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Rare Dankness Seeds

Rare Dankness Seeds is a Colorado-based seed bank and team of breeders with decades of experience creating the highest quality cannabis seeds on the market. 

Their shelves are stocked with a great number of award-winning Indica and Sativa varieties, high THC strains, and CBD-rich medical marvels, and include some of the most sought-after regular and feminized weed seeds among connoisseurs worldwide, including their explosive debut Moonshine Haze - 2011's Best Sativa Cannabis Cup star.

This seed bank has become one of the most favored breeders in the United States, representing the finest strains and most coveted genetics throughout the industry, and is a prodigious producer for the medical marijuana community - one SeedSupreme Seed Bank proudly supports.

Rare Dankness Seeds - Ghost Train Haze

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Although founded in 2010 by Colorado native Scott “Moonshine” Reach, Rare Dankness Seeds is the result of a great many years of prior hands-on experience.

After years of earning his stripes by cultivating, collecting, preserving, and experimenting with a wide range of varied and legendary genetics, Scott decided it was time to show the marijuana masses what he was capable of, and press toward his dreams of creating a new ganja gold standard in cannabis worldwide.


Brand Evolution

True Evolution

Rare Dankness Seeds have been guided by an observation of the industry that founder Scott sought to avoid tenaciously.

While many talented breeders were producing some great ganja strains and the community was eagerly consuming their seeds, Scott noticed that many market-leading strains were more replicas of their mother strains than something truly new and unique.

Scott took Rare Dankness Seeds on a different tangent, one of true evolution. And so was born the seed bank’s initial goal of complementing the genetics of those mother strains with the genes of elite males.

This ‘as nature intended’ ethos has helped Rare Dankness to introduce to the marijuana market a string of entirely new strains which embody the true purpose of hybrid seeds, are consistently coated in crystal trichomes, pack one hell of a psychoactive punch and smell tantalizingly fragrant.

It’s an approach that has made them instant favorites of tokers and growers worldwide, ever since they took the weed scene by storm in 2011, one year into business, by winning the coveted Cannabis Cup with their perennial fave, Moonshine Haze

Rare Dankness Seeds - Moonshine Haze

Coveted Genetics 

Thanks to strong and ever-nurtured bonds within the cannabis cultivation community, Rare Dankness Seeds have had the privilege of working with some of the most desirable genetics in the ganja game since its earliest days.

A global network of skilled breeder friends helps feed the Rare Dankness gene pool and ensures their output is nothing short of premium top-shelf cannabis seeds.

These shelves are stocked with a selection that spans three decades of individual and communal collection and breeding efforts and represents some of the most exceptional strains the marijuana market has ever seen.


Supporting the Medicinal Market 

Whether their focus on the medicinal marijuana market (MMJ) was intentional from the beginning is unclear, however, Rare Dankness Seeds certainly developed a keen interest in being involved in the CBD revolution and the progress of cannabis for therapeutic use.

While their efforts have produced some exceptional strains for the medical community (enough to become one of the top breeders in the United States), and they maintain a strong focus on continuing to supply the industry with the best possible genetics, Rare Dankness Seeds see the wider picture around weed prohibition for what it is, and do everything they can to help cannabis migrate from counterculture to mainstream.

Rare Dankness Seeds - Scott's OG

Education Leads to Legalization 

It’s a simple philosophy which evolved for the Rare Dankness Seeds team and guides their actions to this day.

Scott and his talented team recognize that pot prohibition only works when people do not understand the subject matter. If the public has more tangible, hard-hitting information and evidence on the benefits of cannabis, we inevitably push closer to the dream of legalization.

Similarly, if growers are better equipped and informed, then more premium, top-shelf quality ganja enters the market, leading to stronger specimens for research and development which, you guessed it, feeds back into our first point.

Rare Dankness Seeds do their part as educators in two main ways.

First, they dedicate a detailed page on their website as a Learning Center, where they shed light on exactly how medical marijuana can help patients suffering from a slew of ailments, backed up with scientific findings and references for further reading to support the evidence.

Next, they address the cultivation community directly with FAQs revealing essential and sometimes overlooked information (again on their Learning Center page), and even dedicate a section of invaluable information entirely to ‘dirt growers’, passing on pearls of wisdom to help their customers get the best results possible.

To take matters further, growers buying from Rare Dankness Seeds will receive crucial cultivation advice in the attractive black box their seeds arrive in, detailing the specifics they need to know and including a picture of what the finished plants should look like. 


Essential Strains

Though based in Colorado, Rare Dankness Seeds have a worldwide presence thanks to its foothold in Europe, a sister company named RD Genetics produces seeds for the European market in legal Spanish gardens.

This means that no matter where you are in the world, the connoisseur-quality cannabis seeds from Rare Dankness are available to you.

We’ll take a closer look now at some of their standout strains to help get you started exploring this exquisite range.


Moonshine Haze

Winner of the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa, Moonshine Haze is the strain that put Rare Dankness Seeds on the map.

This remarkable hybrid comes from a particularly special Afghani-dominant Amnesia Haze (from the Soma Seeds collection from the 2005-2009 series) and Nevil’s Wreck genetics. Known for her pungent Haze scent and tropical fruity zest, Moonshine Haze is the perfect choice for creatives looking for productive highs.


Ghost Train Haze 

Easily one of Rare Dankness’ most popular hybrids, Ghost Train Haze is a multiple award-winning strain, taking home the award in 2013’s Cannabis Cup for Medical Sativa, 2014’s US cup for Sativa, and is an annual winner of the High Times Strongest Strains on Earth.

An exceptionally powerful, crystal-coated cross between the Original Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck, beloved worldwide for her hard-hitting high and outstanding terpene profile which delivers delightful sour and hazy flavors and aromas. Growers looking for a swift-flowering, colorful beauty with high THC, Ghost Train Haze is your girl.


Scott’s OG

No wonder founder Scott decided to label this potent hybrid after himself! A stunning specimen of marijuana to look at while she’s growing or in bud form, this winner of the Michigan Grower’s Cup is a ridiculously resinous and generous beauty.

Scott’s OG is the result of breeding Triangle Kush and Rare Dankness #1 to create a truly special strain with the pungent scent of lemon and Kush, and THC levels to knock your socks off. This really isn’t a strain for the occasional toker who struggles to handle their high. Approach this bad girl with excitable caution.

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