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Driven by a passion for pot and a desire to reach the widest audience imaginable with its message of marijuana medicine, World of Seeds has clung to its unwavering focus on promoting cannabis education since its earliest days.

Today, they boast one of the most enormous selections of seeds on the planet and a team of talent from breeders to chemists, geneticists, and ecologists, all dedicated to the dream of understanding and creating medicinal marijuana.

A finer team of cannabis cultivation expertise would be tough to come by.

World of Seeds

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Founded at the turn of the century, World of Seeds began as a humble shop in Valencia, Spain, manned by a lone enthusiast who sold growing supplies to local ganja growers.

Before 2001 had even hit, word of the World of Seeds had spread with such acclaim that a second store was opened and, after subsequent years of similar growth, the company established themselves on the global marijuana marketplace.


Brand Evolution

Raising Awareness 

At the heart of Word of Seeds' existence was the founding principle of a vital mission to raise awareness of the potential of pot and dispel the myths.

Their aim of contributing to society has remained a cornerstone of their guiding ethos, driven by the unshakable belief not only in the benefits of bud for all mankind, but also that only through scientific study could medical marijuana ever be truly accepted on a global level.

When it comes to palliative medicine aimed at optimising patients’ quality of life, cannabis had always been the reluctantly accepted dark horse, but World of Seeds were among those who in every action championed our beloved Mary Jane’s potential as a powerful aid, antioxidant and antispasmodic agent.

It is through this solid conviction in cannabis and its power as a medicine for a wide array of ailments that World of Seeds has grown, traveled the world in search of the finest indigenous genetics they could find, and worked fervently to share best practices and the fruits of their discoveries.

World of Seeds - Afghan Kush x Skunk

Dedicated to Development

If it is even possible that it might contribute to the advancement of cannabis, you can be sure World of Seeds has been involved somehow - from tireless efforts on anti-prohibition campaigns to endless hours of scientific study.

Throughout the years of developing their own pollination techniques for churning out consistently female seeds to establishing their physical pot presence in Uraguay, Chile, America, and Colombia, and spreading the good weed word through international events such as Cannafest, Kush Stock, Product Earth, and the Emerald Cup, World of Seeds have secured their status as an informative industry leader countless times over.

Though an underlying desire to demonstrate the medicinal capabilities of cannabis has undoubtedly driven every major action for these marijuana merchants, they also never lost sight of recreational consumers.


Freedom of Choice

Every seed from the World of Seeds collections is aimed at allowing full freedom of choice to the consumer. Though their mission may be medical in nature, WoS has never undervalued the significance of high THC seeds or sublime Sativa.

Nor have they lost sight of the value of each seed type, ensuring their shelves remain stocked with regular seeds, as well as feminized and auto-flowering varieties, so they can cater to every grower’s needs. 

With a goal as pure as showing the world the benefits of using marijuana, it’s no wonder World of Seeds only grew from strength to strength and is renowned for developing some of the most effective and beloved strains for medicinal and recreational users alike.

It is rare to encounter a company with as much heart and unwavering passion as World of Seeds shows for its purpose. Theirs is a noble pursuit… which also gets you high.

Few have fought so hard for marijuana freedom as much as World of Seeds, and fewer still can claim justly to be such an authority on the scientific study of ganja and its innumerable medical benefits.



Essential Strains

World of Seeds' collection is one of the largest in the world and includes influences from all walks of life and every corner of the globe.

Whether you’re looking for the medical strain most capable in your time of need, the finest classic and legendary landrace genetics, or the hybrid strain which gets you the highest, World of Seeds has an offering suited to the occasion.

Their landrace genetics are harvested right from the source and form the backbone of their outstanding seed catalog. From Colombian Gold to Afghan Kush, their Pure Origin collection is a great start to seeing where it all began.

World of Seeds' diverse, ever-growing collection features CBD-loaded seeds, legendary Cannabis Cup winners, and true rarities descended from the pure landrace strains their team has discovered throughout their travels.


Afghan Kush x Black Domina

Of course, medicinal marijuana is where World of Seeds’ heart lies, so why not experience the potential of that Afghan Kush seeds when crossed with Black Domina? This 100% Indica is a choice compatible with experts and novices alike and is known for being fast, easy to grow and highly therapeutic with a pure Afghan taste.


Afghan Kush x Skunk

Crossing the infamous Skunk genetics with Afghan Kush has boosted not only the Kush yield and potency, but also multiplied the Afghanistan native strain’s inherent medicinal benefits. An effortless Afghan Kush and Skunk seed to grow indoors and out, and capable of huge harvests, she’s certainly worth the attention of any medical marijuana hunter.

World of Seeds - Tonic Ryder

Tonic Ryder 

Looking for a CBD-loaded strain? Tonic Ryder boasts ratios of 1:2 in favor of CBD. Born through the crossing of a Diesel Tonic with World of Seeds’ own Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto, WoS claims this remarkable medical strain will always produce higher CBD than THC.

With only 60 days to harvest, impressive yields, and fruity buds coated in crystals, she’s certainly an appealing medical strain. Reports put her CBD levels between 7 and 14%!

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