Legalizing weed in many states across the USA allows you to start growing the best cannabis variants. Since then, marijuana lovers are constantly on the lookout for the best feminized seeds around. Thanks to modern breeding methods, the available strains are almost infinite.

Some areas allow you to cultivate up to five marijuana plants, which gives you the chance to try numerous strains to find the one you like most. While it might not sound like a lot, that’s up to 4000 oz (113 Kg)! To help you choose the best ones, we’ve curated a list of the hardiest, most potent, and most straightforward to grow feminized marijuana seeds.


What are feminized seeds?

You may be wondering, what does “feminized seeds” mean? And what’s the difference? Well, “feminized cannabis seeds” are guaranteed females. 

A fascinating aspect of marijuana plants is while they can be male or female, they can also be hermaphroditic. In other words, they can pollinate themselves. Although many people say they can tell its gender based only on the seed, it’s impossible to know by simply looking at it.

Unlike feminized marijuana seeds, regular seeds have the possibility of growing into males or hermaphrodites. Males don’t create flowers, which is the CBD and THC source, and hermies pollinate everything around them. The result interrupts THC production and prioritizes seed production over flower generation.

To stop nearby females from becoming pollinated, most cultivators kill off males. Over the years, breeders decided to train lady cannabis plants to produce pollen and fertilize other females to ensure there aren’t any male chromosomes in the resulting seeds. For you at home, it’s probably easier to buy the best feminized seeds from online retailers like Seed Supreme.


10 best feminized seeds to grow


The 10 best feminized marijuana seeds

The best feminized seeds guarantee genetic females. It’s easy to remove a stray male, but it can take a while before you notice or pollinate the others while you’re asleep. Although it might seem trivial, unexpected, unwanted males throw a major spanner in the works.

For those, among other reasons, feminized marijuana seeds are highly recommended. Beginners and veterans alike prefer them because they guarantee flowers and are easy to cultivate. Many have a photoperiod flowering phase, meaning they need a certain amount of light daily.

To ensure you know and have everything you need, here’s a list of the 10 top feminized seeds to grow and their ideal environment:


Afghan Skunk Feminized seeds

Afghan Skunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds are a hardy hybrid of Afghan Kush and Skunk #1. They’re extremely durable and highly capable of withstanding challenging climates. Additionally, their bud structure is dense, with many branches, and offers very generous yields. 


  • Strain type: Mostly Indica
  • Genetics: Afghan x Skunk
  • Yield: 7 - 35 oz / 10 sq ft
  • Flowering time: 50 - 65 Days
  • Effects: Euphoria, Hunger, Sleepiness
  • Experience level: Intermediate
  • Best environment: Indoors / Outdoors / Greenhouse


Though an incredibly abundant variety, the skunky smell can become intrusive over time. We, therefore, recommend an outdoor or greenhouse setup if the smell might bother you.


Blueberry OG Feminised seeds

An ever-popular strain, blueberry OG feminized seeds are simple to cultivate and result in a nice smelling plant. Though they can become quite bushy, these feminized weed seeds never grow too tall. Their sweet, earthy scent, along with their pleasing aesthetic, are just some of the reasons indoor growers love them so much.


  • Strain type: Mostly Indica
  • Genetics: Blueberry x OG Kush
  • Yield: 5 - 30 oz / 10 sq ft
  • Flowering time: 50 - 60 days
  • Effects: Uplifting, Happiness, Relaxation
  • Experience level: Beginner
  • Best environment: Greenhouse / Indoors


Their size makes Blueberry OG ideal for indoor or greenhouse systems. Though possible to grow outdoors, the climate could negatively affect your yield. For the best results, have a marijuana greenhouse with some lights ready.


10 best feminized seeds to grow


Critical Feminized seeds

A combination of Critical Mass, Brazilian Indica, and South Indian marijuana, Critical Feminized Seeds is a beauty. With a high THC level and fast flowering time, these feminized cannabis seeds are a must-have. Though not recommended for newbies, it’s well worth the effort for more experienced cultivators.


  • Strain type: Mostly Indica
  • Genetics: Critical Mass x Brazilian x South Indian
  • Yield: 5 - 40 oz / 10 sq ft
  • Flowering time: 45 - 55 days
  • Effects: Euphoric, Relaxing, Uplifting
  • Experience level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Best environment: Indoors / Greenhouse / Outdoors


Although it’s a strong plant that can survive outdoors, indoor or greenhouse setups are preferable. Having control over the climate and light lets you affect your yields. If outdoors is your only option, early to mid-spring would be the best time to start germination.


Crystal Gelato Feminized seeds

Many cannabis connoisseurs are familiar with Gelato weed. You may also know the very popular Crystal marijuana strain. Through selective breeding, you can now order the hybrid Crystal Gelato seeds online. These potent feminized marijuana seeds offer ruderalis, sativa, and indica influences to create a perfectly balanced high.


  • Strain type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies x Northern Lights x White Widow
  • Yield:  14 - 28 oz / 10 sq ft
  • Flowering time: 45 - 56 days
  • Effects: Creativity, Euphoria, Focus
  • Experience level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Best environment: Greenhouse / Indoors


Not as durable as some other strains, it’s best to keep your Crystal Gelato in a safe space. As with other strains, make sure you give it as much light as possible. If you can, set up a greenhouse for added natural light.


Bubble Bud Feminized seeds

Not only is the name hilarious, but it’s also a very beginner-friendly strain. Bubble Bud seeds produce incredible plants with note-worthy THC levels. These amazing feminized weed seeds are a top seller for many suppliers.


  • Strain type: Sativa/ Indica Hybrid
  • Genetics: SuperBud x Jack Herer X Afghan Kush
  • Yield: 14 - 21 oz / 10sq ft
  • Flowering time: 50 - 60 days
  • Effects: Energetic, Uplifting, Euphoric
  • Experience level: Beginner
  • Best environment: Greenhouse / Indoor


You can grow Bubble Bud outside, but the risks are greater. As with most photoperiod cannabis plants, it helps to have extra control over the light. Alternatively, spring and summer offer fantastic sunlight for cultivating weed.


Bruce Banner #3

A rather new variant, Bruce Banner #3 seeds are an epic addition to your ganja garden. These amazing feminized marijuana seeds have up to 28% THC. Though they don’t create as many colas as some other strains, their potency more than makes up for it.


  • Strain type: Mostly Sativa
  • Genetics: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
  • Yield: 14 - 22 oz / 10 sq ft
  • Flowering time: 56 - 70 days
  • Effects: Sedative, Relaxing, Uplifting
  • Experience level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Best environment: Greenhouse


Unlike some other feminized pot seeds, Bruce Banner #3 is perfect for a greenhouse environment. It needs temperate, Mediterranean climates, which is easier to mimic in greenhouses than indoors. Their smaller size also allows you to grow a larger amount in a smaller area.


Berry Bomb Feminized seeds

A hand-crafted hybrid of Bomb #1 and Blueberry, Berry Bomb feminized seeds combine the best of both worlds. It’s like blueberry, but bigger, better, and has a higher THC content. For added fun, like many other purple-trichome feminized weed seeds, it turns blue under specific conditions.


  • Strain type: Mostly Indica
  • Genetics: Blueberry x Bomb #1
  • Yield: 14 - 21 oz / 10 sq ft
  • Flowering time: 42 - 56 Days
  • Effects: Uplifting, Creative, Euphoric
  • Experience level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Best environment: Greenhouse / Indoors


As with many other strains, Berry Bomb flourishes in a greenhouse. To maximize your yields, use a setup that extends available light. Outdoor cultivation is possible, but this cannabis strain is more fragile than some.


Kraken Feminized seeds

Unbeknownst to many, you can grow the legendary sea monster in your backyard. Kraken feminized seeds are a new strain that holds up to the name. These feminized weed seeds evolve into a massive octopus-like plant holding giant colas.


  • Strain type: Mostly Indica
  • Genetics: Jack Herer x South Indian Indica
  • Yield: 11 - 21 oz / 10 sq ft
  • Flowering time: 56 - 70 Days
  • Effects: Creative, Focused, Happy
  • Experience level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Best environment: Greenhouse / Outdoors


If you decide to grow outdoors, stick to summer for the best light. You can cultivate Kraken feminized cannabis seeds indoors with the right equipment, but most growers prefer greenhouses. While the citrus, sweet scent might be really pleasant initially, the skunky smell soon overtakes it. 


10 best feminized seeds to grow


Sticky Zkittlez Glue Feminized seeds

Besides the fact that the name is brilliant, Sticky Zkittlez Glue Feminized Seeds crosses some high-potency bud. The sticky resin created by Gorilla Glue #4, combined with the intense THC level of Zkittlez, makes for a next-level experience. Beyond its strength, it’s also a breeze to cultivate.


  • Strain type: Mostly Indica
  • Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 x Zkittlez
  • Yield: 17 - 24 oz / 10 sq ft
  • Flowering time: 48 - 70 days
  • Effects: Euphoric, Uplifting, Talkative
  • Experience level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Best environment: Indoors / Greenhouse / Outdoors


Indoors, the soil may enhance the terpene profile, while hydroponics usually increase the growth rate. Outdoors, Sticky Zkittlez Glue feminized cannabis seeds need attention and maintenance. If you follow the best practices and tips, you can harvest up to 35 ounces per plant!


Girl Scout Cookies Feminized seeds

You’ve probably heard about Girl Scout Cookies Feminized seeds before. As one of the most popular feminized weed seeds around, its fame precedes it. Not only does it offer a balanced high, but beginners and experienced gardeners can harvest sizeable yields.


  • Strain type: Hybrid Mix
  • Genetics: OG Kush x Durban Poison
  • Yield: 14 - 17 oz / 10 sq ft
  • Flowering time: 48 - 68 days
  • Effects: Calming, Creative, Uplifting
  • Experience level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Best environment: Indoors / Greenhouse / Outdoors


Girl Scout Cookies feminized marijuana seeds create medium-sized plants with leafy branches and resin-heavy buds. You can expose them to cooler temperatures during light-off hours to alter the trichome hue. This need to adjust temperature, humidity, and light cycles for the best results are only a few reasons most cultivators prefer to grow in greenhouses.


Where to find the best feminized cannabis seeds

Where would be the best place to buy feminized seeds? Well, that depends on what you need. Some retailers focus on medicinal seeds and others on recreational use.

To start with, ask yourself, what am I looking for, and what are the laws in my area? Make sure you’re following a legal route. When it comes to feminized seeds, the USA regulations differ by state. 

If you’re looking for feminized seeds for sale, you need to look no further than Seed Supreme. Years of cultivation and breeding experience give you an incredible variety of amazing seeds. With discreet nationwide shipping and some of the best feminized seeds available, you’ll go from seed to “stoned” in a matter of weeks.



Is it safe to buy feminized cannabis seeds?

When you buy from trusted vendors, you guarantee secure, safe payment as well as delivery.


How much do feminized seeds cost?

Depending on how many you buy, prices start from as little as US$ 12 for two seeds. 


Is it legal to buy feminized cannabis seeds?

To make sure you buy your feminized weed seeds legally, familiarize yourself with local laws.


Next Steps

Now that you’ve learned about the best feminized seeds, it’s time to start putting your knowledge to practice. To learn more about how to start a cannabis garden, you can go to the SeedSupreme Blog. Not only can you learn how to cultivate marijuana step-by-step, but you can have fun doing so.

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