A relative newcomer to the scene, 00 Seeds Bank is the project of a small team of experienced breeders based in Spain, using Indica-based hybrids to create delicious feminized and auto-fem strains packed with some seriously intense flavor combos, including a range of chocolate and berry flavored strains.

Determined to keep things simple and cheap for their customers, they also make their whole line available at one price for a packet and if you can't choose then they have some great collection/mix packs to sample.

If you want to try some fresh new and super dank beans then get your 00 cannabis seeds online right here at SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

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No Boasts, Only Results

Never ones to preach too loudly about their successes and accolades to date, there’s not a great deal known about who these guys are, where they came from or what they have their sights set on for the future.

That said, what we do know about 00 Seeds Bank is that feminized and automatic seeds of exceptional quality are their specialty. As are precision-engineered recreational and medicinal marijuana specimens, supercharged high CBD strains for therapeutic applications.

Essential Strains

Getting a taste for what 00 Seeds Bank is all about is as easy as picking up one of their top-selling strains, which include the following head-turners:

Auto Afghan Mass

A heady and exotic amalgamation of Afghan genetics and Critical Mass Automatik, Auto Afghan Mass has what it takes to send all five senses on the trip of a lifetime.

Powerful, productive and perfectly aromatic, Auto Afghan Mass has an effect that is practically narcotic and lingers for the duration. She also has an impressively high CBD content, making this strain a firm favorite among medical cannabis patients.

Auto Blueberry

All the benefits of Blueberry in an advanced autoflowering variant, significantly shortening the time needed to take this stuff from seed to harvest. Auto Blueberry plants remain short, stout and easy to care for throughout the cultivation cycle, giving off a beautiful berry fragrance and producing bucketloads of THC. Auto Blueberry is good for a relatively balanced high, which combines a strong body stone with a powerful cerebral uplift.

Auto Chocolate Skunk

The genetics of Chocolate Skunk were brought together with a ruderalis strain to create this all-new autoflowering specimen. Ideal for anyone with a particularly sweet tooth, Auto Chocolate Skunk has a fragrant closer to sugar-sweet candy than chocolate, though has a coco-like aftertaste that lingers on the palate for hours. Give this beauty what she needs and she'll yield like you won’t believe.

00 Seeds - 00 Cheese Auto

Auto Northern Lights

Famed for her long-lasting high and unashamedly spicy flavor, Auto Northern Lights is a fast-flowering version of one of the most iconic cannabis strains of all time. She's also fantastically easy to grow and suitable for all types of indoor and outdoor spaces, often progressing from seed to harvest in as little as 75 days.

Chocolate Kush

Another superb choice for satisfying your sweet cravings, Chocolate Kush combines a dreamy chocolate-like flavor with masses of exotic spice and a touch of herbal incense in the background. Intense and often overpowering, Chocolate Kush is a high-impact strain you don’t need a great deal of to achieve the desired effect.

Caramel Kush

If your cravings are still getting the better of you, look no further than Caramel Kush. By far one of the sweetest and stickiest pure-Indica strains in the 00 collection, Caramel Kush is a relentless resin producer and kicks like a mule.  By far and wide, one of the best you’ll come across for the production of sweet and sticky cannabis concentrates and extracts.