Seed Supreme is proud to offer the most extensive range of cannabis seeds on the market, covering the personal tastes and preferences of growers at all levels. Our collection features a wide variety of iconic Diesel strains, which have been hand-selected by our own team of experts from the most reputable seed banks in the world. If looking to grow cannabis where cultivation has been legalised, we’ve got the seeds you’ll need to produce the most outstanding results, every time!

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The origins of the Diesel Strain

Over recent years, Diesel strains have become exceptionally popular on a global basis – both in terms of cannabis consumption and among those engineering entirely new Hybrid Strain. The Diesel strain is known for delivering not only an incredibly powerful hit, but also for its uniquely intense and characteristic fragrance/flavour. Diesel cannabis strains earned their name on the back of the unmistakable gassy and pungent fragrance that can be detected by connoisseurs from a mile away. What’s more, with THC concentrations that can go far in excess of 20%, this High THC strain also renowned for its superior strength and potency. Diesel has paved the way for the creation of some of the most extraordinary strains ever to hit the market, earning widespread acclaim among recreational and medicinal cannabis communities alike.

sour diesel

As is the case with many popular cannabis strains, the specific origins of the Diesel Strain remain something of a mystery. There are countless theories involving everything from accidental cross-pollination to the aftermath of a Grateful Dead concert back in the day. All theories with plenty of cogent arguments, but with no conclusive proof as to where Diesel originally came from or how it came to be. Nevertheless, some remain adamant that Sour Diesel is simply a phenotype of Chremdawg, while others believe that it originates from a combination of Chemdawg, Super Skunk and Northern Lights with an additional unknown Skunk phenotype thrown in for good measure. However it came to be, the results were and are impressive to say the least.

If looking to pick up the most outstanding marijuana strain on the market, you’ll find everything you need right here at Seed Supreme!

Diesel Strain Effects

diesel strain

While the exact effects to expect differ significantly from one Diesel strain to the next, there are certain quintessential aspects to the high that remain relatively constant across the board. Here at Seed Supreme, we have a market-leading collection of more than 70 incredible Diesel strains to choose from – each with its own unique properties and points of appeal. Nevertheless, Diesel as a strain in its own right is known for delivering the kind of high that makes you feel alert, energetic and pleasantly light-headed to say the least.

Diesel is the kind of strain you can count on for an early morning hit the likes of which will have you feeling awake, alert and ready to face the day. The high that accompanies most Diesel strains is almost exclusively cerebral – absolutely no heavy body feeling to worry about and pretty much zero chance of couch-lock. Some have likened the effects of this strain to the way a dog reacts when he sees you taking the leash out of the closet before taking him on a walk.  Anything that was holding you back suddenly becomes irrelevant and all you’re bothered about is putting your energy and enthusiasm to good use. Creativity and motivation come naturally, though it’s also true to say that a heavy hit of Diesel can also make it quite difficult to focus on one task at a time.

Perfect for an early morning pick-up, not to mention a great way of kicking just about any social occasion into high gear.

The Characteristics of Quality Diesel

When you come across a quality batch of Diesel, it’s pretty hard to mistake it for anything else. The aroma should be borderline overpowering and immediately intoxicating, with that heavy hit of dank fuel and often an undertone of sharp citrus. It shouldn’t leave anything to the imagination – it should essentially slap you in the face and tell you exactly what it is.

As already mentioned, THC concentrations vary from around 15% right up to 25% or more, depending on the specific strain you go for. One hit of a stronger batch is usually all it takes to feel as if you’ve been buzzed in the brain with a taser – though entirely in a positive way! Far from a slow burner, Diesel is the kind of cannabis strain that immediately gives you both barrels and sets you up for whatever it is you have planned.

On the medical side of the equation, Diesel strains have gained extraordinary popularity on a global basis in the treatment of anxiety and depression. If looking for something to immediately relax your mind and reduce the feelings of sadness, this marijuana strain ticks all the right boxes – without the typical feelings of sluggishness and lethargy that typically accompany treatments for these kinds of conditions. Diesel isn’t only about alleviating symptoms, it’s also about feeling great at the same time.

Growing Diesel Cannabis Strains

Anyone looking to grow Diesel cannabis where cultivation has been legalised will need to have at least a moderate amount of experience to succeed. It is far from forgiving in terms of its resistance to common problems and demands controlled indoor growing conditions in anything less than a warm Mediterranean climate. Flowering times of between 10 and 12 weeks can be expected as standard, while yields for indoor growers are comparatively modest compared to those that can be achieved outdoors. Nevertheless, the potency of quality Diesel means that a little goes a long way.

If planning to go ahead and cultivate Diesel cannabis, it’s important to be aware of the fact that the plants themselves give off the most spectacularly pungent and far-reaching fragrance throughout the flowering stage. Meaning that if you need to keep your project under wraps for any reason, you are going to need to invest heavily in odour removal hardware.