"CannaBioGen" seed bank

A noted pioneer famed for travelling to the deepest and darkest corners of the world in search of perfection, CannaBioGen has a product collection unlike any other seed bank in business.

These breeders have spent decades collecting rare and heritage marijuana strains from around the world, searching for landrace plants from remote locations such as Pakistan, Thailand, Jamaica and Colombia.

If you’re on the lookout for something truly remarkable and seriously sought after, you’ll find more than you can handle in the current CannaBioGen catalog here at SeedSupreme Seed Bank.


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Having made their selections from over a hundred specially chosen varieties and spent years breeding and assessing child plants, CannaBioGen hit the market with a fantastic range of weed strains on offer.

The fact that these pot plants are bred from indigenous and rare strains mean they can boast some very unique and special genetics in a lot of their range, but they're also not afraid to mix in some classic Dutch genetics to create interesting hybrids.


Brand Evolution

In Search of the Holy Grail

What sets CannaBioGen apart from most comparable seed banks is the lengths these guys are willing to go to for the sake of cannabis quality.

For more than 20 years, CannaBioGen traveled all four corners of the world in search of unique, rare and exclusive ganja genetics. The result of which is a compact yet growing catalog of true connoisseur’s strains, designed to outperform the more generic offerings by a considerable margin.




Decades of research and development have gone into each and every strain currently populating the CannaBioGen catalog. Not to mention, the company’s extensive collection of alternative cannabis products, featuring everything from cutting-edge plant nutrients to branded t-shirts.

“The CannaBioGen collection: more than twenty years of travelling around the world in search of the holy grail, from the mountains of Jamaica and Colombia in the new world, to Pakistan, India and Thailand.” - (CannaBioGen)


Total Commitment to Quality

CannaBioGen’s approach to breeding helps ensure important genetics are preserved for future generations, while at the same time creating new and interesting hybrids of unrivalled quality. It’s the classic case of old-school meets new-generation, where the best of both worlds are brought together for our enjoyment.

CannaBioGen - Destroyer

“Meticulous selections from more than a hundred varieties and years of seed evaluations have culminated in magnificent specimens which provide us with a sublime range. Most varieties are traditional native crops from around the world with unique genetics which should be preserved. The best Dutch genetics have also been taken into account and hybrids of exquisite quality have been created so as to bring together the best in the world.” - (CannaBioGen)


Hand-Selected Seeds for Flawless Results

“At CannaBioGen, we select the seeds one by one, testing the germination of the batches every three months. The plants are overmatured in order to obtain a harvest of seeds under the best conditions, and the remaining plant matter is destroyed. CannaBioGen is the first seed bank to set an expiry date on the seeds. If the seeds have germination problems, the batch is checked and the seeds are replaced by others.” - (CannaBioGen)


Essential Strains

To date, each and every specimen produced and launched by the folks at CannaBioGen has been a true standout on the commercial cannabis scene.  However, a select handful of CannaBioGen’s strains have consistently outsold others, having been noted for their unrivalled quality, performance and properties.

If you’re out to get a taste of what CannaBioGen is all about, you won’t go wrong with any of the following top-selling strains:



With a name like this, you wouldn’t expect anything but a super-powerful and potent specimen that packs a serious punch, which is precisely what Destroyer is all about, combining the genetics of Meao Thailandia x Mexico/Colombia in a strain that took approximately seven years to make.

Patience is a virtue with Destroyer, which takes 14 weeks to flower and needs plenty of space to do her thing. Nevertheless, this stuff has a habit of yielding like you wouldn’t believe and the resulting harvest is quintessentially exotic and enjoyable.


Pakistan Chitral Kush

Speaking of exotic, Pakistan Chitral Kush has epic amounts of magic and mystery written all over her. A pure Indica of exceptional quality that first emerged on the Iberian Peninsula almost 40 years ago,

Pakistan Chitral Kush has been refined and improved over the years to create something truly spectacular. Relatively easy to grow and with strong resistance to common plant problems, Pakistan Chitral Kush is an absolute must for true Indica cannabis connoisseurs looking for something consummately relaxing. All with the added bonus of a fragrance and flavor profile that’s bursting with juicy berries.



Created by combining the genetics of IBL F4 Panama Green and IBL F4 Neville's Haze, Panama is an Indica-dominant specimen engineered specifically for indoor cultivation.

12 weeks of flowering, relatively compact plants and approximately 300g of quality cannabis from each plant - all adding up to an appealing picture for novice and experienced growers alike. Elevated THC levels combine with a touch of CBD for an uplifting and clear-headed high, elevated by a sweet strawberry aroma and beautiful bursts of red as the flowers reach maturity.


Michoacan Cream

Also well worth checking out for a taste of what these guys are capable of, Michoacan Cream has an extraordinary complex flavor profile that combines soothing lavender with mouth-watering grapes.

Famed for her relaxing and controllable high that has next to no impact on cerebral capacity, Michoacan Cream is just the thing for enjoying your surroundings and making the most of what you’re doing. Even if what you’re doing happens to be little to nothing at all, this energizing and uplifting strain will ensure you enjoy every second of it.

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