Top Shelf Elite

Top Shelf Elite

It’s no news to anyone paying attention to the world that cannabis culture is experiencing a shift. Weed is getting legalized, studies into its medicinal properties are at an all-time high (just like after the day’s first smoke), and a focus on producing the finest pot possible is in full force.

Top Shelf Elite enters this playing field with a wealth of experience and an eye for the details which separate the sublime from the average and set any given strain on the coveted top shelf.

From breathtaking new hybrids to rare and coveted phones and private reserves of old-school genetics, these breeders are working marijuana miracles with the best strains around to produce outstanding medical-grade cannabis for USA dispensaries alongside partners Critical Mass Collective.

The dankest, high-quality dispensary-worthy ganja genetics have never been more accessible, and world-class just had the bar raised.

Top Shelf Elite

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It all began in 2012 for this medically-focused seed company. Though not much is known of the company’s origin story or motivation, passion is listed at the forefront of their drives. 

2012 was the year Washington state legalized cannabis for recreational use. It was the year the Amsterdam tourist ganja ban was vetoed by the mayor (thank you very much!). And it was the year an enormous plant was found in an elderly British couple’s home (they convinced everyone they had no idea what it was - sure you didn’t!).

Likely the driving force behind Top Shelf Elite’s creation was a lifelong love of Mary Jane, perhaps it was a sense of the shifting tide of pot perception, all we know for certain is that Top Shelf was born.


Brand Evolution

The Medicinal Mission 

The aim for Top Shelf Elite has always remained the same - to provide the most jaw-droppingly beautiful and exceptional medical-grade marijuana the world has ever seen. 

While little is readily available about the founder(s), what is decidedly apparent from a look at their offerings is not only an understanding of the fundamentals of the plant itself and the breeding process but of business as well.

Top Shelf’s response time to the rising demand for medicinal weed seeds shows an entrepreneurial spirit fully aware of the benefits our beloved Mary Jane brings to sufferers from the widest array of ailments reacting almost instinctively to the rest of the world waking up. 

What’s clear is these guys had a clear target materializing in their sights, sensed the opportunity, and had the skills and the know-how to get the job done.


From Strength to Strength

The Top Shelf Elite team secured success for themselves by forging lasting relationships with the finest dispensaries of medical marijuana springing up throughout the United States of America and investing endless hours into research and development.

Their passion put them in the prime position, but it would take something special to push the boundaries and deliver premium pot seeds capable of ticking every one of the discerning cannabis collective and new-to-the-arena medical users’ boxes. 

Top Shelf Elite - Auto Nightcrawler OG

Exceptional Experimentations

In order to fulfill their golden goal of creating the best hybrid strains ever seen, Top Shelf knew the building blocks they started with had to be perfect.

Through their partnerships, they secured for their breeding projects only the rarest and most coveted phenotypes they could find. Unique strains from private custom reserves entered their gene pool alongside legacy legends and old-school genetics.

Of course, that took care of the vintage, but Top Shelf always kept one eye on the future and added the spice to their cannabis collections with today’s most premium, prodigious, potent, and praised strains.

Fusing the best of the best from every carefully assessed corner of their rich gene pool, it’s not a wonder Top Shelf Elite sprang straight to that top shelf, but they weren’t alone. 


A Critical Partnership

Perhaps without their partnership with Critical Mass Collective, Top Shelf might have remained a humble seed bank with large aspirations and a talent for breeding which never hit the mainstream.

Thankfully this was not the case, and said partnership proved the key for Top Shelf Elite to upscale their operations, reach a wider array of consumers and allow production and distribution of their premium seeds on a commercial level.

The two seed banks have worked closely since the early days to develop their high-end genetics and open the doors for anyone in the world to own dispensary-grade ganja seeds.

Top Shelf Elite - Auto Black Valium

Essential Strains

With the aim of only ever pushing to market seeds capable of creating the dankest, most desired weed imaginable, worthy of no less than prominent positioning, it should be clear that the offerings from Top Shelf are pretty special.

The company claim that their strains push boundaries and deliver exceptional quality and power. What you might not expect is there are seeds for even the novice grower - yes, quality does not come only after years in training. 

With 9 different strains to choose between (each strain comes in feminized and auto feminized varieties, so actually 18 total), here are a few well worth your attention. For the novice growers among you, I suggest trying your hand at the autoflowering varieties.


Pineapple Crack

A Sativa to salivate over. Pineapple Crack blends the infamous Pineapple Express with Chunky Cherry Malawi, Glass Slipper, and Snoop Dogg’s favored Green Crack seeds.

Described as the perfect fruit cocktail, get ready for sharp hits of cherry, grapefruit, mango and papaya on the hit.

For those unaware, Chunky Cherry Malawi is a rare hybrid born from breeding African Malawi Gold with Hawaiian genetics, Maui Waui, and Cherry Ak47 - so is it any wonder that the moreish, genetically stacked hybrid of Pineapple Crack is so popular? 


Black Valium 

This super sedative strain comes to us through breeding Lost Coast Hash with a Southern California G13 cut and Afghan Ghost - some of the dankest Indica genes the Pacific North West has to offer.

Dark and seductive while she grows, Black Valium carries a strong scent of plum and blackberries and delivers a whopping yield guaranteed to delight.

Top Shelf Elite - Black Valium


A hybrid strain created from the crossing of a stupidly potent Skunk named Vintage 76’ Skunk #1 and the world-renowned OG Kush.

Top Shelf cites this strain as a ‘foundation hybrid’ that exemplifies all the finest traits their hearts desired. She grows swift and dense, covered in resin and giving off tantalizing whiffs of berries and Hash.

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