One only needs to peek behind this seed bank’s bold statement that they “have the best selection of genuine straight-from-the-source traditional cannabis strains online” to know how true this is.

The Real Seed Company lay openly at our feet their story and unrivalled expertise with the legendary landrace strains that began it all. And even in a world where we’re saturated with cup-winning hybrid strains, it’s easy to feel swayed by this group of expert collectors and breeders that the natural way might just be the best.

These are connoisseur landrace strains at their finest, exemplifying the biodiversity of rare and authentic heirloom cannabis varieties, high CBD and high THC strains for medicinal and recreational tokers alike, and SeedSupreme Seed Bank are proud help their goal of saving our genetic heritage for future generations.

The Real Seed Company
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The first seeds of The Real Seed Company were sowed back in 2007. Angus, the seed bank’s founder, had lived in Asia for a number of years and developed a taste for the authentic traditional strains of ganja he’d encountered in his searches through regions like Thailand and Nepal.

During his quest, Angus wandered high into the Hindu Kush mountains and visited Chitral, where his epiphany struck in earnest. He knew from then that there is so much more to marijuana than the offerings of mainstream seed banks, and he knew what to do about it.

Brand Evolution

Mission Statement 

Angus’ drive behind creating The Real Seed Company on his return to the United Kingdom was twofold.

On the one side there sat the desire to share the range of delights he had experienced in Asia with cannabis lovers throughout the world, on the other, however, a graver issue became apparent.

Angus saw clearly the damage steadily being dealt to the biodiversity of marijuana - one of the world’s most ancient cultivated crops - and shouldered the duty of preservation.

That’s why, since their earliest days, The Real Seed Company has always been focused on preserving landrace strains long-term, maintaining them for the emerging post-prohibition age so that future generations of ganja lovers have those roots of the culture to share, enjoy and develop from.

Today, this seed bank’s dedication to protecting endangered strains shows fruit in the form of an extensive and exclusive catalog containing some of the rarest and most authentic varieties of our dear Mary Jane.

Weed Wisdom

The passion which guided Angus in his travels throughout Asia ignited not only the desire to share those uniquely flavorful highs with anyone interested, but the wider goal of sharing with the world all he had learned. 

In the age of hybrid strains and outrageous names, Angus (and many others he knew) felt those same strains on everyone’s tongues never hit the same sweet spot as the traditional varieties - and no-one was any the wiser! 

The Real Seed Company has championed the prolific sharing of their experiences since day dot, maintaining an active and informative blog, as well as Angus collating the documentation of his travels in search of rare strains from the source into a book, and aiming for video content to further expose the beauty behind the natural ways of ganja to the world.

To this cannabis seed company, the dissemination of honest information is essential, alongside maximum transparency for their products.

The Real Seed Company - Parvati

Why Landrace?

To The Real Seed Company, it’s clear that landrace strains are an invaluable resource of cannabis biodiversity. This is, after all, where every single strain enjoyed to this day owes genetic lineage.

When weed seeds all come straight from the source and are open-pollinated it ensures a wide diversity in every strain and plenty of vigor.

This, alongside their mission to preserve these remarkable pot progenitors, has led The Real Seed Company to a place where their shelves contain no hybrids or even feminized strains. You don’t have to look far to find a seed seller with high-quality hybrids and modern strains, but a source of the finest natural genetics is a real rarity.

Bringing the world landrace seeds sourced from the ancestral homelands of hemp such as the Hindu Kush, Afghanistan, Thailand, Lebanon and Nepal fits every corner of TRSC’s core guiding principles. These specialists believe in the legacy of landrace and show their devotion in every action.

Landrace Lessons

The Real Seed Company is among the foremost authorities on landrace strains and the origins of cannabis. Their preferences, passion and beliefs have guided their travels and, as any wishing to truly share their experiences, they are full of helpful information and advice to their varied fanbase.

Whether a collector building a personal seed bank, a fellow admirer of ganja’s origins, a lucky soul living in optimal outdoor growing conditions, a dedicated breeder hoping to create a marijuana masterpiece or a medicinal grower on a CBD mission, knowledge is the key to success, and TRSC aim to provide their customers with as much as possible.

There are 3 basic types of traditional landrace plants.

  • Northern Hashish is grown in areas like Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It’s typically favored for heavy resin production and genetically similar to what we call Indica strains. Especially with first-generation seeds, it can take some time to find a truly potent strain.
  • Himalayan Charas are more like our Sativas, though tend to have some wild traits. You find these in regions like Nepal and Parvati.
  • Thailand, Laos and Kerala give us tropical ganja strains considered as more pure Sativas. These tend to be the most potent strains and a far easier path to creating hybrids (if that’s your thing!).

The Real Seed Company founder Angus advises anyone growing landrace seeds that less is more. It’s critical to chill out on the liquid nutrients, don’t go overboard, and give slow-release stuff a try. 

And, as you might expect, if you live anywhere befitting of outdoors grows then this is where landrace strains will really shine. Let the plants lay down some serious roots in natural soil under the sun and you’ll reap a bonkers bounty of bud.

The Real Seed Company - Lebanese

Essential Strains 

All of The Real Seed Company’s offerings come right from the heart of Asia, the birthplace of cannabis, and the seed bank is committed to ensuring they arrive at your door in the absolute optimal condition.

These authentic ganja, charas and hash strains come in a wide variety, from CBD-focused strains for the medicinal user to THC-packed powerhouses perfect to chill out the recreational enthusiast. 

Here we’ve highlighted a few of their finest.


A compact, resin-coated, fast-flowering landrace from the Bekaa Valley which TRSC collected with the aid of a local hashish devotee (as you might expect, it makes incredible hashish).

With a fresh and inviting aroma of fruits, cedar, pine and hash, and the potential for some delightful red and purple colouring, this compact early-maturing plant is an instant hit with most growers. She’s also known for some crazy CBD levels reaching high double digits so medicinal users, pay attention.


A strain from the Imphal Valley in Northeast India and recommendation of founder Angus, Manipuri comes from a region so dedicated to ganja that smoking sessions have an almost ritualistic tone.

The vibrant cannabis culture here has meant the locals have done all the hard work in preserving the most potent seeds, which you now get to enjoy. This strain grows like a monster and produces a Sativa-like energizing high and earthy tangerine flavor. 

The Real Seed Company - Manipuri


This landrace is one of The Real Seed Company’s starting strains from when the seed bank first began.

Hailing from the Balkh region of Northern Afghanistan just beyond the Hindu Kush, Mazari-i-Sharif is a stable, generous-yielding strain known for excellent THC and CBD levels, plenty of resin and a propensity for developing red hues.