CannaVenture Seeds concentrate on breeding high quality, medical-grade marijuana strains and educating people on the general, overall benefits of cannabis use.

With their strong focus on therapeutic cannabis for discerning users worldwide, CannaVenture Seeds has become a recognized leader in the creation and distribution of superior strain genetics.

They offer a great mix of home-made breeds as well as classic strains and elite clones which they have specially chosen to breed for seeds. They have taken a lot of time and care in creating the most stable hybrids while maintaining their interest in the quality of medicinal attributes, terpene profiles and potency. This collective are growing all the time and are a great place to find regular seeds for new and exciting pot strains here at SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

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Exceptional Fragrance and Flavor

Since their first day in business, CannaVenture Seeds has demonstrated total commitment to the development and distribution of exceptionally fragrant and flavorful cannabis strains. Not to mention, quality seeds that guarantee heavy yields and consistently potent results.

Many of CannaVenture’s most prominent seeds and specimens are products of more than a decade’s intensive research and experimentation. And for growers that are all about bag appeal, CannaVenture Seeds is renowned for developing some of the most colorful and frankly beautiful strains ever to hit the market.

Top Selling Strains from CannaVenture Seeds

Cannaventure Seeds

CannaVenture Seeds is the dictionary definition of a ‘something for everyone’ seed producer.

From celebrated therapeutic strains of the highest quality through to pungent and powerful recreational weed, you’ll find something to suit all moods, tastes and requirements in their current collection.

As things stand right now, the following represent just a few of the top selling strains from CannaVenture Seeds - all of which are well worth checking out:


(SFV OG clone x Las Vegas Triangle Kush)

With superstar lineage like this, LVTK OG was never going to be anything but a modern classic in the making. Easy to grow, exceptionally potent and with a mind-blowing fragrance, LVTK OG is practically perfect in every way.

Get it right with your LVTK OG plants and you’ll be looking at a THC content in the region of 25%, along with a pronounced lemon-fuel fragrance that permeates everything within reach. Flowering times come in at around nine weeks, after which you’ll probably end up with more usable bud than you’ll know what to do with.

A modern twist on the classic OG, which enhances and improves every desirable property of her parent strains.

Black Raspberry Kush

(BlackBerry Kush clone x Raspberry Kush clone)

An exceptional product of more than 10 years’ extensive research and development, Black Raspberry Kush is a firm contender for the most gorgeous looking strain you will ever lay eyes on. She's the kind of strain you’d pay almost anything for by way of bag appeal alone, long before you get a feel for her mouth-watering fragrance and perfectly potent properties.

This extraordinary specimen flowers in as little as seven weeks, resulting in generous harvests with a THC content of approximately 20%. Expect an extraordinary variety of colors as the plants reach maturity, ranging from brilliant reds to dark purples and neon violet hues.

As you’d expect, Black Raspberry Kush has a flavor profile that is dominated by tons of sweet raspberry and fresh fruit flavors, translating to a decadent and satisfying smoke that will have you coming back for more.

Raspberry Pebbles OG

(Fruity Pebbles OG x Raspberry Kush)

By far one of the most fantastically fruity strains you’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing, Raspberry Pebbles OG is a unique hybrid that combines lashings of lemon with an abundance of berry flavors.

About eight or nine weeks of flowering is enough to produce an extremely dense buds around the size of golf balls, with a glorious coating of frosty trichomes and THC levels in the region of 23%. For the amount of effort needed and the stout size of the plants, Raspberry Pebbles OG could be just about the heaviest producer in the current CannaVenture line-up.

The most remarkable thing about Raspberry Pebbles OG is that despite her gorgeous looks, fantastic flavor and perfect potency, she's also comprehensively easy to grow indoors.

Aventus OG

(Raspberry Kush x BlackBerry Kush / Flaming Cookies)

Aventus OG is by far one of the most creative and impressive strains to have come out of CannaVenture Seeds over the past couple of years. Flowering in as little as seven weeks and producing beautiful raspberry-flavor flowers you won’t be able to get enough of, Aventus OG impresses in all the right areas.

A relative rarity on the scene, anyone who comes across a decent Aventus OG mother plant is advised to take a cutting and guard it with their life. She’s a slightly more challenging specimen to grow than some of her counterparts, though promises the kind of payoff that makes it well worthwhile.

Arcata Skunk

(Chem 91 Skunk VA clone only x Arcata TrainWreck)

This limited edition strain was released in clone form only to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CannaVenture Seeds. Famed for her exceptionally limey-skunky fragrance with plenty of old-school dank, Arcata Skunk tests on multiple occasions for a THC content of up to 26%.

Impressive in its own right, but even more so when considering that this stuff yields like it’s a competition. A true wolf in sheep’s clothing, Arcata Skunk draws you in with an irresistible flavor and proceeds to blow your head clean into the stratosphere with a few casual tokes.

She's hard to track down, but well worth the effort if you manage it.

Electric Larry Land

(Vegas Lemon Skunk clone x Lemon Larry OG)

A notable mention also has to go the way of Electric Larry Land, which could well be the best daytime smoke CannaVenture Seeds has ever produced. With her 75% Sativa genetics and exceptionally clear-headed high, Electric Larry Land is perfect for a burst of creative energy and motivation when needed most.

As an added bonus, Electric Larry Land also boasts an extraordinary lemon-cream flavor that’s unlike any other strain on the commercial cannabis market. THC levels are moderate and controllable enough to keep yourself grounded, providing just the right amount of energy and enthusiasm to get things done.

Show this stuff just a tiny bit of TLC in a controlled indoor grow space and you’ll be rewarded with a King’s ransom in decadent and delicious dank.