What do you do when you win innumerable Cannabis Cup awards and become number one in Amsterdam’s coffeeshops? You release your own line of weed seeds, that’s what!

Super Strains, the breeders behind the highly praised, perennially popular Original Amnesia, have done just that. This seed bank offers an award-winning range of high performing feminized strains perfect for any connoisseur, with a focus on old-school genetics and high-quality, astoundingly generous yielding crops.

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Though technically founded back in 2010 in Holland, the dedicated work of Super Strains reaches back for many years prior. 

For decades, the work of this now-renowned seed bank existed solely as sub-activities for fertilizer manufacturing company HY-PRO. The shift from secondary project to independent entity came about as a natural consequence in the wake of the introduction and rising interest in feminized cannabis seeds

Brand Evolution

Feminized Champions

The year was 2000 and feminized seeds had reached the marijuana masses, although the market remained divided of opinion towards these fresh-faced female weed seeds

For Super Strains, this was the moment their work truly blossomed and breeding became so much more established for the offshoot of HY-PRO. Their work demanded more independence, more concentration and control, and so Super Strains as a definitive division of HY-PRO began taking shape. 

However, to fully understand this seed bank’s success, we need to take things back even further in their illustrious history.

The Home of Amnesia

Despite not establishing themselves as a separate entity until 2010, these Dutch weed wizards have been evolving their game a lot longer. In fact, they’re one of the oldest seed banks in the Netherlands!

It was through their extensive experiments and efforts to merge the finest properties of the old-school genetics at their disposal that they created the global sensation known as Amnesia, a name so synonymous with cannabis to carry meaning with even the non-partakers of the world.

Since 1996, they’ve been known as the Home of Amnesia in Holland, sold through the Amsterdam Seed Center and famed for their notable Haze varieties.

Super Strains - Amnesia

Raising the Stakes 

Of course you’ve heard of Amnesia.

You should know of Amnesia Haze, too. Well, it was Super Strains’ tireless efforts to combine optimal potency, cultivation ease, flavor, effect and resilience which brought about this outstanding strain - a veritable legend, recommended at every coffeeshop and with no equal in appeal (or so many agree).

In fact, Amnesia Haze is so famed, so unrivalled even to this day, that it is still one of the most potent and generous yielders on the market.

When their combination of crossing and breeding techniques met with feminized seeds and Super Strains released this perennial favorite, it’s easy to see how they secured their leading status as one of the finest seed banks in Holland

30+ Years of Original Dutch Genetics

The guiding principle behind such a long and illustrious career with cannabis has been a simple one for Super Strains - to select only the very finest Indica and Sativa strains for their gene pools and release only strains guaranteed to delight their connoisseur consumers

When you consider the badge of respect and honor to rightfully claim yourself as the parent of so many astounding weed varieties, it’s no wonder how they reached industry-leading status concerning the finest strains on the market.

These days, their attention to detail remains as attentive as ever, with particular efforts paid to understanding the genetic stability, heritability and lineage of their strains.

This unparalleled level of understanding the plants they work with has been integral not only in cultivating the loyalty of Super Strains’ recreational user base, but has also been invaluable in comprehending the medical applications of their products for the ever-growing community of medicinal marijuana users.

Cannabis green Kush

Essential Strains

The majority of Super Strains’ offerings consist of feminized seeds designed for ease of cultivation, however, that’s not to say there are no regular seeds in their stock for the breeders out there. (In fact, there’s some real rarities in this collection!)

Their plants are known to grow large and tough, ideal for growing outdoors while remaining a perfect fit for indoor environments, too, where they can be trained to deliver some enormous yields. 

Super Strains’ seeds come to us from a vast range of premium old-school genetics where only the best available properties have been considered. We’ll take a look at some of their finest strains below. 


Of course, no trip to the Super Strains store can be considered complete without a look at the legendary Amnesia, a strain with no equal in over 20 years. 

Arguably one of the world’s most beloved cannabis strains, she’s won innumerable important Cannabis Cup awards, boasts an unbeatable high and is considered a must-smoke by many a connoisseur. When earthy citrus flavors and a short flowering time combine with the high she delivers, it’s easy to see why. 

Enemy of the State 

No, not the Will Smith movie. This Enemy of the State is nicknamed the Mother of Amnesia for her contributions to the genetic makeup of the flagship legend.

This old-school Indica strain’s original genetics are unknown, but she’s famed as a reliable and robust strain with some crazy yield potential and a dense high capable of some serious couchlock.

Her strong genetics make her an ideal choice for breeders. And what’s more, her analgesic properties have been super significant to the growing medical marijuana market.


A 60% Sativa-dominant hybrid strain designed chiefly for the more experienced veteran growers aware of all the tricks and potential pitfalls of cannabis cultivation. 

Amajikoym might well be a demanding strain, but her rewards are generous yields and stupendous cerebral highs capable of bringing out the inner philosopher in every toker and helping users focus on what matters. A terrific strain for intellectual thought and insightful discussions.