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Sweet treats without the carbs - that’s what candy-flavored cannabis strains promise potheads throughout the world. Once upon a time, marijuana was all about getting high (nuanced as that may well be), but the modern green scene is a far more varied (and beautiful) beast.


You don’t need a sweet tooth to fall in love with the fabulously fruity decadent delights of these kinds of ganja - packed with insanely loud terps which explode with mouthwatering flavor on every toke.


Yes, fruity cannabis strains are here to stay (and only improving). No longer is there a need to sacrifice high THC levels for flavor or aroma, with breeders evolving this side of the ganja game every year. Here at SeedSupreme, we’re bonkers about bud with those sweet, fruity and downright delicious flavors and scents, and our Candy Store is here to serve up these exceptional cannabis seeds on a silver platter made just for you - enjoy!


purple cannabis

What’s the deal with candy flavored cannabis seeds?

As breeders continually hone their cultivation chops and develop a greater understanding of our beloved Mary Jane, they’re finding ways to create some jaw-droppingly potent AND flavorful specimens on the regular.


Many breeders today are as focused on encouraging the fullest terpene profile from their pot as they are with amping up the THC or CBD content. And the reason is simple - those terpenes are what pump cannabis full of that oh-so-moreish flavor we’ve all come to know and love.


Those yet to try candy or fruit-flavored cannabis often scoff at the idea of weed which tastes like oranges, lemons, chocolate, coffee, cakes or cookies. Their noses scrunch and they’re quick to counter with, “Surely weed can’t actually taste like that!”


And those of us in the know are always swift to point out how wrong they are.


Many of these super sublime strains tend towards the Sativa seeds side of the scale, but that’s not to say you’ll not find candy-flavored Indica seeds available too. In fact, unless the idea of sweet treats makes you gag (are you mad?!), you’ll find it hard not to discover a new favorite among these exceptional strains stocking the SeedSupreme shelves.


There’s a reason these strains are often award-winning and highly regarded by the likes of High Times.


Where do these candy cannabis seeds come from?

Delicious marijuana strains are nothing new. They’ve been doing the rounds for decades (just look at the quintessentially delectable Blueberry seeds, originating back in the 70s).


Even though many modern hybrids have emerged from the American West Coast and helped push this kind of pot into the limelight (as well as helped massively in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible flavor-wise - thank you, legalization!), these ganja strains have their homes throughout the world.


You’ll find many prime examples from Amsterdam, Canada, Spain and the like, as well as the famed West Coast. Being such huge fans of fruity, desserty and candy-flavored weed, we at SeedSupreme are always on the hunt for new and exciting varieties to add to our shelves, so we can bring you the best of these buds from afar.





What makes marijuana taste and smell the way it does?

We’ll keep this as simple as possible. Cannabis contains a wide range of compounds, including THC, CBD, terpenes and terpenoids - the latter of which being responsible for aroma and flavor (as well as medical efficacy).


Unless you’re a breeder hoping to combine effects, flavors, aromas, yields and every other desirable ganja trait in your new generation hybrid seeds, you don’t need to know much more than that.


For those after more detail though; terpenes (aka terps) are a class of aromatic hydrocarbons produced in plant cells, and terpenoids are a derivative of terpenes created through oxidation. It’s the combination of these two which gives your ganja the scent and taste - and also why a correct curing process for your buds is absolutely essential for those hoping to encourage the fullest flavors and aromas from their harvest.


That’s why different batches of the same strain can taste so different.


Breeders looking for the best parent strains for their experiments often look to the most popular strains with the desired traits they wish to pass on to their new hybrids, and those hoping to produce pot with the fruitiest possible profiles tend to target strains which favor two dominant terps in particular - myrcene and limonene.


Myrcene is found in abundance in fruits like mango, so you can imagine what the presence of this terpene does for your weed! Incidentally, this terp can also strengthen and lengthen the high your weed gives, and improve any sedative influence.


Limonene, meanwhile, is all about that citric hit. Think lemons, tangerines and the like. This terp has tropical written all over it, and added associations with happiness and relaxation.


Don’t mistake these as the only terps which help make candy-flavored cannabis so desirable though, these are merely the usual suspects.


Other common terpenes

For anyone interested in a deeper exploration of the variety of terps found in cannabis, this list of terpenes and their range of flavors should help:


  • Terpinolene - fruity
  • Pinene - pine, rosemary
  • Beta-caryophyllene - citrus, spicy
  • Caryophyllene - spicy, peppery, woody, clove
  • Geraniol - sweet
  • Linalool - floral, herby, candy-like spice
  • Nerolidol - floral, sweet, berry, woody
  • Phytol - creamy, earthy, floral, vanilla


Does more flavor mean less potency?

The short answer is - not on your life!


Once, perhaps focusing solely on enriching those terps would have meant THC or CBD took a hit, but no longer. Breeders have this down to a fine art.


You need only look at a specimen like Girl Scout Cookies autoflowering and feminized seeds with her average 25-28% THC and truly infamous, decadent cookie flavors to find faith that these kinds of candy strains are as deserving of a home in your next crop as the most iconic of cannabis strains ever to hit the market.


In fact, while it’s true that many candy strains have a Sativa-dominant nature, you’ll find there are plenty out there more than capable of inciting a heavy case of couchlock or the munchies.


What’s more, it’s hardly a stretch to say that the genetic stability and reputation of these fruity marijuana masterpieces precedes them. Whether you’re after enormous yields, knockout potency or therapeutic traits through the roof - you can have it all AND delicious flavors, all in one.


No sacrifices, only exquisite quality.


Marijuana joint in use


What are the best candy-flavored cannabis seeds?

While this is an entirely subjective matter that we can’t hope to answer accurately for everyone, the following are some of the most reputable, decadent and downright delicious strains money can buy.



A legend. An icon. And decades in the making.


Blueberry has been around since the seventies and has become a feature in countless new and exciting hybrids over the years for her simply exceptional characteristics. This herb has an average THC ranging from 16 to 23%, and numerous awards under her belt, too.


For a sweet, sour and truly sumptuous berry experience with plenty of old-school skunky goodness, it’s impossible to go wrong with this champion of the Netherlands. Careful though, the potency of this pot can be far more than expected - be sure you have somewhere comfy to chill with this Indica-dominant stuff!


Strawberry Cough

Sativa-dominant Strawberry Cough seeds are nothing short of spectacular. With THC ranging from 18 to 25% (or more), and a sublime taste and smell of fresh strawberries, it’s easy to see why this herb has countless fans in the canna-community.


Known for a chilled-out, happy high with a surprising and infinitely pleasing amount of cerebral focus, this hybrid is an absolute must for anyone hunting a fruity daytime smoke (particularly creative types).


That said, be prepared - the ‘cough’ portion of this pot’s moniker is well-earned, and you’ll want to have a glass of water to hand when hitting this herb.



A personal favorite, the industry legends over at DNA Genetics broke the mold when they released Tangie seeds into the world.


This stuff is seriously heavy on the citrus, with a scent of intoxicatingly fresh oranges, mangoes and tangerines that translates beautifully on the tongue. A real cannabis cornucopia of tropical flavors, with THC ranging from 19 to 22% and driven by Sativa dominance to bring you one hell of a motivational and energizing high.


Tangie cannabis nug

Grape Ape

A truly irresistible specimen from the geniuses at Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm, the legendary Grape Ape seeds are overflowing with generous terps which offer these famously purple nugs an abundance of sweet and juicy fruity flavors.


Think a mix of grapes and candy, underpinned by notes of hashish and classic skunkiness and you’ll be forming a pretty clear picture of what to expect from this must-try specimen.

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