Ultra Genetics Seed Company

Ultra Genetics has all the ingredients for success - ambition, passion, and dedication. Plus some killer packaging is designed to look on point and keep seeds in perfect condition throughout their journey. 

Though relatively new on the scene of cannabis indoor cultivation, a clear and crystal-coated wealth of experience growing ganja and exploring the realms where landrace genetics meet modern hybrid and medical strains shines in the offerings of this small, independent, fruit-focused seed seller.

UK-based landrace preservationists and modern hybrid experts produce (legally outside the UK) high-quality seeds for the international medicinal cannabis community and cultivators worldwide. Available now at SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

Ultra Genetics - Super Silver Grapefruit seeds in pack

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Though a little digging is required for specifics, it seems it was back in late 2013 when Ultra Genetics first began making noise online with some exceptional looking, crystal coated buds.

This British-born seed bank began life as the brainchild of one Pete Lambert, a stoner with the kind of passion for pot built up through many years in the loving company of Mary Jane. For Pete, this passion merged with an entrepreneurial spirit and determined desire to share the highest quality ganja genetics with the world.


Brand Evolution

A Marijuana Mission

Ultra Genetics has clearly had a prominent passion for fruity pot since its early days, no doubt influenced by the one fruity strain any stoner tries which changes everything (if you know, you know - says the writer obsessed with fruit-flavored and sweet weed strains), whatever that mythical strain may be. 

Beyond conjecture, cannabis champion Pete and his fledgling Ultra Genetics set off early on the mission to connect international medical marijuana communities (MMJ) and use those connections to produce and supply seeds perfect for every fan of sweet Mary Jane, be they medicinal, recreational or bud botanists.

Ultra Genetics - Mendo Grape

Passionate Preservationists 

With the aim of creating a new evolution in high quality weed seeds for the global cannabis community, Ultra Genetics hope also to ensure a bright and fruitful future for the industry itself. 

In this regard, one could say Pete’s passion, too, has evolved and extended beyond today's marijuana joys and into establishing a legacy not for himself or his company, but for the future of ganja itself.

UG strives to collect and preserve every landrace strain it can and nurture each strain’s place in the modern marijuana market. This is a seed bank with a firm respect for the lineage to all strains owe homage. To Ultra Genetics, the debt owed by each of us to the original landrace seeds is incalculable - without them, weed breeding as we know it today just would not exist.

By releasing these strains alongside their own, and prioritizing preservation, Ultra Genetics aims to honor the landrace legacy and secure a future filled with cannabis. 


Honesty and High Standards 

Ultra Genetics strikes the presence of informed and genuine ganja gurus. The company has established itself as an honest authority on the strains which cross their experienced hands and provides regular information through social channels about their strains with the aim of education above all else. 

In the consistently high standards of their end results, the power of their passion becomes prominent and the authenticity is cemented that this seed bank truly only releases strains they believe to be the premier quality available.

And it’s not hard to imagine why when picturing the adventures of the traveling cannabis connoisseur founder on his quest for the world’s finest strains - a weed lover like so many of us, chilling out, blazing up, making friends and stocking up on quality local seeds at every opportunity, be they bought, collected or gifted from pals in the industry. 

Of course, being a British-based seller, all Ultra Genetics’ seed strains have been produced legally outside the UK.

Essential Strains

As you would expect from a seed bank with such a premier goal and natural passion for pot, the offerings from Ultra Genetics’ shelves are all high quality and, in some cases, spring from some truly rare and spectacular gene pools

Though arguably all of their strains would take you on a ride through part of UG’s journey and surely all are guaranteed ganja treasure troves capable of great results, we’ve listed a few which stand out to get you started. 


Sugar Tits 

A delightful cross between Sour Grape Kush and Cannabis Cup winner Animal Cookies, Sugar Tits is labeled as one of Ultra Genetics’ own favorite tasting strains and most enjoyable highs.

Though not known for producing enormous yields, this hybrid strain is a beauty to behold growing, is absolutely coated in crystal trichomes and boasts a smooth and unforgettable flavor of sour fruits.

Ultra Genetics - Sugar Tits

Ultra Grapefruit

A largely Indica version of the well-known Canadian Grapefruit clone, this heavy hybrid is positively overflowing with mouthwatering fruity flavors and is making a name for itself among the swift-flowering strains known for hefty hauls come harvest. 


Mendo Grape Kush

If monstrous yields are your thing, Mendo Grape Kush, spawn of Mendo Purps x OG Kush x Grapefruit, is an Indica-dominant strain well worth your consideration. Ultra Genetics state it’s one of their biggest yielders ever, great for a SCROG setup, and will need support if growers are hoping for premium results - her buds get super huge and heavy! 

Capable of producing pink and red hues with certain phenotypes and bearing the scent and taste of Mango Kush, with a notable OG Kush influence, this clear and creative high is a dream come true.

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