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"Ripper Seeds" seed bank

Ripper Seeds are a seed bank specialising in 100% feminized cannabis seeds of the highest possible quality.

Though they have evolved to uphold rigorous commercial standards, these are breeders with solid roots in the underground cannabis cultivation scene and in no danger of forgetting where they came from or what their origins bring their ganja.

For a wide range of award-winning ganja genetics fit for every grower from novice to pro, and including some rare limited editions, check out the delights Ripper Seeds has in store. 

SeedSupreme Seed Bank proudly present these high-quality feminized seeds. We love their dramatic yields and impeccable flavor and effect, and so does the international market!

Ripper Seeds - Glue98 x Purple Punch


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Barcelona-based Ripper Seeds was officially founded in 2011, but to tell the story fully, we need to take you back further. 

The early 2000s was huge in Spain. The Grow Shop industry took off and swept up an incredible number of marijuana enthusiasts in the excitement and ganja journey. It brought an enormous swell of both knowledge and experience breeding cannabis and producing seeds to the Spanish community, and the Ripper Seeds team-to-be were in the thick of it all. 

When this group of friends united in 2011, they brought together more than the years of experience and vast genetic library they’d accumulated throughout the last decade, they brought their beliefs which shaped the very foundation of Ripper Seeds. 


Brand Evolution

The Ripper Philosophy

With a focus on yields, taste profiles and overall effect, Ripper Seeds’ guiding goal took shape - to not only meet the demands and expectations of the cannabis community when it comes to their weed seeds, but to beat them.

Through a compelling desire to create entirely new flavors for the global ganja market, which were not only potent and of the highest quality, but also the epitome of stability and reliability, and the collection of years worth of conversation and the selection of elite and award-winning genetics, Ripper Seeds was born. 

Ripper Seeds limited edition cannabis

Exceptional Genes 

Ripper Seeds had a fantastic start, with over 40 varieties of premium cannabis strains in their genetic library with which to tinker and create something truly special for the marijuana mass market. 

The Ripper team knew the value of individual strains and rare phenotypes through their experience in the underground cultivation community, and that if they were to achieve their desire of widening the range of possible weed experiences, only the cream of the crop would suffice. 


Continual Evolution and Selective Breeding 

Ripper Seeds have never been one for standing still. 

This seed bank strives daily for greater understanding of the cannabis plant in the hopes that through their dedicated research and development, they will continue to produce the very finest hybrid strains and varieties in their seed selection.

They are building on their experiences every day, tracking down and isolating the most desirable traits while they select the parentage of their new breeding projects based on a rigid criteria.

Strains are only considered as suitable parents for their experiments after a rigorous analysis of their terpene profiles to confirm desirable aromas and flavors, plus quality checks on resilience, structure, flowering times and, of course, production and potency

It’s a process which has enabled Ripper Seeds to create sensational seeds able to consistently surprise even the fussiest of connoisseurs and cultivators throughout the world, so they must be doing something right! 


Eye for Design 

The staff at Ripper Seeds are a varied family of weed enthusiasts, skaters, music lovers and graphic designers.

Which explains a lot when you catch a glimpse of their unforgettable artistic brand style. Paying homage to a clear blend of all their influences, the artwork used by Ripper Seeds helps this creative team of talented breeders to stand out as a seed bank unafraid to draw attention to themselves and embrace who they are, and the path that led them to this point. 

The underground counterculture which stoked the flames of this team’s earlier days is an evident and admirable badge they wear with pride, and one which gives them a distinctive edge in a saturated market. 

Ripper Seeds - Zombie Kush

Your Success, Their Priority 

With Ripper Seeds, you get a group of cultivators serving other cultivators. 

The talent behind this seed bank understands that the secret to success is knowledge and the application of the understanding it brings. That’s why they not only offer their services to ganja growers experiencing problems (which they absolutely love to solve), but also cram their website full of all the vital weed seed information they can muster. 

Cannabis seeds from the Ripper shelves come with a wealth of information, broad descriptions of expected traits and characteristics, basic and crucial information on the conditions of the crops and how every cultivator can reap the best rewards come harvest time.


Essential Strains 

With an extensive collection of premium quality cannabis seeds available, some perennially popular strains in the mix, and a laundry list of awards won (12 Spannabis wins, 13 at Expogrow, 10 THC cups, 5 wins at CopaLosAndes and 3 a piece at Master of Rosin and Masters Cup), you might fancy a helping hand picking your first weed seeds from Ripper Seeds. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as we take a look at some of their most popular.


Zombie Kush 

An award-winning strain renowned as having the power to wake the dead and knock them right back out again, Zombie Kush is a beautiful and brutal 80% Indica-dominant hybrid strain. 

She comes from the generous genetics of Lavender Kush, Bubba Kush, Amnesia and Ripper Seeds’ own Sideral to deliver phenomenal potency and absurdly dank aromas. Careful with this couch-locking monster, you won’t want to do much after a few heavy hits! 


Brain Cake 

A 60% Sativa-dominant hybrid straight from Oregon. Brain Cake combines the globally beloved genetics of the OG family into a vividly-colored marijuana marvel with super swift flowering times. 

The Face-Off OG and OGK influence is strong in the high from this strain and her remarkably generous yields come harvest time. Expect a powerful and heady high capable of some serious wow-factor. 



Another of the Ripper Seeds offerings to win a number of awards throughout the years, Toxic is a 60% Sativa-dominant hybrid coming to us from the storied lineage of Ripper Haze and Criminal+.

The team created Toxic with the aim of super productive plants and insane coatings of trichomes. And they succeeded! From her intense flavor and potency to her short vegetation cycle and rapid flowering times, fans have been in awe of Toxic since she hit the scene - and it’s easy to see why!


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