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Holy Smoke Seeds - South African Wonder

Holy Smoke Seeds is a seed bank spearheaded by a South African wonder breeder with exceptional natural talent in the field.

They come to the marijuana market with years of specialist experience collecting, breeding and testing African Sativa landrace and heirloom genetics, mixed with an intimate knowledge of European Indicas which allow them to create some seriously outstanding hybrid strains.

These guys have developed a real feel for genetic potential and are here to bring you nothing less than super strong African Sativa hybrids in regular and feminized seed form. This limited yet premium range of high-quality cannabis seeds is one SeedSupreme Seed Bank is pleased to offer. 

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Nick, the South African breeder behind Holy Smoke Seeds, has spent a large portion of his life surrounded by marijuana.

Enamored with Mary Jane, Nick spent his early years collecting, breeding, testing, logging and quantifying the potential, flavors and effects of Africa’s native Sativa landrace and heirloom strains, becoming a bonafide expert in the process.

Backed by his years of hands-on expertise, Nick soon expanded his horizons after a trip to Europe, and spent many more years honing his skills and knowledge when it came to European Indicas until finally, he formed Holy Smoke Seeds to bring the cultivation community the fruits of his loving labors.

This seed bank’s goal has always been the same - to bring the best African Sativa hybrids to the discerning market in regular and feminized varieties fit for every weed need. 


Brand Evolution

Experience Feeds Standards 

Nick (who remains at the forefront of all things Holy Smoke Seeds) has over 20 years dedicated experience in the field of cannabis cultivation, and has proven himself beyond that through 8 years spent judging marijuana strains for none other than High Times.

While a huge genetic library is certainly a key element of the Holy Smoke Seeds success story, the secret ingredient fuelling this seed bank is without a doubt Nick’s dedication and passion, alongside his eye for desirable traits and innate ability to harmoniously breed strains which consistently and thoroughly complement each other. 

Nick’s hands-on approach has led to Holy Smoke Seeds becoming a welcome addition among the highest caliber of breeders throughout the cultivation community worldwide. 

Holy Smoke Seeds - Cherry Punch Dawg

Natural Talent and Passion 

Holy Smoke Seeds’ lead breeder Nick is one of those rarities capable of inciting pure jealousy among his competitors. The definition of a natural when it comes to marijuana breeding, the benefit of Nick’s lifelong experience is only superseded by his passion for pot.

What’s more, this South African breeder has never been one to rely solely on skill, committing himself instead over the years to bolstering that natural talent with the drive which makes dreams come alive - an unshakable dedication to his cannabis calling.

Nick’s natural gifts and passion have led Holy Smoke Seeds to effortlessly maintain their impeccably high standards and focus on consistent quality, always putting the pot before the profit. 


Enviable Genetics

While the founder of Holy Smoke Seeds certainly plays an integral role in the exceptional marijuana seeds this seed bank produces time and again, it would be remiss to overlook the essential part played by the remarkable genetic library at the disposal of these budding breeders. 

Fed by the finest specimens of African and European cannabis genetics, this seed bank operates on a strict quality in, quality out ethos - how else could they possibly produce such premium crowd-pleasing beans every time?

Holy Smoke Seeds - Strawberry Cane

Critical Acclaim

The hybrid strains from Holy Smoke Seeds have always stood out among the cannabis crowd, earning this seed bank tremendous acclaim over the years since they first hit the market. 

Since the early days, demand for strains bearing the Holy Smoke seal has soared, and remains sky high to this day. These weed seeds are always well received and carry with them a solid reputation for producing consistently epic results

The passion Nick feels for marijuana is one fans of this weed seed breeder share for his offerings and are happy to shout about. Alongside a shining word of mouth reputation, Holy Smoke Seeds has also featured in at least four different strain guides and articles for the likes of trusted industry authorities High Times Magazine, Releaf and Weed World.


Essential Strains 

When it comes to shopping the Holy Smoke Seeds shelves, it’s possible to feel the passion and dedication of founder Nick and his ongoing determination to be integral to the production process.

Every weed seed from this breeder is hand-picked and packed to ensure top quality when the beans reach your door. Here, you’ll find regular and feminized varieties from a specially selected pool of premium genetics. 

The following are some standout strains well worth your attention. 


Strawberry Diesel 

The Strawberry Diesel hybrid blends the genetics of the iconic New York City Diesel with the sumptuous Strawberry Cough to bring you a strain overflowing with mouthwatering terpenes which create tantalizing tangerine and berry flavors you’ll not soon forget. 

Executing a perfectly balanced blend of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, Strawbery Diesel is famed for a great many desirable traits. First up, she’s an absolutely delicious and moreish specimen literally dripping with flavors any fruit-loving connoisseur will go wild over. Tokers regularly report notes of berries, oranges, strawberries and general sweetness on the palate with this gal. 

Beyond a taste explosion, Strawberry Diesel is a delight to cultivate. She develops crystals early on and some chunky and rock-solid buds which, after a 56-day flowering cycle, translates to a generous mountain of nugs come harvest time. 

Lastly, thanks to her Indica lineage, this hybrid induces a high like no other, favored among recreational and medicinal tokers alike.


Banana Ice Cream 

The guys at Holy Smoke Seeds have gone as far as to label the creation of this hybrid as one of their yearly highlights, thanks largely to the utter joy of tinkering with the generous genetics of prestigious parent strains Gorilla Glue #4, Cookies and Cream and Platinum.

Banana Ice Cream is another tastebud teaser famed for her delicious terpenes which leave the tongue tingling with a smooth banana flavor enriched by pure creamy bliss. Novice growers looking for a seriously flavorful specimen are in luck, because Banana Ice Cream is also known for being mercifully easy to grow, requiring hardly any nutrients and finishing in a short 8 weeks. 

Nick and the Holy Smoke team describe the flavors of this hybrid as truly out of this world, and the kind you’ll want to revisit over and over again. The high is said to linger, slowly winding you down, meaning these buds should last you some time, too (provided you don’t give in to temptation and toke them all up in one unrestrained and indulgent sitting - it happens!).

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