Ministry of Cannabis has risen through the ranks to become one of Europe’s most prestigious pioneers of premium cannabis seeds

Bringing together a range of extensive experience working for and with the biggest and most successful seed companies in the marijuana market, MOC (as they’re often known) boast a super strong range of feminized and autoflowering strains, covering everything from feminized classics to modern marvels of ingenuity.

Make no mistake, these are some of the dankest and most desirable cannabis seeds any cultivator could ask for.

From feminized classics to exciting new hybrids like Zensation, this seed bank delivers high-yielding, super dank autoflowering and feminized beans perfect for all your weed needs, and you know SeedSupreme Seed Bank stock only the very best!

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This Dutch and Spanish collaboration seed bank saw its birth back in 2007 on the smoky streets of Amsterdam.

The breeders behind this enterprise were united by a drive to strive for the acceptance of ganja on a global level, and the understanding that this dream could only become reality by working together as lovers of Mary Jane. 

With a combined decades of experience in genetic development, Ministry of Cannabis was born, their sights set firmly on providing the finest feminized varieties of classic strains and modern hybrids for the market. 

Brand Evolution

A Trio of Goals

The Ministry of Cannabis team operates towards 3 main and immovable goals.

First and foremost, these are breeders who respect the biodiversity of marijuana and seek to preserve it alongside the most perennially popular strains. 

They seek to maintain the continual availability of the world’s most beloved classic strains in a viable and exceptional feminized form, so that the likes of White Widow, Skunk or Haze never become lost to yesterday.

Beyond mere preservation comes the MOC’s secondary objective - to improve upon those irreplaceable classics through careful study and selection, all while honoring the plant and what made it so special to begin with. In this way, they created Big Bud XXL, a modernized variant of Big Bud with even heftier yields.

And last but not least, these talented breeders aim to embrace innovation, bring their expertise to a precipice and deliver some truly exceptional and entirely original strains. These efforts have yielded hits such as Carnival, Zensation and God’s Glue - each instantly popular among discerning connoisseurs.

Ministry of Cannabis - Northern Lights feminized

Autoflower’s Early Adopters 

Ministry of Cannabis are known as one of the earliest adopters of the autoflowering strains, recognizing swiftly that the Ruderalis genetics had a key and defining role to play in the cultivation community.

In 2008, MOC introduced the world to their range of remarkable autoflowering cannabis seeds, to resounding success. 

Doubling down on their auto efforts was clearly a wise decision as, today, the autoflowering range of this seed bank is full of high-yielding and super dank autos absolutely perfect for those with less time to spare and high standards to maintain.

Building Trust 

Trust has always been a vital ingredient in the Ministry of Cannabis machine. 

They have established themselves in 3 different countries over the years - initially moving from Amsterdam to Barcelona (their current base of operations) in 2014 - in an effort to spread and maintain a personal presence for their customers as well as improve the quality of their delivery and service speeds.

Customer service has always been paramount for the MOC team, who position themselves to support their consumers every step of their journey, from shipping to germination and beyond, and promise responses within 24 hours. 

They’re not concerned with the status of their customers so much - be they enormous commercial cultivators or a one man army, the Ministry of Cannabis team aims to have their audience covered no matter what their weed needs.

Such devotion, especially when enforced by their hands-on approaches and the personal presence they forge at events, alongside their discretion and devotion to customer satisfaction, goes a long way in building the solid relationships they have with their ever-grateful audience. 

Ministry of Cannabis - Zensation feminized


In their efforts to ensure customers have everything they need to succeed no matter where they are or who they are, Ministry of Cannabis fills their website with an impressive amount of educational information dedicated to the cause.

From information on how their feminized seeds are produced and their purpose, to all about autoflowers and what the Ruderalis genes bring to the equation, their high CBD seeds and even guidance on how to cultivate cannabis and pick seeds, everything on the MOC site is designed to help you enjoy the best harvest possible. 

Essential Strains 

Whether you’re in the market for a generous yielding strain or an enormously potent one, Ministry of Cannabis has some weed seeds to satisfy.

From feminized to autoflowering and CBD seeds, these shelves are stocked with some exceptional specimens and varieties. You’re all but guaranteed to find some beans to delight amongst this selection, but we’ll take a closer look at some of the standout strains now to lend your decision making a helping hand. 


She’s a real sensation, that Zensation. An extraordinary hybrid strain coming to us from the powerhouse genetic lineage of Black Domina, Blueberry, Northern Lights and the incomparable White Widow, this might just be the best Indica you ever did toke. 

Zensation is known to be crazy potent and delivers a nuanced and pungent taste of earthy cherries and berries. THC levels regularly reach between 20 and 24% content with this beauty, and though CBD isn’t highly prominent, she’s well loved among the medicinal community, too.

Swift to flower, generous come harvest time and long-lasting when it finally comes crunch time and you take a hit. Yes, there is a reason Zensation was named as such.

Northern Lights MOC 

The Ministry of Cannabis feminized variety of industry legend Northern Lights. Here we have a fully Indica strain with genetic lineage coming from Big Bud, Black Domina, Blueberry and, of course, Northern Lights.

As you would expect from any NL strain, she’s one of the easiest there is to grow. Expect a generous yield of frosty nugs which pack a delightful level of THC content counterbalanced with a dose of CBD which makes this strain ideal for combating chronic pains, insomnia and stress - great for therapeutic use. 

An absolute must-try if you have your heart set on one of the strains which helped shape the great ganja game.