Mandala Seeds is a seed bank renowned for producing consistently large, tough and resilient cannabis.

They prize quality over quantity, while still managing to ensure their strains always produce spectacular yields of seriously dank buds. Mandala is here, first and foremost, to approach breeding in a natural way, basing their methods in modern science and paying due care, observation and respect to the historical, cultural and ecological impact of their seeds.

This seed bank embodies the essence of cannabis itself, and SeedSupreme Seed Bank takes great delight in delivering the spiritual bliss of these premium feminized and regular beans.

Mandala Seeds - Satori
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Spanish Mandala Seeds was founded back in 2004 as the brainchild of two botanical and biological professionals with a passion for pot and traveling.

Mike and Jasmine (a biologist bringing experience in agriculture and horticulture to the mix) had spent a number of years traveling through India - living, exploring and, of course, collecting choice landrace genetics for their personal collections - before returning home with the aim of breeding these exciting heirloom seeds in Europe.

Their adventurous history and sharp interest in studying, cultivating and preserving weed ignited into the ambition of Mandala Seeds when their early experiments crossing landrace strains with existing genetics showed they were onto something truly game-changing.

Brand Evolution

Revitalization Ethos

Behind every decision the Mandala Seeds team has ever made has been the core belief in ‘green economics’, a system of ideals based on the simple principle of mutual respect between humanity and nature.

These talented breeders have no interest in sacrificing the future for short-term wins, and instead, divert all their attention to being an active participant in the natural cycle of growth - a reciprocal system which nurtures present and future generations.

Mandala Seeds seek to embody a revitalization ethos in all they do, restoring the essential biodiversity and vigor of marijuana to preserve the overall health and resilience of the species. 

They’ve seen how these crucial traits have been lost and diluted in a number of modern strains since the 70s (owing, as they state, to short-sighted commercial interests), and want nothing more than to breathe new life back into cannabis, straight from the source.

Mandala Seeds - Hashberry

Pioneers of Awareness

Mandala Seeds are renowned for basing their cultivation techniques in modern science and developing many unique breeding and production methods through their years of dedicated service.

This seed bank has blazed an au-naturel trail, showing cultivators worldwide the benefits of cherishing an appreciation for the historical, cultural and natural ways of horticulture. This, alongside their fascination with the spiritual connection we have with cannabis (and how this bond has survived and thrived across millennia), has helped Mandala Seeds champion and spread their beliefs to their vast fanbase.

But alongside helping to show the global growers’ community the abundant ganja benefits of their eco-friendly ways, Mandala also actively remains vigilant for any means to produce premium beans more affordable than ever.

The efforts of each project from these skilled breeders are all in service of a greater cause than business success or profits - the entire seed bank is shaped on this deeper meaning, and it’s largely why they’re so successful. 

Basic Human Rights

From the perspective of the Mandala Seeds team, marijuana may as well be a basic human right, and it’s one they have fervently campaigned for in their actions since the early days.

These breeders believe, as so many of Mary Jane’s disciples do, that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of ganja if they so choose. Cannabis is not a drug, it’s a gift given to us through millions of years of evolution.

Mandala Seeds’ aim of reducing their prices as low as possible is in service of this belief - that regardless of income, we should all be able to grow high-quality cannabis at home. 

These talented breeders see a future in harmony with marijuana and all the benefits it bestows on us, and seek to shape that future into our reality.

Mandala Seeds - Speed Queen


While it should go without saying by this point that Mandala Seeds have been environmentally friendly since their inception, it remains an impressive figure that over 60% of their projects to this date are solar powered.

Any non-natural requirements for their breeding projects adhere to rigid energy conservation methods, which helps this seed bank ensure that their strains all perform efficiently under even the less ideal conditions.

Mandala designs their strains for this specific purpose - cultivating their weed seeds to produce plants with remarkable nutrient efficiency, reducing the need for fertilization and giving growers the best shot at a truly organic harvest in service to the natural cycle of growth they seek to preserve.

Their efforts at helping customers cultivate without damaging the environment are truly admirable, as is their quest to preserve Mother Nature and the biodiversity of cannabis for future generations.

Essential Strains

When shopping the Mandala Seeds shelves, it’s important to remember that this seed bank never sells seeds they don’t consider to be in prime condition.

Beans from this breeder are all hand-picked to ensure quality, and are famed for never needing to be soaked before germination - they’re ready to go straight from the pack.

There are 20 strains in the Mandala catalog in total, 14 regular seeds and 6 feminized - all entirely unique and thoroughly tested to guarantee the production of hardy, nutrient-efficient plants.

These are truly some of the best value for quality strains on the market, with high THC levels and exceptional germination rates. We’ll take a closer look at some of their most popular specimens to help you get started.


Winner of the High Times Strain of the Year award in 2006, the largely Indica-dominant Hashberry comes from landrace genetics traced back to the north of India, in the Kashmir region.

Hashberry might be mostly Indica, but she is famed for retaining her Sativa-based influence, meaning this strain is ideal for those who love a fast-hitting super cerebral charge from their highs. In fact, her energizing nature has led some users to report fidgety feelings, however, Hashberry has innumerable fans who turn to her for focus, creativity and a seriously soothing sense of relaxation which soon takes over.

The terpene profile of this hybrid brings a delightful taste of fruity berries blended with notable hints of Hash. She’s an ideal strain for Sea of Green setups and rewards cultivators generously after a short 60 to 65 days flowering cycle. Though popular in recreational circles, Hashberry is a huge hit among the medicinal community.


An absolute monster of a high THC strain with jaw-dropping levels regularly recorded at upwards of 28%. Satori comes through the crossing of Lucid Dream and another unknown Sativa hybrid to bring you a pungent, spicy and fruity-scented beauty of Nepalese descent.

Besides the face-melting potential of her THC levels, Satori is one beloved by the creative tokers, who often praise her inspiring and stimulating influence (hence the name, which is a Japanese term in Zen Buddhism for ‘enlightenment’).

She’s a wonder healer for relieving depression, anxiety and symptoms of sensory-motor neurological disorders - but only among those with a strong tolerance for THC! Best yet, even novice growers can see tremendous results with this super robust and resilient gal, who demands very little in exchange for her bountiful harvest.