An iconic family-owned and operated cannabis company with decades of experience, Crockett Family Farms has been doing what they do best for more than three generations. Having picked up more than 100 prestigious awards over the years, Crockett Family Farms is widely recognized as one of the most celebrated and important pot seed producers in the history of commercial cannabis.

Now in full partnership with DNA Genetics, and able to work with their back-catalog, they have crafted a line of unique and highly interesting hybrid strains which we are proud to offer you here at SeedSupreme Seed Bank. These are all regular seeds, so this is a great opportunity to introduce some seriously high-spec genetics to your garden.

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Birth place of the world famous Tangie strain, Crockett Family Farms has been owned and operated by 3 generations of the same family.

With a mission to bring the world high-quality genetics and well crafted, superior medicine they aim to help out both patients and connoisseurs alike. In an effort to bring their fantastic results to a wider audience they teamed up with the experts at DNA Genetics and brought their flagship strain, Tangie, to the table.

This dreamy, tangerine-scented cut went on to win over 20 awards and become one of DNA's greatest success stories. That isn't to say that the Crocketts were done with it - in fact, when they entered their own Crockett's cut of Tangie into the 2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup it won, beating the DNA version into second place!

Brand Evolution

A Staple on the Scene

With Crockett Family Farms, the numbers alone paint a picture of a superior seeds producer.  For one thing, these are the guys that came up with the all-time classic that is Tangie - a strain that has collected more than 20 prestigious awards single-handedly. In total, the folks at Crockett Family Farms have received in excess of 100 sought-after awards and accolades over the years.

Incredibly, the most iconic strains to have come out of Crockett Family Farms to date are now stocked by more than half of all of California’s leading cannabis dispensaries. Three generations down the line, today’s Crockett Family Farms is routinely singled out by cultivation connoisseurs as one of the most important of all seed producers on the scene.

“Though best known for our award-winning Tangie and Strawberry Banana strains, Crockett Family Farms boasts an impressive genetic library of over 150 strains that includes a wide variety of phenotypes and flavors. Our genetics have won over 100 awards from most of the world's most prestigious cannabis competitions and are currently carried in over half of all of the cannabis dispensaries in California.” - (Crockett Family Farms)

Essential Strains

Of course, the single most famous and celebrated strain to have come out of Crockett Family Farms over the years is Tangie. However, you’ll be missing out on something quite incredible if you stick exclusively to this one superstar strain alone.

As things stand right now, these are some of the best-selling strains doing the rounds from the folks at Crockett Family Farms by a considerable margin:

Crocketts Sour Tangie

Exactly as the name suggests, this fabulously fragrant creation combines all the Tangie properties you know and love and the East Coast classic that is Sour Diesel. The result of which is an 80% Sativa hybrid that produces terpenes like it’s a competition, putting out the kind of fragrance you’ll need to take extreme measures to cope with.

Yields of around 600g per square meter after 10 weeks of flowering are the norm, resulting in heavy harvests of potent pot with an intensely uplifting high. The way the Sour Diesel funk complements the sweet mandarin fragrance of Tangie really is a wonder to behold.

Crockett Family Farms - Sour Tangie

Crocketts Confidential

Another all-time classic in the making, Crocketts Confidential is a 70% Indica hybrid with a unique apricot and grape fragrance. Engineered to produce short and compact plants that are perfect for confined indoor grow spaces, Crocketts Confidential is nonetheless capable of producing a lofty 500g of quality cannabis per square meter.

As you’d expect, the high is predominantly physical though is accompanied by a gentle cerebral uplift to bring on a state of complete and total contentment for the duration. Easy to grow with little to no effort required, Crocketts Confidential flowers in as little as eight weeks and is bursting with bag appeal as an added bonus.

Crockett's Haze

Engineered as a collaboration between DNA Genetics and Crocket Family Farms, Crockett's Haze injects new life into an under-explored and highly underrated strain from Mexico - The Ranger. Expertly brought together with a secret Haze strain, the result of this amalgamation is a fantastic Sativa-heavy hybrid with a simply mind-melting high.

Crockett's Haze has an exotic and mysterious incense-like fragrance, which gives some indication of the effect to follow. Immediately after inhaling, Crockett's Haze brings on the most explosive cerebral stimulation and soaring euphoria, which although energizing can make it tricky to concentrate on anything important. The whole thing eventually gives way to a beautiful body stone, making Crockett's Haze an all-round crowdpleaser for the discerning stoner.

Banana Split

If you’re all about fragrance and flavor, Banana Split could be right up your street. An interesting combination of Tangie and Banana Sherbet, Banana Split has a fragrance and flavor profile unlike anything on the market. Think all the juicy mandarin goodness of Tangie with sweet and creamy banana notes and you’re about halfway there.

With her relatively even Sativa-Indica split, Banana Split brings on the kind of ‘best of both worlds’ high you can’t help but enjoy. The initial burst of energy is quickly calmed by a sense of deep contentment and physical relaxation, making Banana Split the perfect strain to turn to at the end of a busy day. She's not the most social strain you’ll come across, but is nonetheless ideal when you’ve nothing to do and all the time in the world to do it.

Sour Banana Sherbet

Last in our listings comes Sour Banana Sherbet, which combines fruity banana fragrances with an almost acrid Diesel undertone for a complex and almost challenging smoke. A firm favorite for the production of concentrates and extracts, Sour Banana Sherbet has a unique terpene profile that’s guaranteed to have you coming back for more.

Ideal for growing indoors or outdoors with a flowering time of around eight weeks, Sour Banana Sherbet typically produces up to 550g of usable cannabis for every square meter of grow space. Just be sure to keep an eye on her during the first three weeks of flowering, as she does have a habit of stretching pretty rapidly and may need supporting to avoid broken stems.