What are good weed seeds?

We all want to grow good weed seeds, but finding the best quality products can be difficult. Many marijuana growers have walked into a dead end because they didn’t realize they had low-quality seeds.

Join us as we delve into the world of high-quality marijuana seeds and learn how to distinguish seeds. We’ll show you how to tell the good from the average and the excellent from the truly awful. Let’s get into it.


How to find the best cannabis seeds

There have been many theories about how to tell if a marijuana seed is good. Some are interesting, some dubious, and some simply laughable. What do good weed seeds look like? Let’s find out how to choose the best cannabis seeds.


How to recognize high-quality cannabis seeds



While color isn’t usually an excellent indicator of good weed seeds, it can be useful. There are so many different colors of marijuana seeds, depending on the strain in question.

Theories have ranged as far afield as shiny seeds are viable and dull seeds aren’t, or only weed seeds with bands are viable. The truth of the matter is that the seed’s appearance is simply an expression of genetic information. Good weed seeds may look awful but grow well, while bad ones may look terrific and not grow.

However, within a certain strain, you can sometimes spot unhealthy seeds based on color. If all the seeds are a beautiful, shiny white, but a few are dusky gray, soft, and blemished, those may have fungus. 



Size is another of the outrageous characteristics postulated as a sign of good weed seeds

Once again, seed size varies significantly between marijuana strains. White Widow seeds, for example, are minute when compared to most strains. It’s also one of the most popular varieties.

Even within a certain strain, small seeds aren’t a sign of a ‘bad’ seed. They may have been some of the last seeds to form or may not have the genetic expression for large seed creation (but have that of large bud creation).

Don’t judge the little guys; they may be stronger than you think.



When you’re trying to pick good weed seeds out of a mix, the shape isn’t reliable. 

In some cases, you may be able to spot a fungal disease thanks to characteristic twisting or blemishes. Mostly, the seed’s shape is just genetic expression.


What truly matters?

When you want high-quality marijuana seeds, your best option is to buy from a trusted supplier. What you need isn’t a seed that looks like Bruce Banner or a shiny disco ball appearance. Good weed seeds need excellent genetics, and that comes from conscientious breeders.


What makes a cannabis seed ‘bad’?

Next to understanding regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds, understanding if seeds in weed are good or bad is one of the essential aspects of growing.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “How long are weed seeds good for?” Many seeds start good, but they can turn bad from too much elapsed time or inadequate storage.

Weed seeds have a short survival time outside of cold storage—typically, no more than 8-12 weeks. In appropriate storage conditions, kept dry and refrigerated, marijuana seeds can survive for over a decade and still grow well. You must know how to store marijuana seeds.

Next, you need to ask, “Can good weed have seeds?” We’ve all been there. You rip open a baggy of your favorite stash, only to find seeds mixed into the products.

Finding seeds in good weed is a terrible start to a growing operation and a sign that your weed isn’t as good as you thought. Quality marijuana growers harvest the crop before the plants have time to create deeds. In short, good weed with seeds was grown far too long.

A lack of good genetics is the primary thing that may make a cannabis seed ‘bad.’ The best crops come from plants that have been carefully cultivated from trusted genetic lines. Random ‘bag seeds’ aren’t a viable basis for your home grow. 


How can you test the quality of your weed seeds?

If you’re unsure whether you have good weed seeds, you can perform the float test. While there’s some doubt about this technique's accuracy, it’s a good baseline test.

Fill a container with clean, distilled water, then lay the seeds on top of the water. After an hour or two, check on the seeds. Any that have sunk to the bottom are probably good weed seeds.

Don’t give up on the floaters, though! Plant them all, and see what happens.


Can you tell the sex of your cannabis seeds?

Even with high-quality weed seeds, you can’t tell the sex of a cannabis plant from its seed. Feminized seeds are the exception and almost always grow to become female plants. 

There’s no visible difference to regular seeds even with these exceptional products, so don’t mix up your seeds!


What’s the best way to germinate marijuana seeds?

Once you’ve bought the best quality cannabis seeds, you need to start germinating them. There are as many different schools of thought regarding germination as there are growers.

One of the most commonly used germination techniques (arguably making it the best) is the paper towel method. Moisten a sheet of paper towel, fold your good weed seeds inside it, and then slip the entire set inside a Ziploc bag. 

Place your homemade incubation chamber in a warm place, and wait for your quality cannabis seeds to become seedlings.


Reasons to buy seeds from a reputable seed bank

There are many reasons for buying good weed seeds from reputable seed banks. It can make your life considerably easier than trying to figure things out after the fact.

For example:

  1. You can’t truly tell good vs. bad weed seeds on sight, so it’s best to buy excellent products.
  2. Quality cannabis seeds deliver quality weed crops.
  3. Reputable seed banks offer a broader range of top-quality cannabis seeds.

Now that you know all about how to recognize high-quality marijuana seeds, it’s time to start your own grow. You need cannabis seeds 101 and some good weed seeds to get you started.

Check out our broad ranges of high-THC, autoflower, feminized, and regular seeds for the best high-quality marijuana seeds.

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