Pyramid Seeds

Pyramid Seeds has been in the business of high-quality cup-winning weed seeds for over a decade, and achieved world-renowned status for their exceptional feminized and auto-feminized strains.

From unique and tantalizingly flavorful, potent hybrid strains to the creme-de-la-creme of classics like Northern Lights, White Widow and AK, few seed banks produce such perfect seeds for every level of growing skill or budget as Pyramid Seeds do.

So if potent, exquisite, generous, and easy to grow sounds appealing, the weed seeds could be exactly what you need.

SeedSupreme Seed Bank presents the full range of these cup-winning feminized and auto-flowering beans bursting with exquisite flavors and maximum potency for growers, breeders, and collectors across the world.

Pyramid Seeds - Auto Nefertiti

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It’s tough to pin down a precise date when Pyramid Seeds officially formed.

Maintaining enough mystery to be instantly worthy of their namesake, this team of talented Spanish breeders united over a decade ago in Barcelona. From day dot, their focus has been on the highest quality genetics and turning their keen eye for cannabis traits to the art of breeding truly standout strains of marijuana for the masses.

The goal has always been a simple one - distribute exceptional feminized seeds with unique and remarkable properties that are easy to cultivate and consistently reward growers with bountiful yields.


Brand Evolution

Genetic Masterpieces

Naturally, with their sights set on high-quality ganja genetics, only the very finest strains have made their way into the Pyramid Seeds gene pool over the years for selection and breeding projects.

You get out what you put in, after all.

But Pyramid Seeds understands that it takes more than merely having access to the best genetics in the business. This is why the parent phenotypes for any of their hybrid seeds are selected with scrupulous care by a team of experts testing for yield, flavor, potency, and ease of growth to guarantee top-shelf quality seeds.

Of course, when you’re drawing from genetic masterpieces such as White Widow (and a particularly premium version at that), New York City, Super OG Kush, Black Domina or the seed bank’s legendary Tutankhamun, it’s hard to go wrong.

Pyramid Seeds - Tutankhamun

Quality Focus 

Pyramid Seeds has never been a seed bank of breeders to let anything distract them from the ultimate goal.

Their focus on catering to the entire cannabis community, everyone from the discerning connoisseur to the committed cultivator and first-time grower, has resulted in some true modern marvels of marijuana ingenuity.

Behind the scenes, however, Pyramid Seeds remain so hard at work trying to improve their already high-quality cannabis seeds, tweaking their tantalizing flavors and upping the knockout power potential wherever they can, that there hardly seems time to bask in their reputation.

Their seeds only make it to market after an extensive process of careful refinement and testing over a number of generations, just to make sure they’re perfect.

This is a team of breeders who focus on what matters, producing premium pot seeds, not on the adulation or awards which might follow. Oh, they’ve won plenty enough awards, but Pyramid Seeds are a less common feature at many competitions simply due to their unwavering dedication to the cultivation cause.


Global Expansion

Nurturing and maintaining the personal touch has always been important to the Pyramid Seeds team. 

Perhaps this is why they remained local to Spain for so long, though likely this is also due to their clear tendency to take their evolution and success in their stride, operating on their own schedule and to their own tune.

Pyramid Seeds built themselves a monumental reputation amongst the Spanish cultivation community over the years, enough to know when they finally reached out to the worldwide market that they had some truly special strains to share.

Given how swiftly some of their legendary weed seeds like the infamous Tutankhamun get swiped up by eager cultivators, I think it’s fair to say they were right about having something special!

Pyramid Seeds - Ramses

Beyond Breeding 

The quality-guided ethos of Pyramid Seeds doesn’t stop at the production line. This team recognizes there is a far bigger picture at play.

From hand-picking their cannabis seeds to the vigorous tests each seed goes through to confirm maturity, no defects, and guarantee customer satisfaction, no stone is unturned in the production and supply processes of this dedicated seed bank.

They’ve also built themselves a strong reputation for providing some of the most reliable information in the business concerning their marijuana plants by being completely upfront about their testing methods and conditions, as well as what growers can expect from any given strain and how to reap the maximum rewards from every harvest.


Essential Strains 

With Pyramid Seeds, you have a total of 23 different original strains to choose from, but for each of those, this ever-thoughtful seed bank also offers an auto-feminized variety - don’t let this confuse you, they’re essentially the same plants, and Pyramid succeeds in not sacrificing the quality of their strains for the sake of swifter flowering.

This means that if one of their unique hybrids takes your fancy, the question is simply do you want an autoflowering version or not. That said, they also have 10 American strains on offer, plus a CBD-rich range containing 5 feminized and 3 auto-fem varieties.

Since their own line of their products is so impressive, we’ll take a closer look at some of their most popular ones now.



The award-winner also known as King Tut, Tutankhamun is regularly praised as one of Pyramid Seeds’ best genetics. As significant a treasure as the legendary Egyptian Pharaoh himself, this descendent of AK-47 is famed for being a champion choice for creative types or social outings.

The buds entice you throughout the relatively easy cultivation and beyond with their sour, Skunk-like smell. She’s 60% Sativa-dominant but packs some seriously high THC courtesy of crazy crystal trichomes which make the buds glisten like genuine treasure. Some harvests of Tutankhamun have tested with over 30% THC, so novice tokers, approach with caution!

Auto Nefertiti

She’s the auto version of the multiple award-winning Nefertiti strain, coming to us from the generous genetics of Black Widow, White Widow, and Ruderalis.

A Sativa-dominant hybrid, Auto Nefertiti flies through her flowering cycle in as little as 63 days and grows short and stout, displaying an impressively broad structure (unlike her feminized-only counterpart). Cultivators craving the cup-winning Nefertiti and her Haze-like flavors, plus one of the easiest harvests you ever did see, this high THC bud beauty is one you should seriously consider.

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