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Sweet Seeds

Devoted specialists in feminized and autoflowering strains, Sweet Seeds has made it its mission from its early days to produce not only the finest hybrid strains on the market but to go beyond other cannabis breeders.

Their world-renowned strains have become prime example of marijuana quality and are blazing their own path of unrivaled potency and flavor, never compromising on either. 

If it's the best and most flavorful autos and feminized strains you're after, these award-winning unique seeds are more than something new and exciting - they're an absolute must, and SeedSupreme Seed Bank recommends these beans readily.

Sweet Seeds - Ice Cool



Since their inception in Valencia back in 2005, Spanish breeders Sweet Seeds have been focused on producing the highest quality seeds for their consumers, balancing traits so as to never sacrifice any desirable traits in their hybrids. 

Even at their birth, these Spaniards knew the value of feminized and autoflowering genetics, and while these are commonplace weed varieties today, it was a different story altogether back then. 


Brand Evolution

The Core Beliefs 

It is an integral part of the Sweet Seeds machine, the belief that marijuana is a gift from Mother Nature that absolutely anyone should be able to enjoy and cultivate.

To this seed bank, this gift is one to both share and seek to improve.

With this belief at the heart of their actions, the Sweet Seeds team set out going against the grain of ganja growers worldwide, being one of the earliest adopters of feminized seeds in a time when most seeds of female plants turned out to be hermaphrodites and were fiercely snubbed by the cannabis community at large.

Sweet Seeds saw the landscape as we enjoy it today, however, where feminized seeds is a label to be trusted, and so, with their core belief held tightly, they persisted.

Sweet Seeds - SAD cannabis strain


It took a tremendous level of breeding prowess to sway the public perceptions of feminized seeds and show the world their true value, but Sweet Seeds managed it, and are credited with much of the public opinion shift when it comes to these varieties.

Of course, to begin with, they had to choose the perfect strains. And to say they chose wisely would be a dramatic understatement.

Of the three cannabis strains Sweet Seeds kicked off their game with (Black Jack, S.A.D and Sweet Tai), all three remain immensely popular today and have won many awards over the years.


A Formidable Reputation 

When you stick to something, you improve. So it is with life, so it is with weed.

It wasn’t long before Sweet Seeds’ devotion to mastering the feminized strains began producing spectacular results and, first locals, then the wider European market, started taking notice. 

And it wasn’t long until the Spanish seed bank realized their truest market - a dawning moment with huge implications for their success.

Sweet Seeds had never been too concerned with public opinion, else they never would have persisted with feminized seeds, but by ignoring the commercial market in favor of their beliefs, it was a short step to niching down to the aim of satisfying the choosiest cannabis consumers in the world - the connoisseurs

Their reputation swiftly spread as caterers to the connoisseur and, as their comprehensive collection steadily grew and lined their offerings with a diverse range of sublime, exotic genetics from every corner of the world, that reputation was cemented. 

Sweet Seeds exist to serve the needs and desires of the stoners, growers, and breeders they cater to, and have earned their laurels through unrivaled consumer satisfaction with their product and original properties.


Breeding Philosophy

To Sweet Seeds, first and foremost consider themselves as collectors and consumers of the finest genetics.

Their collection is based on a case-by-case basis which analyses the qualities of each plant rather than placing untold worth in their origins or a storied history of the strain.

Their path to becoming world-renowned has always revolved around listening to cultivators and consumers, keeping their finger on the pulse of the popular, potent, and flavorful. 

As you might expect from such an ethos, the Sweet Seeds team employs a healthy mix of traditional and modern breeding methods and techniques, no doubt which has helped them conquer their native Spain and establish their grander vision of dominating the entire European marijuana market, too. 

Sweet Seeds - Cream Caramel strain


Through their smart, savvy, and skilled approach, Sweet Seeds have remained on the cusp of cutting-edge and sent regular shockwaves rippling through the cannabis community at large.

Being a seed bank who so values innovation, it stands to reason that SS were one of the first seed sellers to deliver quality auto-flowering seeds to the market.

They knew that the benefits of the autoflower could not be overstated and have championed its use in perfecting their hybrid strains and merging their myriad genetics, even when others denounced their potential.

Sweet Seeds’ unique results have helped to secure their place as purveyors of top-notch strains which, unlike many other autoflowering varieties, never sacrifice potency or flavor, and have become persistent crowd-pleasers among the community.

They’re known as one of those rare seed banks to, rather than simply offering autoflowering variants, actually create something truly new to delight their fanbase, and have won numerous awards for their tireless efforts.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there, oh no.

Sweet Seeds are even known as the forefathers of ‘Fast Version’ strains, which are essentially a happy middle ground between feminized and autoflowering plants and have become best friends to cultivators worldwide.


Quality Assurance 

You don’t get to make such lasting impressions with the discerning cannabis community or even surprise yourselves with the success and potency of your strains without some serious commitment to quality. 

Sweet Seeds’ QA processes involve the judicious and thorough inspection of each seed by hand before it is deemed worthy of its customers. No less than 95% germination viability meets their rigorous standards and gets packed into their crush-proof containers. 

Few seed banks take as much care to ship their final product as they did in breeding the strains themselves, and that’s just part of what sets the SS team apart.


Sweet Seeds


Essential Strains 

With these specialists in feminized and auto-flowering seeds, you can be assured that all their genetics are fully adapted and suitable for growing in indoor and outdoor environments. 

And with such a wide range of premium genetics, it’s comforting to feel the knowledge that these seeds are known for consistency in everything from growth ease to success rates, full flavors, production, potency, and quality. 



Typically, award-winning evokes thoughts of the most insane strains imaginable, the kind every daily toker wishes they had morning, noon, and night. 

But before exploring those winners, it’s worth a mention that Sweet Seeds also took home the Best Seed Bank award at Spannabis in 2008 and 2013, as well as at Expocannabis in 2007. 

Now you’re teed up, we’ll race you through a variety of their award-winners and why these sweet, aromatic and downright delightful strains deserve your attention. 


S.A.D (Sweet Afghani Delicious) S1

This Indica-dominant hybrid hails from Black Domina fem genetics and has won over 10 separate awards ranging from many 1st places to a handful of 2nd and 3rd positions, often for Best Overall Strain or a similar equivalent. A swift-flowering generous yielder known for some real kick.


Ice Cool 

A twice gold medalist and four time 2nd placer, Ice Cool comes from a blend of NYC Diesel and a mystery Indian strain. Her insanely generous coating of crystals should give a good indication of why this hybrid earned her laurels.


Cream Caramel 

A fan favorite for a number of years, with dense buds and wild resin production. Arguably Sweet Seeds’ flagship strain, Cream Caramel has won over 20 awards for her high THC and unforgettable high. Born through breeding BlueBlack with Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino, you’re in for a real treat with this one.

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