R-Kiem Seeds are at the pinnacle of Spanish cannabis breeding and high-quality seed production.

Fans of citrusy flavors flock to R-Kiem Seeds for their famed and tantalizing terpene profiles, which consistently deliver mouthwatering flavors while never failing to fulfil on their promise to get tokers pleasantly baked. Their seed collection contains some of the best Kush hybrids on the planet, and a great many award-winning strains to win at the Spanish Cannabis Cup

SeedSupreme Seed Bank stock the full range of these award-winning regular and feminized seeds, each cultivated under the ethos of quality over quantity and that organic setups deliver the dankest and best beans.

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R-Kiem Seeds - Harybo


Though neither enormous as a seed bank or overly prodigious as a producer of weed seeds, R-Kiem Seeds have been on the scene for longer than many of today’s modern breeders.

Founded all the way back in 1998 in Barcelona, R-Kiem Seeds represents the gathering of a team of dedicated breeders of local and international acclaim, all united with the goal of collecting, preserving and creating new strains.

They’re driven by years of experience in selecting and breeding original genetics and their devout passion for marijuana both old and new.

Brand Evolution

Preserving Priceless Essense

R-Kiem Seeds has at their disposal a truly exceptional and varied genetic library on which to base their breeding projects.

When one explores their varieties and uncovers the cherished Canadian Kush lines, the elite clones like Ice Cream and M8 Blue or other prized genetics such as Jamaican Lambsbread and San Fernando Valley OG Kush (SFV OG), it becomes clear that we’re talking about some remarkable cannabis strains here.

And it’s crystal clear to see why R-Kiem Seeds would feel such a compelling drive to save the phenomenal phenotypes they work with, as they put it “preserving the essence of our original strains”.

The way this team of talented breeders meticulously approaches their breeding projects, developing new hybrid and polyhybrid strains, it’s fair to say they more than fulfil their genetic preservation duties.

R-Kiem Seeds - R-Kiem

An Au-Naturel Ethos 

Perhaps it is owing to the huge respect that the R-Kiem Seeds team has for the majestic marijuana plant and its origins, but they are firm believers in the entirely organic approach to cannabis cultivation.

To these Spanish breeders, it goes without saying that as nature intended is without a question the way to bring out the very best qualities and potential in plants. Marijuana is nature’s gift, and the R-Kiem Seeds team treat it as such.

That’s why every weed seed from this seed bank comes from a fully organic setup involving absolutely no artificial fertilizers or chemicals. From growing to breeding and supplying the market with premium cannabis seeds, there’s nothing but genuine TLC in these THC nugs.

As you would expect with such a guiding philosophy on pot, every seed from R-Kiem Seeds is also collected by hand and developed under the strictest temperature and humidity controls, regulated by their careful and experienced team to guarantee only the best possible selection of seeds make it to market.

Essential Strains 

With R-Kiem Seeds, you have a seed bank who infinitely values quality over quantity. As such, there’s not an enormous list of strains to choose from in their nonetheless impressive library.

What this means is that among this elite reserve, you’ll find only the pinnacle of premium cannabis seeds in both regular and feminized varieties. There may only be 9 different strains of ganja to choose from, but when each is as spectacular as the last, you can hardly complain.

We’ll take a closer look now at some of the most impressive picks of the bunch.


As you should expect from a name like Harybo, this hybrid strain is jam-packed with jelly-like fruit flavors, but also delights with a seasoning taste of Kush, making her ideal for the connoisseur

Harybo is an Indica-dominant potent beauty who comes from a wonderful cross between R-Kiem’s Afghan Endemic selection and an elite clone of Skittles from the United States. Beyond her mouthwatering aroma and taste, she’s characterised by some seriously colorful buds which display majestic shades of blue and deep purple, and a generous yield come harvest time. A treat more than deserving of her namesake and twice as moreish.


Renowned as the most potent strain in the R-Kiem library, their eponymous THC powerhouse is a four-time award winner coming from the generous genetics of Canadian OG Kush and M8.

The Indica-dominant R-Kiem embodies the finest Kush traits which caused the strain to make such waves in the 90s in the US and Canada. She’s also a robust and resilient plant, making her a perfect choice for all growers with a Kush craving or desire for an easy-growing generous-yielding bombshell full of citrusy flavors.


Famed as one of R-Kiem Seeds’ very finest Sativa strains, Icer comes from some equally famous clones dating back to 2000, and owes her genetic lineage to San Fernando Valley X cut preserved of Ice-Cream.

The R-Kiem Seeds growers reproduced their variety from inbreeding spanning 11 years just to make sure she was entirely perfect. Fans adore Icer for her swift flowering times, spectacular and colorful flowers, generous yield and abundance of frosty crystals coating her dense and delicious nugs.