Homegrown Natural Wonders

Homegrown Natural Wonders is a family-run group of pot producers operating in the Pacific Northwest of America, bringing together three generations of cannabis cultivation experience to provide the best medicinal beans in the business.

Their fame for producing super effective medical marijuana seeds precedes them at every turn, especially since their skills with genetic manipulation and breeding dense, delicious and dank buds led them to three consecutive 1st place wins at the Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards.

For truly fresh and 100% naturally grown regular cannabis seeds, the Homegrown Natural Wonders offerings we have here at SeedSupreme Seed Bank are some of the finest any cultivator could ask for.

Homegrown Natural Wonders - Family-grown organic cannabis strains and seeds

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The story of the family-run business of Homegrown Natural Wonders stretches across three generations of ganja growers operating in the Pacific Northwest.

Today, Odie Diesel runs the show, making daily use of the skills he learned from his father and sharing with his sons the benefit of their combined and dedicated wisdom while they combine the most dazzling genetics in the production of breathtaking strains possessing the best effects and flavors around. 

Working as a cohesive and harmonious unit, these American breeders have always had one clear and defined goal in mind - breeding the best medical-grade ganja there is. 


Brand Evolution

The Best Buds 

The breeders behind Homegrown Natural Wonders have only ever been interested in the best of the best when it comes to genetics for their projects. These guys know that quality in means quality out, and that only then can they create the tastiest, most productive, and, ultimately, the most effective medical marijuana possible. 

Theirs is the aim of serving the mind, body, and spirit, and in service of that goal, Homegrown Natural Wonders operates an all-organic approach to breeding, producing absolutely no feminized seeds as they believe the process negatively affects genetic purity.

Mother Nature knows best, and through entirely male and female breeding, these skilled artisans have proven the worth of their efforts - concocting thoroughly unforgettable flavors and effects time and again as per the cannabis plant anatomy.

Homegrown Natural Wonders - Canna-Wreck

Critical Acclaim 

As they’ve been breeding and cultivating cannabis for decades, it understandably didn’t take long for the Homegrown Natural Wonders seed bank to achieve a number of accolades and worldwide acclaim for their weed seeds and strains. 

Perhaps the most significant such praise came in the form of three consecutive 1st place Overall Awards wins at the Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards - starting with Mad Scientist taking home back-to-back wins in 2011 and 2012, and followed by Dr.Who (who comes from a Mad Scientist cross) seizing the crown in 2013. 

These breeders have established a truly solid reputation for constant improvement when it comes to everything that matters - potency, flavor, effect, and stability. Not to mention their huge popularity among the therapeutic tokers of the world, as their strains are regularly sought in the treatment of ADHD, depression, chronic pain, nausea, and in combating the grueling radiation side-effects of chemotherapy. 


Reaching for the Stars

The Homegrown Natural Wonders breeders have never been content to stop and bask in the glory of their ganja creations. No, this is a team with their eyes on the prize of tomorrow and in direct competition with themselves of yesterday. 

In their constant search for new and better marijuana strains than the market has ever seen, the Homegrown Natural Wonders family has created many of their best-selling varieties, including the likes of game-changing Micky Kush and Quantum Kush - each in their own right regularly testing at a whopping over 30% THC content! 

Perhaps the best summary of this ever-evolving ethos comes in the form of lead breeder Odie’s reply to the question he’s often asked, “What’s your favorite strain?” 

Odie’s answer is always the same - whichever one they’re waiting to get out of flower next. 

Homegrown Natural Wonders - Dr. Who strain

Essential Strains 

Among theHomegrown Natural Wonders cannabis seeds, you’ll find a total to date of 10 different and remarkable hybrid seeds with names derived largely from popular television shows, each as delectable and tempting as the last.

It’s tough to go wrong with any of these premium weed seeds, but here are a few strains we felt are worth your consideration.



A beauty famed for a perfect and desirable blend of CBD and THC, Canna-Wreck is the result of artisanal genetic ingenuity, combining Canna-Tsu with Timewreck to create something truly spectacular indeed.

Growers interested in cultivating the 80% Sativa Canna-Wreck need to be aware of a few things first, namely that the earlier you harvest your crops, the more energetic the buds will be. 

Essentially, if harvested after around 7 weeks of flowering, you can expect an up and at them Diesel-like effect. If, on the other hand, a more mellow and clear-headed high is what you’re after, harvesting around the 8-week mark is best for you. And if you’re after a practically non-existent psychoactive effect, harvesting at 9 weeks will deliver buds primed purely for clear-headedness and pain relief.

Whether you grow Canna-Wreck for recreational or medicinal purposes in the states where it is allowed, the best way to cultivate this tropical-flavored gal is to top her into a 30-inch round bush nice and early, so say Homegrown Natural Wonders



Named after the legendary British science-fiction time-traveling icon The Doctor, Dr.Who comes to us through the genetic engineering of Mad Scientist and Timewreck (which seem equally appropriately named strains to be a part of Dr.Who’s lineage).

At 60% Indica-dominant, Dr.Who boasts a high THC content which the Homegrown Natural Wonders breeders suggest as a perfect smoke for all day long, capable of delivering a clear-headed high and enough energy to take on the world. You may look at the other strains for energy boosting, lots of them you may find in our catalog.

Growers should aim to top these plants early on to create a solid round bush and should expect between 56 and 63 days before it’s time to harvest those sweet and sour, fruity buds. The yield is not huge, but the quality is top-of-the-line, and different phenotypes are capable of delivering some vibrant color variation between plants.


Micky Kush 

Who would have ever thought a Sativa could contain such earth-shattering levels of THC? Micky Kush is that very strain - famed for her knockout potency capable of taking you down in but a few tokes. 

A real two-hit wonder - first the toke hits you, then you hit the couch. Even seasoned smokers are advised to stress caution when handling this exceptional hybrid strain and its potential for over 30% THC.

Micky Kush comes to us through the blend of Sweet Irish Kush and Jack the Ripper genetics (the last one btw will not make you hungry) to bring you a 75% Sativa strain famed for being fast-flowering and great for starting your day off right or therapeutic toking (provided you pace yourself properly, that is!) to manage everything from ADHD to nausea, depression or pain relief.