You know what they say, 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.' That's just what many breeders have done by creating new potent and zesty lemon weed strains. 

Over the years, the science behind cross-breeding weed genetics has rapidly improved. Breeders can now achieve higher THC content, bigger yields, and more powerful flavors than ever before. As a result, the beloved lemon weed strains category keeps growing.

Nowadays, you can enjoy a plethora of aromatic, refreshing citrus lemon weed strains. The choice for different highs and effects is lengthy. 

Join us as we explore the world of lemon strains. Together, we'll take a look at the best lemon strains on the market that are a must-try for any level of stoner. If you're a lemon head, why not add some tang into your grow area? 


We love lemon 

Let's flashback to 2008 at the High Times Cannabis Cup awards. Super Lemon Haze stole the show with a landslide of votes. Connoisseurs all over the world noticed its intense lemon flavor and deep haze undertones. 

From then, strains with similar fruity terpenes and high THC skyrocketed in popularity. Everyone wanted a slice of the Lemon Haze marijuana strain’s success. Soon hybrid crosses were popping up all over the place. 

Read on to learn about the very best of the lemon weed strains crop. 


Top 5 lemon weed strains


The top 5 lemon strains on the market

The time has come to reveal the top 5 different types of lemon strains. Each one holds unique properties, but all boast superpowered terpenes and tangy flavors. 

Once you've chosen your favorite lemon strains, head to our seed bank to order your seeds. If you live in a state where cultivating weed is legal, get growing your lemon stash today. 


Super Lemon Haze

We'll kick off the list with the strain that sent everyone lemon-crazed. Super Lemon Haze is a sativa dominant strain with only a 20% hint of Indica. This lemon weed strain’s parentage includes Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk; these plants can reach up to 25% THC content. 

Light up for a serious head rush of euphoria and a boost of energy. The strain is perfect for a morning wake and bake to get your productive juices flowing and a smile on your face. 

This lemon weed strains robust fruit tones are tangy, sweet, and a tad earthy thanks to its Skunk heritage. It provides relief from chronic pains, fatigue, and depression. 


Lemon OG 

On the other side of the sativa vs. indica spectrum is Lemon OG. This strain is an indica dominant cannabis created from Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and OG #18. It’s one of the best lemon strains for its high kick of 20% THC, giving users a fast-acting high that doesn't last all day. 

In comparison to other lemon cannabis strains and those in the Kush family, this strain offers a deeper psychoactive experience. As a result, it helps sufferers of anxiety and insomnia feel medicated. 

The subtle flavors of skunk with exotic fruit undertones induce waves of relaxation. Sit back and enjoy regular bouts of happiness. This bud is perfect for between chores smoking as it uplifts your mood and melts your stresses away


Sour Lemon OG 

A child of Lemon OG, this lemon strain’s extra tangy thanks to its other parent California Sour. Its heritage tips the Sativa scale at 65% and creates a medium-strength THC potency at around 18%. 

This fruit salad of the lemon weed strains is a refreshing and moreish smoke. Take a puff and taste lime, lemon, and apple flavors

It's a great go-to during a busy day or for social events as it elevates your body and mind. Sour Lemon OG keeps you uplifted and energized, helping you to tackle even the toughest of days. Like other lemon weed strains in this list, this one is a popular choice for people living with depression, anxiety, and stress.


Top 5 lemon weed strains


Gorilla Glue Lemon 

This Indica dominant weed strain packs a 25% THC punch, couch-locking you in the first few moments. It was created by crossing Gorilla Glue and Lemon Haze.

Thanks to its haze heritage, you'll be awash with feelings of happiness. Unlike the rest of the lemon strains of weed in our countdown, it will also create a foggy head high that lingers without being too intense.

A few tokes of Gorilla Glue Lemon are enough to induce a feeling of relief from pain. Its flavor is unmistakable with tones of fresh-squeezed lemon mixed with diesel.


Lemon Pie

A lemon cannabis strain’s list wouldn't be complete without Snoop Dogg’s Lemon Pie. This 22% THC Sativa dominant strain is the result of a three-way cross. It's a combination of legendary mother plants Amnesia Haze and Skunk #1. The third parent is a much-guarded secret. 

Lemon Pie put another Cannabis Cup trophy in the lemon weed strains cabinet in 2004. It’s praised for its tangy terpene profiles, which compliment its haze pine tones. 

A toke of Lemon Pie will leave you with a long-lasting buzz that energizes rather than sedates. You'll feel focused, uplifted, and ready to tackle any task. 


What makes lemon weed stains so unique?

It's all down to the terpenes in lemon strains of weed. Terpenes are in all types of cannabis. They're to thank for the different colors, textures, aroma, and flavor profiles. 

Lemon cannabis strains are rich in linalool and limonene. These two terpenes are also in citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. They are responsible for the zingy flavor and citrus aroma found in lemon weed strains. They also produce therapeutic effects. 

Linalool and limonene boost the immune system, stimulate the brain and relieve pain. They also play a role in relieving stress and body tensions. Together these natural hydrocarbons create the ideal properties for medicinal marijuana treatment. 


Squeeze the most out of your day

The majority of lemon weed strains are perfect for daytime use. They help top up your energy, happiness, and relief from pain. The fruity flavors don't intimidate the taste buds, leaving you refreshed rather than weed-struck. 

With flavors like this, a toke or two throughout the day is a yummy treat. If you live in a state where marijuana cultivation is legal, why not buy seeds of lemon autoflower strains. That way, you can grow buds of lemon candy all year round

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