Only a few years ago, many stoners who wanted to enjoy a hit wouldn’t have been worried about the flavors of weed. Some might not even have noticed much of a difference from one strain to another. 

If they got baked, that’s all that mattered.

Times have changed, and now Mary Jane has become a mainstream hobby with weed legalization happening across the US. 

Breeders are under more pressure to deliver on effects and taste. Cannabis connoisseurs now want to enjoy a euphoric high while savoring an exquisite puff at the same time.

Thousands of users have taken to vaping to help with medical issues, meaning flavor is now top of their list when shopping for weed.

Luckily, hundreds of strains are available in a symphony of desirable tastes, ranging from diesel to sweet fruits. 

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you looking for the best-tasting weed when it comes to dessert time? 

Look no further! We present you with the most delightful sweet weed around

But first…


What is sweet cannabis?

If you’re like many marijuana-lovers and have tried your fair share of the queen of green, you’ve likely come across sweet-smelling weed and those tasty fruity varieties. 

That’s precisely what we’re talking about. 

Got cake? Try these 5 sweet tasting strains

There are those that many consider the best-tasting strains like Durban Poison and Ice Cream Cake. These types of cannabis almost feel like they’ve been mixed with honey or sugar and make you want to lick your lips as the smooth flavor slides down your throat.

Then there are the fruity strains, like Blackberry Kush, that boast a super strong flavor that conjures up feelings of eating the fruit itself.

There’s a big taste difference between the dessert type weed and fruity strains, but if you have a sweet tooth, we’re sure you’ll enjoy them all. 


Top 5 sweet marijuana strains

Ready to know what the top five flavors of weed in the sweet category are? Let’s begin! 



We’ll start with one of the trend-setters that led the way to so many other fruity strains that we love today.

Blueberry is an Indica-dominant hybrid that’s one of the most popular types of cannabis in the world, even forty years after it first graced our lips. 

It’s a cross between Thai & Purple, Thai Sativa, and Afghani Indica and has won some highly acclaimed awards.

This sweet weed is best to enjoy after a long day at the office to unwind and forget the stresses of life. 

As soon as you inhale this fruity cannabis, you’ll feel the high almost immediately. Pop on a comedy, and you’ll be in fits of giggles until Indica takes over, and you’ll be ready to hit the hay.  

Expect blueberry aromas and flavors that tingle your tongue and linger pleasantly afterward. The high CBD content means it’s excellent for depression and insomnia. 


CBD Kush

Cannabis from the Hindu Kush region is familiar to most and well-known for its potent THC effects that’ll lock you to the couch until dawn.

This rather fruity kush strain is a little different. Most stoners associate CBD with therapeutic effects that work wonders for many medical marijuana patients. 

With the relatively new CBD Kush hitting the scene, you can expect the perfect mix of THC sedating qualities with CBD therapeutic benefits.

Where does the sweet weed part come in? Kandy Kush is one of the proud parents of this cannabis type, making it excellent to comb any sugar craving. It’s still a pretty rare weed strain, but if you find it, we’re sure you’ll be impressed!


Strawberry Cough

The origins of this fruity strain are a little hazy, but as far as flavors of weed go, this is one of the best. 

Thought to be one of the most potent types of cannabis available, this Sativa-dominant variety has won the Cannabis Cup a whopping thirteen times! That’s nothing to cough at. Ahem.

As you might expect a tickle in the throat to develop, this strain creeps up on you and will make you feel happy and uplifted, making it perfect for when you need to de-stress.

Some users say they almost feel like they’re enjoying a sugar-high, and you can expect this feeling to last for hours. 

As soon as you inhale, you’ll feel a sweet buzz on the tongue followed by a very berry aftertaste

Keep a glass of water close with Strawberry Cough, as you might get dehydrated and cough a little after your first toke.


Got cake? Try these 5 sweet tasting strains



The name gives this one away. If you love candy flavors of weed, this sweet treat will be right up your street.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid is an extraordinary cannabis variety, and not just because of the pungent candy taste.

As the flavorful smoke glides down your throat, get ready to strap in as this weed literally takes you on a rollercoaster ride. 

You’ll feel like a kid in an amusement park as Candyland uplifts you and gives you a potent burst of energy

With your floss in hand, you’ll feel extra creative, which is why it’s a favorite among artists, musicians, and writers. 

Can it get any better? Yes! Candyland is also popular with medical marijuana users as it does a fantastic job at helping individuals suffering from anxiety, headaches, and pain.



Many cannabis users will argue that the best-tasting weed strains are citrusy and not too sweet. Make way for Tangie, the Sativa-dominant hybrid that won ten weed prizes in the same year.

Never tried this sweet cannabis? Get ready for a delightful citrus fruit aroma and taste. It’ll clear your mind, and you’ll feel a tremendous sense of euphoria.

This variety takes a while to kick in properly, but when it does, you’ll feel extremely relaxed. Don’t worry; you won’t experience couch lock with this sweet weed.

As one of the more fruity strains around, expect plenty of wonderful flavors like mango and orange to treat your senses. 

It’s no surprise that this marijuana is popular for treating mood disorders with its overwhelmingly happy sensations.


Time to head to the online candy shop

As far as sweet weed flavors go, these are the best-tasting marijuana strains, in our opinion. We’re sure that whatever seeds you opt for, you’ll be over the moon. 

All that’s left to do is visit the Seed Supreme online cannabis seed bank and take your pick! There are hundreds of the best-tasting weed strains on offer that we deliver straight to your door. 


Getting baked never tasted so sweet!

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