drawing you into temptation.

Bud Background

green crack

Owing its origins at least in part to Skunk #1, much of the history of this remarkable marijuana remains a mystery.

Nevertheless, it tends to be a strain that causes a degree of confusion by way of its name alone. The reason being that many cannabis connoisseurs globally would prefer not to perpetuate any kind of connotations whatsoever between marijuana and crack cocaine. Hence, they still refer to it as Cush, or sometimes Green Goblin, to this day, and have little intention of doing any different.


This misunderstood Mary Jane effectively came out of nowhere to become one of the most successful and popular strains in the world. Which, for the most part, comes down to the fact that it delivers the kind of happy, positive and enjoyable high that instills comprehensive relaxation and contentedness.

While there are various comparable strains that can deliver a similar energy and mood boost, the difference with Green Crack weed is the absence of the usual lethargy and physical heaviness.

Those looking for a quick hit of inspiration will also find what they’re looking for in this creative cannabis, which has become hugely popular among artists on a global basis by helping them sink into the zone of creation and zero in on the minutiae of making masterpieces.

Green Crack weed makes for the perfect wake and bake companion with its energetic and strong Sativa high, and a brilliant daytime smoke whenever a gentle yet effective jolt of energy is required.

These buds have a similar effect to a strong cup of coffee – without the caffeine jitters or comedown. So whether looking to recharge your batteries after a long day or simply fire yourself up for whatever’s to come, the Green Crack strain has you covered.

Keep in mind, however, Cush can conjure some intriguing psychedelic effects, from visual distortions to time perception. Unless you're keen on feeling fired up and burning the midnight oil, perhaps avoid this strain late at night. If you can resist, that is.

Medical Uses of the Green Crack Strain

green crack cannabis plants

Cush does a great job of instilling a sense of deep relaxation, without ever crossing the line into drowsiness or lethargy. All of which is complemented with a sense of happiness, positivity and general optimism. For obvious reasons therefore, the strain is routinely recommended and prescribed by doctors for the treatment of anxiety, stress and depression.

What makes this particular strain stand out from so many similar strains is the fact that it almost never subsides with that familiar crash that takes you back down to earth with a bang after a few hours.

The medicinal properties also extend to the treatment of chronic aches and pains, muscular conditions, arthritis and even chronic fatigue. While isn’t the kind of strain that is going to help you get to sleep, it can certainly help you deal with the side-effects associated with insufficient sleep – without having to resort to prescription drugs.

Flavor and Fragrance

If all of the above wasn’t enough, Green Crack cannabis is fundamentally unique when it comes to its fragrance and flavour profile. While some popular marijuana strains deliver a hint of fruit on the nose, here you will find a profile bursting with incredible tropical aromas. Mango, papaya, passion fruit and pine, all interwoven with a smooth, rich earthiness and touch of citrus freshness.

All of which translates beautifully to the kind of flavor profile you can never get enough of. While the smoke itself is rich, thick and satisfying, the aftertaste is one of predominantly citrus and the sweetness of ripe fruits. Lingering on the palate for hours, you’ll be tasting the tropics for quite some time.

Put it all together and you have the epitome of a strain that delivers the total package from top to bottom.

Growing Green Crack Seeds

For those able to cultivate cannabis legally, Cush is an extremely simple and forgiving plant to deal with. That said, it is somewhat demanding in terms of available space and regardless of whether you grow it indoors or out, with plants routinely hitting 5.5 feet in height or slightly more. Meaning you’ll need a fair amount of space to play with in the first place.

There are some variables depending on what type of seeds you buy. If you decide autoflowering seeds are the way to go then a little less space is needed as the veg period is likely shorter. If you decide to go with feminized seeds then the space is certainly a must have to get the best from this strain.

Flowering times vary from 7 to 9 weeks and you’ll be looking at a harvest of approximately 18 ounces for every square metre of grow space. While much of the cultivation process with Cush is relatively easy, it is nonetheless somewhat susceptible to powdery mildew. As such, it’s important to keep an eye on humidity levels at all times to minimise excess moisture. To succeed outdoors, a Mediterranean climate is preferable, though a single summer season in more northerly regions will usually be enough to get the job done.

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SeedSupreme Suggestions

When it comes down to which Green Crack seeds to steer our faithful audience towards, truly your own levels of experience growing ganja come into play. Those with fewer crops under their belt should stick with Green Crack Auto Feminized seeds to minimise any risk.

For the more adventurous grower, why not try the delightful Purple Crack or Pineapple Crack.

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