Sour Lemon OG Feminized Seeds

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Sour Lemon OG Feminized Seeds

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If everyday life requires just a touch more energy than you’ve got available, then Sour Lemon OG Feminized is the perfect strain to wake you up, boost your vigor and motivate you through the day...

Citrus Stimulation and Sour Invigoration


Bud Basics

If you’re a Sativa fan seeking some serious cerebral stimulation, then Sour Lemon OG Feminized is the weed for you. One sure to give you that happy mental boost and gentle body relaxation that characterizes this darling of a strain.


A hybrid that leans towards the Sativa side, Sour Lemon OG is the lovechild of legendary pedigree strains Lemon OG and California Sour. Both big guns, and both hard-hitting in their own right.


Overflowing with sour and lime notes that are tempered by the tang of apple and earth, this ganja is as invigorating on the taste buds as she is on the mind. Borrowing a cerebral punch from California Sour, this marijuana stimulates the mind into creativity and motivation and is a surefire hit with office workers and party-goers alike.


Following this energizing, uplifting burst, this pot will eventually pull you down into a sedating drowsiness that also works effectively as a painkiller for medical tokers. Potent enough at 17% THC to kill most moderate pains, she’s also mood-boosting enough for psychological ailments and a choice strain for alleviating stress, anxiety and depression.


Utterly perfect wake-and-bake that she is, you’ll want to keep a hefty stash of this weed to hand once you’ve sampled her delights. And thanks to these fully feminized seeds, growing your own plants is as simple as it gets. Tall and lanky, Sour Lemon OG Fem requires some support for her huge colas, but her sticky buds are worth it come harvest time.



Flavor and Fragrance of Sour Lemon OG Feminized

Sour Lemon OG, well… it tastes like sour lemon, no surprise there. Bursting with a strong citrus aroma, these buds only intensify once they’re lit up into an aromatic blend of lemon, lime and zingy apple with a faint earth-like undertone that balances the whole thing out.


In taste, this weed is just as refreshing as her effects can be, invigorating and stimulating on the tongue with sharp citrus and lime notes and a sharp fruity apple twist that becomes pepper with Kush notes once exhaled.




Sativa-heavy and a tasty, tangy wake-and-bake choice, Sour Lemon OG Fem is popular with newbies tokers seeking something fruity and seasoned veteran tokers looking for something a little more old school. Inducing an enlivening cerebral buzz that stimulates the senses, this weed’s happy and uplifting effects leave no room in the mind and body for tiredness or lethargy to take hold.


Enjoy this euphoric feeling while you can, as you'll be filled with a surge of energy, creativity and focus that demands attention and action. For those in office jobs, working the daily slog, this cannabis can provide everything you need to get motivated and boost productivity in any task you set your mind to.


Artists, musicians, writers and all creative types will find that this ganja is a great choice for turning on the tap of inspiration. With a hit of this herb, the muses seem more accessible, and suddenly the creation of a work of art becomes a simple thing as you channel pleasant vibes and great ideas.


For parties and social occasions, a few tokes of this pot can be a game-changer, since she encourages conversation, the flow of ideas, laughter, dancing and singing with just a couple of hits. Even introverts and wallflowers will find themselves chattering away.


As Sour Lemon OG Feminized’s energy begins to wane, you’ll gradually begin to feel drowsy and relaxed, and as time goes on this lethargy will intensify into a mild couchlock effect. Depending on your tolerance, sleep could come within minutes or take up to an hour. But no doubt about it, you’ll not be able to resist the call of dreamland.


Most marijuana strains have some unwanted reactions, and this herb is no different, causing dry, red, bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth in most smokers. For newbies and those sensitive to THC, this hard-hitter must be consumed in moderation, and even for the more seasoned, going low and slow is advised to avoid potential headaches, dizziness, paranoia or anxiety.



Medical Uses of Sour Lemon OG Feminized

As the world moves on, many patients struggling with psychological and physical ailments are turning to medicinal marijuana (MMJ) as a natural alternative to synthetic, traditionally prescribed medications. Bursting with potential medical benefits, Sour Lemon OG Feminized is a fast-acting relief for various ailments, and as such, her popularity just keeps on growing.


Due to the uplifting, mood-boosting cerebral effects of this weed, she can be an effective choice for those seeking a more worry-free state of mind, such as those suffering from anxiety, GAD, depression and stress. Since she’s also energizing while you toke, those with insomnia or chronic might find reprieve in this herb.


As a tool for the management of pain, Sour Lemon OG Fem is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic strain with properties that can be used to aid those struggling with headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia and arthritis.


Since this stuff is also likely to leave you with a serious case of the munchies, those struggling with lack of appetite, nausea or vomiting can find solace in a joint of this ganja.



Growing Sour Lemon OG Feminized Seeds

A straightforward grow right from the get-go, Sour Lemon OG Feminized is a rewarding strain to cultivate at home. Even when conditions aren’t optimal, her simple requirements mean she’ll survive and even thrive in most environments. 


The first thing to consider with this plant is space. She can grow fairly tall, at between 3 and 5.5 feet high on average, so indoors growers need to ensure she has ample space to stretch.


Her lanky structure carries an enormous cola and numerous branches, all of which are an early indicator of her decent harvests. Once she’s begun to mature, her vivid green coloration is almost as enticing as her aroma, abundant with sticky, gorgeous, resin-coated nugs.


Grown indoors, Sour Lemon OG prefers a Screen of Green (SCROG) setup, as her tall, slender structure requires additional support to hold up her huge colas. Her feminized seeds don’t require the removal of males, so pollination isn’t a concern, and she’ll flower for around 10 or 11 weeks on average, and you should be able to harvest around 1.15 to 1.31 ounces per square foot.


For outdoor growers, you’ll see a notable difference in how Sour Lemon OG Fem flourishes, as good soil and lots of sunshine will work wonders to boost her yields and let her truly show what she can do. In the northern hemisphere, harvest time falls around the last two weeks of October, and with plenty of space to stretch, she’ll yield around 17.6 ounces of nugs per plant.




If everyday life requires just a touch more energy than you’ve got available, then Sour Lemon OG Feminized is the perfect strain to wake you up, boost your vigor and motivate you through the day.


Sour with lemon, lime and apple notes, this herb is refreshing in aroma and taste as well as on the mind. Lifting your mood within moments of that first toke, you’ll get your cerebral buzz on and find yourself bursting with creative ideas, innovation and productivity - whether you utilize this for the workday or a night out, is up to you.


Medically speaking, this strain is ideal for psychological concerns that require something to clear the head, push out negativity and lift the mood. She’s also an excellent painkiller for various disorders, which makes it all the more brilliant that she’s a simple strain to grow for those with a little experience. Her lanky structure lends itself to huge colas and a pretty decent yield. Ensure these feminized beans get the lateral support they need, and you’ll be reaping in the nugs in no time.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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