BUGS! PESTS! INSECTS! Creepy, crawly, nasty little freaks that try to make themselves at home in your garden. They devour, multiply, and colonize your plants, ruining your buds and causing your lovely maryjane far too much stress. Sure, bugs are a part of nature, but that doesn’t mean that they are welcome to make themselves at home on your hippy-lettuce! Do you think I’m going overboard here? If so you must be new to this hobby. Insects can ruin what could otherwise have been some high quality home grown smoke! It can all start with one little bugger making its self far too cozy in your green, they are a nuisance and if you know what’s good for your bud, you’ll put a stop to them before they even think of sinking their teeth into the stems or leaves of any of your ladies.

From spider mites that fill your buds with layer upon layer of nasty tasting webs that only spider man could halfheartedly appreciate, to nasty little gnats that feed off of your plants, sucking nutrients like little vampires then laying eggs in the soil. These Pests can do allot of unwanted damage, so how do you prevent them? Don’t touch that can of Raid! Oh no, that aerosol propelled stream of poison is designed to linger for a while it can even stick it out through a couple months of wear and weather. If you spray that stuff on your nugs or colas you better expect for it to still be there when you go to smoke the green you applied it to. Will it keep the bugs away? Absolutely, but it will cause you far more damage in the long run. You want to smoke good quality ganja, not poison, right? Stick to the all-natural stuff. Sure, It involves a little planning ahead on the growers part, but organic, plant based pest deterrents are always a better solution. Remember if you don’t want it in your body, then don’t use it on your plants.

I recommend using neem-oil products such as Azamax or Bio-neem. Neem is derived from organic plant material, and as long as you plan ahead and treat your ladies early on it will keep the pests away and the bitter taste associated will wear away before you harvest your green. In order to use it effectively, treat your soil with it before you sow your seeds or plant your clones, it also pretty helpful to spay it inside and outside of your growing container. Once you have done the pretreating you shouldn’t need to apply it again until right before your plants start flowering. If you apply the neem products in late stages of veg before flower, you’ll never have to worry about the bitter tasting oil getting anywhere on your buds. Neem deters and kills; gnats, spider mites, thrips, flies and much more. These are the most common pests that infest cannabis. It also kills off any larvae or pupas that the pests may leave behind. You could also introduce a predator bug to the garden. Ladybugs are perfect predator bugs, they seem to scurry around devouring any bugs they can get ahold of and don’t really like the taste of plants. Ladybugs are perfect to use, and will have your ladies pest free in a matter of days. The only drawback to using lady bugs is that you really put them in your garden before pests have shown up in your garden. If you put them in your garden when it doesn’t have pests, they won’t stick around because they won’t have a source of food, they won’t survive.

Another effective measure that doesn’t involve any poisonous materials that could also harm you, would be traps. I like to use yellow fly cards, you can hang them up in your grow area and forget them and they’ll do the rest all by themselves. These traps are; in a way, based off of light spectrum technology. Most flying insects are attracted to yellow spectrum of light, as most of their food happens to be yellow. The yellow cards are coated with a sticky glue, and when the flying insects fly in to get what they are sure is a promising meal, the get stuck to the glue; never to fly again. There are plenty of methods out there, deterring pests from gardens is a practice as old as the first crop farms. Dig up as many methods as possible and find what works for you.

If you insist on using Raid, foggers or any other type of poison based pest eliminator, then the best way to use these without harming yourself is (again) to plan ahead. Treat your grow area with any of these products a week or so before you plan on having any plants in the area. Try to keep in mind, your plants are food and shelter for these little squatters. Even if they are only after a meal and a home, that doesn’t mean they are welcome anywhere near you’re plants. Do your research and take action ASAP when it comes to unwanted pests in your garden. Don’t let the buga-blues get you down, stay ahead of the game and KEEP GROWING!

-T.B. Green

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