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Backed by more than 25 years of industry experience, Brothers Grimm Seeds is known for setting the highest possible standard in quality seed production for growers worldwide. Today, Brothers Grimm Seeds is famed for having introduced an extensive variety of rare and exclusive strains, which in all instances prioritize fragrance, flavor, and potency for consistently excellent results.

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Brothers Grimm Seeds was founded in 1996, by MrSoul and his partner Sly, with a simple mission to breed great genetics backed up by Canadian seed reseller Heaven's Stairway (who would help the duo distribute their strains).

Since the seed bank's creation, this talented and close-knit team has focused on organic practices and these form the roots of the entire Brothers Grimm Seeds breeding operation, because as far as these guys are concerned - au-naturel is the only way to guarantee genetic greatness.

They quickly became known for producing the highest THC strains with short flowering times, big resin production, and intensely exotic terpenes.


Brand Evolution

Grimm Philosophy

The breeding ethos behind Brothers Grimm Seeds is a promise to never produce hermaphrodite plants.

These breeders recognized early on that much of the problem surrounding feminized seeds (which were first popularized in the 90s) was the breeders behind them not taking the time to understand the feminizing process and producing poor-quality beans as a result. MrSoul knew better.

The pioneering founder of Brothers Grimm Seeds had spent many years performing painstaking research to better grasp why early feminized weed seeds became hermaphrodites and thus was able to stand out from the crowd by consistently honoring this creed and producing 100% female seeds every time.


Rising from the Ashes

Brothers Grimm Seeds enjoyed 6 years operating under their initial arrangement but were sadly forced to close abruptly in 2002 due to security concerns - after which, it became borderline impossible to get hold of their strains, shy of a few leftover seed batches that became hungrily sought-after commodities.

Always seeking an answer, MrSoul moved to Europe in the hope to set up the operation in a legal climate. Again, fortune worked against the intrepid breeder, and the pieces and the people never came together to bring Brothers Grimm Seeds back to life.

Over a decade passed with none of their seeds available for purchase.

In 2015, MrSoul hooked up with Duke Diamond and, with the wealth of passion, knowledge, and ability between the pair, plans were hatched to resurrect Brothers Grimm in Colorado and the seed bank's safely stashed clones and seeds were brought out of hiding for a new and hugely successful re-launch.

“It’s been a long time coming, and lot of work, but we’re overjoyed to be back. Our faithful followers can be assured that our tradition of stability and reliability continues with the re-release of our Cinderella and Apollo lines as well as strains developed in our new breeding programs. Selectively combining cultivars, according to strict genetic principles, we provide the finest cannabis genetics available.” - (Brothers Grimm Seeds)

Brothers Grimm Seeds marijuana

Rare and Exclusive Genetics

Since their first day in business, the Brothers Grimm brand has been famous for engineering exceptionally potent and powerful strains with unforgettable flavor profiles. Perhaps the company’s most prestigious and celebrated achievement of all time, Cinderella 99 continues to be recognized as one of the most extraordinary strains in the history of commercial cannabis.

According to the team behind the scenes at Brothers Grimm, the company owes its success to a heavy and relentless focus on the following plant traits:


  • No hermaphroditism
  • Dense budding
  • Fast-flowering
  • Compact overall plant structure
  • High resin production
  • Intense psychoactivity
  • Unique palette of terpenes
  • Optimal yield

Ultimately, Brothers Grimm Seeds is on a mission to provide commercial and casual cultivators worldwide with easy and affordable access to rare and stable genetics of unrivaled quality. By sticking exclusively with their own gene pool and strictly limiting the number of strains produced, these skilled breeders can guarantee the same consistent performance with each and every plant produced.


Raising the Bar

Despite having spent around a dozen years on the sidelines, Brothers Grimm continues to set an almost impossibly high standard for the industry as a whole.

In fact, this team has gone so far as to accuse the vast majority of generic breeders worldwide of focusing too heavily on poly-hybrid crosses, seemingly created with no logical, deliberate goal or breeding plan - which they liken to betting your luck on the phenotype lottery.

A bold jab, but one that nonetheless clearly communicates the commitment of Brothers Grimm to taking things to the next level.

Essential Strains

Brothers Grimm has a relatively compact catalog of cannabis seeds, preferring to focus on quality over and above quantity. To date (though in no particular order), the following have proved to be the most popular and celebrated strains to have come from MrSoul and the team at Brothers Grimm:


Apollo Haze

With the likes of Cinderella 99 and Super Silver Haze in her lineage, Apollo Haze was always going to be a superstar in her own right. Promising vigorous growth, exceptional potency, and fabulous flavor with each plant produced, Apollo Haze has extensive applications among recreational and therapeutic tokers alike.

Apollo Haze plants remain relatively short in size, producing generously dense flowers that emit a juicy tropical fruit fragrance with plenty of exotic haze in the background. Resin production is huge, resulting in an energetic and uplifting high that somehow never crosses the line into mindrace or panic. Quite simply, one of the best daytime smokes you’ll ever have the privilege of trying out.


Cinderella 99

Pretty much every Cinderella 99 seed and clone in existence disappeared from the face of the earth after these guys ceased operations in 2002. Rarity being a driver of exclusivity and desirability, Cinderella 99 quickly garnered cult status and became one of the most sought-after specimens in the history of commercial cannabis.

When Brothers Grimm and Cinderella 99 reappeared more than a decade later, this spectacular strain hit the shelves in a new and significantly improved format. In terms of potency, flowering times, stability, yields, fragrance and effects, everything about Cinderella 99 is even better today than it was back at her origins.


Durban-Thai X C99

It may not have the most memorable or catchy name going, but Durban-Thai X C99 is a strain you try once and never forget. Precisely why the initial limited batch of seeds released by Brothers Grimm in 2000 was almost immediately wiped out is a mystery - which resulted in an enormous spike in demand for this extraordinary specimen.

Durban-Thai X C99 is known for its exceptional resin production and sugary-sweet smoke, which leaves behind a distinctive taste of fruity bubblegum.  Creativity and energy are inbound after just a couple of tokes, along with the kind of innovative thinking needed to accomplish just about anything.


G13 Genius

This veritable and 100% exclusive mega-strain has the likes of Neville’s G13/Hashplant in her lineage, though has a fragrance unlike anything else on the market right now. Expect a sweet and sour hit of lemon and lime, with a note of sour cream hovering interestingly in the background. All of this translates to a complex and curious level profile, which is nonetheless moreish in the extreme.

G13 Genius has been refined and improved over the years to produce small and bushy plants that are easy to grow indoors or out, which when reaching maturity look like they’ve been generously sprinkled in icing sugar from top to bottom.


Killer Queen

Guaranteed to blow your mind (as the song quite rightly suggests), Killer Queen is famed for her generous terpene production and fantastic fruity fragrance. Think tropical punch with plenty of black cherries and you’ll be on the right track, with the added bonus of the visually stunning plant and a consistently powerful high.

Brothers Grimm Seeds has stated on countless occasions that Killer Queen is one of their proudest achievements to date, which says all that needs to be said about this stellar strain.


Queen of Soul

Another absolute must from the folks at Brothers Grimm Seeds, Queen of Soul is a rare and exclusive strain no less than three generations in the making.  Carefully cultivated, this strain bursts into life with enchanting Christmas-tree-shaped plants, which produce large and elongated buds with a flowering time of approximately 60 days.

The tropical fruit fragrances Queen of Soul produces throughout the flowering period have to be experienced to be believed. Expect masses of ripe mangoes, juicy pineapple and a hint of honeydew melon, alongside just the right amount of exotic spice and classic skunky funk. The cherry on the cake being the consistently exceptional potency of this stuff and how easy it is to produce a generous yield, with little to no effort required.

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