Seeds of Africa is home to the world’s foremost examples of genuine native Sativa, and market legends like Malawi Gold and Durban Magic

Using only ganja genetics sourced from the dramatic lands of Africa, from the high southern mountain ranges to the wild and luscious valleys below, this seed bank collects, perfects and delivers strains capable of sensational smells, exotic flavors, high germination rates and outstanding female ratios in regular weed seeds.

SeedSupreme Seed Bank proudly support the Seeds of Africa mission to preserve Africa's landrace genetics and stock the full range of their exceptional organic heirloom strains

Beans for cultivators hunting a harvest packed with the mystical qualities which gave marijuana a home in humanity's hearts for millennia, these 'foundation strains' are full of cultural significance, history and the full taste of African heritage.

Seeds of Africa strain collection
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Africa’s premium seed bank came into being thanks to a relatively small network of enthusiasts with a shared goal and perspective.

Each of the founders behind Seeds of Africa was united by a passionate dedication to the legendary landrace strains which began it all, the world’s finest Sativa genetics from the heart of Africa. 

What happens when a group mobilizes with the destination of preservation? Seeds of Africa is formed, that’s what.

Brand Evolution

Preservationists, Not Breeders 

Above all else, the Seeds of Africa team consider themselves preservationists. Their dedication is to collecting and sharing weed strains which are in no way modified by man, and they believe passionately in preserving the purity of these original phenotypes.

Theirs is a quest to collect, document and distribute these legacy strains to dedicated collectors in the hopes that the rare phenotypes will not be lost to the winds of time and change, and that the legends of ancient Africa can be reclaimed for future generations to experience their beauty, power and purity.

Malawi Gold - Seeds of Africa


While it’s not clear how deeply their rejection of modern-day hybrid strains goes, it is common knowledge that the Seeds of Africa team see most modern strains of marijuana as diluted and over-bred, pale imitations of their organic glory. 

Seeds of Africa believe that in the blinding sprint to create something new and exceptional to please the demands of the swelling cannabis community, many modern breeders have failed to notice a certain key charm in mystical qualities slip away from their results.

When those same qualities are what drove our race to carry cannabis across the globe and spread the weedy word, it’s easy to see why Seeds of Africa felt the need to shoulder the duty of preservation. 

This seed bank may not be entirely anti-hybrid or anything new, but they do believe devoutly that Africa is home to the finest specimens of Sativa throughout the world, and those are the only genetics they are interested in sharing with us all. 

Landrace Lessons

While the main goal of the Seeds of Africa squad is to pass these unaltered ‘foundation strains on to the market, show the community the authentic clarity and purity of their hybrid ancestors, and strive to secure a future for these natural genetics, they recognized early on the need for a well-rounded approach. 

That’s why they have always aimed to be more than mere preservationists and seed sellers, but to become a source of dependable information regarding their strains, also.

For any Seeds of Africa customers, the seed bank provides extensive information on the locations and environments their seeds originated in, as well as fascinating historical and cultural stories to sell the significance of these plants.

It’s their hope that through this sharing of information, they can bring their customers a deeper, palpable connection to the cannabis plant itself, offer a full taste of the African heritage and shine a light on just exactly what can be lost in the modern breeding or feminizing processes.

Durban Magic - Seeds of Africa

For the Breeders 

While Seeds of Africa are, of course, focused solely on their landrace preservation mission, they know that’s just not for everyone.

There will always be those with both eyes fixed firmly on the future and developing the next ground-breaking market-pleasing ganja strains. And what better source for those modern-day wonders than the root of all cannabis? 

Thanks to the extensive information Seeds of Africa provides for their cannabis seeds, breeders looking to get creative and make something exceptional have access to all the data they could ever need, opening the clearest of paths to any of infinite varieties of ganja their hearts might be set on. 

Any breeding project fated for greatness has to start with a rock-solid foundation, and where that’s concerned, it doesn’t get more solid than Seeds of Africa.

Essential Strains

Every cannabis seed from Seeds of Africa is hand-picked and freshly packaged so that your weed seeds arrive in the best possible state, ready for germination.

Seeds of Africa have a total of 12 different strains to choose between, and their sister company Concrete Jungle (their feminized seed bank) add another 10 to your choice. But where to begin? Well, of course, that entirely depends on your goals, but we’ll explore some of their more popular offerings here to give you a helping hand. 

Malawi Gold

A strain who has become a building block for endless varieties of modern hybrids, this pure Sativa and her Northern Malawi genetics is beloved worldwide for a tantalizing aroma of pineapple and lemons, alongside an intense psychoactive high.

Widely considered one of Africa’s best Sativas, healers have sworn by the plant for centuries as a medicinal herb to help with fevers, malaria, dysentery and even snakebites.

The locals say the seeds of this lineage have grown in the region longer than living memory, battling some harsh and dry conditions to become a hardy and easily cultivated crop fit for any grower. 

Durban Magic 

Another landrace to whom countless fan-favorite hybrids owe their genetic lineage, Durban Magic comes from the valley of 1000 hills, a picturesque area named for its rolling green hills which tumble down to the untamable Umgeni river.

On the river banks, Durban Magic thrives and has done for so long to be considered sacred by local tribes even to this day. She develops generous coatings of resin and dense nugs which give off a delightfully fruity scent when cured.

Tribal warriors claim this Sativa imbues them with strength before battle, and many love the strong and meditative state a Durban Magic high can bring.