Phoenix Seeds specialize in the highest quality cannabis seed worthy of any connoisseur’s discerning tastes.

Capable of creating the most enticing terpene profiles and passing on the finest genetic traits from parent strains to their hybrid offspring, every weed seed from Phoenix Seeds is a gem of ganja ingenuity guaranteed to delight and carry crucial connoisseur characteristics.

SeedSupreme Seed Bank bring you the full selection of beans from these enviable lines of feminized and autoflowering strains, each packed with the most essential traits to tick any connoisseur cultivator's boxes. Quality strains at competitive prices.

Phoenix Seeds - Blueberry


Very little is readily known about Phoenix Seeds’ history or origin story, though it feels safe to bet on this being a European-based seed bank after a little digging.

First surfacing on the scene in 2010, this team of talented aficionados instantly raised the bar the moment of their arrival, setting new gold standards for themselves and their competition by creating a line of truly enviable feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds. 

Brand Evolution

Quality Mission Statement 

The modus operandi of the Phoenix Seeds squad is threefold.

First and foremost, this team of exceptional cannabis breeders united with the goal of sourcing the highest quality inbred, hybrid and landrace strains of any seed bank in the business, determined to bring them to the mass marijuana market and help evolve the industry.

The belief that only seeds of premier quality should ever make it to their customers has been the cornerstone building block of the entire Phoenix Seeds enterprise since their very first offerings, and continues to attract a dedicated fanbase to this day.

Synonymous with Sublime and Competitive 

Beyond being bound by their rigorous standards of quality, Phoenix Seeds’ second mission statement has always been to become synonymous with being competitive.

Of course, competitive to this team of breeders means more than merely making more outstanding cannabis strains than the next seed bank, it also means providing those strains at the most affordable rate they can.

Phoenix Seeds has never been a seed bank to overprice their pedigree products, preferring instead to make their top-shelf weed seeds available at the lowest possible price, placing marijuana fit for a king in the hands of the cannabis community as a whole.

Phoenix Seeds - Good Shit autoflowering

Crucial Characteristics 

The third and final goal of the Phoenix Seeds team is one of refinement.

It’s entirely possible to have ganja seeds of the highest quality, to grow a remarkable crop and be happy in the results. But Phoenix Seeds seek at every turn to go beyond the standard of quality considered the norm. 

This union of expert breeders keep the cannabis connoisseur in mind at every turn, hunting down the most crucial characteristics that even the modern marijuana snob cannot help but fall deeply in love with.

The Phoenix team are, after all, themselves sticklers for the most sublime genetic traits. They put their education to fine and daily use, ticking off every box on their quest for pot perfection.

A Worldwide Network

Phoenix Seeds has not reached their level of expertise and cannabis craftsmanship alone.

Since their inception, these aficionados have had the priveledge of collaborating with cultivators of critical acclaim from every corner of the world. 

Phoenix Seeds - CBD Critical Mass

Breeders on the lookout for partners to help them market, package and distribute their consistently high-quality marijuana seeds always have a home in the Phoenix Seeds global network. And it is through this active community that the seed bank has grown into their impressive catalog of present-day offerings. 

Essential Strains 

On the Phoenix Seeds menu, you’ll find a total of 8 feminized and 10 autoflowering cannabis seeds waiting to entice you with their premier quality. 

From enormous yielding strains to super swift flowerers, CBD-loaded medical marvels and those with downright delicious terpene profiles which create those tantalizing tastes and aromas, Phoenix Seeds have something exceptional for everyone, be they a pro grower or first-time Harry. 

We’ll take a closer look now at some of thier finest offerings. 

CBD Critical Mass 

One of the finest Spanish strains there is, and regularly praised as the ‘perfect hybrid’, CBD Critical Mass is easy to grow and rewards every cultivator with bountiful yields, regardless of their experience or available time to dedicate to their plants. 

She comes from the crossing of Critical Mass and a high CBD strain, which result in a largely Indica-dominant beauty capable of some explosive growth and exceptional CBD levels alongside knockout potency and flavor. She responds well to most growing methods and thrives best when she has ample space to reach her full potential. In the end, those sticky nugs produce a super relaxing high perfect for any chillout occasion or medicinal toker. 

OG Kush 

Few strains need as little introduction as OG Kush. The industry-leading strain comes originally from Northern California and quickly became famous worldwide for an outrageous potency and unforgettable smell. 

OG Kush is often remarked on as one of the finest specimens of quality marijuana with her distinctive aroma and lingering, tantalizing flavors. She’s known to flower swiftly and develop some seriously dense nugs absolutely dripping in THC-soaked resin.

Phoenix Seeds’ feminized variety of OG Kush is a perfect way to sample one of the cannabis community’s most beloved strains with a guarantee of germination and harvest success.


Coming from the original Blueberry genetics, this Indica-dominant super strain has been a fan-favorite since she first hit the scene back in the seventies. 

Famed for her incredibly generous yields, intoxicating fruitful aroma and flavor, and unbeatable euphoric high, Blueberry is an award-winning delight for every one of the senses. Though a terrific choice for those seeking medical marijuana for aches, pains or stress, Blueberry is a swift-flowering and exceptional Indica who keeps on giving and has dedicated fans in recreational circles, too.

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