Why are feminized marijuana seeds the best?

The best indoor and outdoor strain selections

Best feminized cannabis seeds in the US

Feminized seeds! For a budding garden


Do you remember the days when regular cannabis seeds were your only option? Thanks to the determination of breeders to create the best feminized seeds, growers now have pleasant cultivation seasons.

The belt is loosening up for marijuana enthusiasts. As many states are becoming more pro-cannabis, cultivators can choose between hundreds of the seeds.

No more sifting through crops to weed out the males before they pollinate your females. After all, it's the delectable buds you're after for recreational or medicinal consumption.

But how do you choose the best seeds for you? Read on to find out.


Why are feminized marijuana seeds the best?

When they first arrived, feminized seeds didn’t start as a favorite among 420'ers. The feminization process required ongoing stress techniques, which led to hermaphrodite tendencies in certain crops.

After continuous trials and many research hours later, the process was finally perfected. What came from it were cannabis seeds growing into female plants.

What do feminized seeds mean to marijuana cultivators? A growing space with 99.9% guaranteed female crops that produce the sought-after buds for consumption.

All confused? Ok, let's take this back a notch. Way back in the day, cultivators didn't have the luxury of searching for female weed seeds. They raised cannabis plants from regular seeds, with half of them being male and the other female.

Male plants produce seeds, and their natural purpose is to pollinate females. Pollinated female crops won't produce buds. Removing male plants timeously is vital. To avoid all of this, breeders created the true feminized seeds. Growers now cultivate with confidence knowing their crops are female.

Here are a few of the reasons why growers prefer feminized seeds.

  • The crops exclusively produce buds for recreational and medicinal purposes.
  • Reduces the risk of unwanted cross-pollination.
  • Growers save time, money, and space by reducing the risk of male plants.
  • A wide variety of cultivars are available.
  • Because feminized cannabis seeds grow into stable mother plants, even breeders prefer them to create new strains.


female cannabis plant


The best indoor and outdoor strain selections

Our feminized weed seeds are categorized into the best indoor or outdoor strains.

The two top selected feminized seeds to grow indoors.



Strain name



Indoor yield

Flavors and aromas


Runtz feminized



Nine weeks of flowering

16–21 oz./m²

Fresh, sweet, fruity, caramel, and herbal notes

Powerful, balanced, psychedelic, euphoric relaxing

Sour Diesel feminized



9–10 weeks of flowering

16–18 oz./m²

Citrus, herbal, and pine notes

Energizing and pain relief relaxation


indoor cannabis growing


The two best-feminized seeds for outdoor growing:



Strain name



Indoor yield

Flavors and aromas


Star Killer feminized



9–10 weeks of flowering

12–14 oz./m²

Sweet citrus, pine, and earthy notes

Euphoric relaxing and sleepy

Strawberry feminized



9–10 weeks of flowering

14–18 oz./m²

Forest fruits and woody notes

Cerebral stimulation and euphoric sensations


9 Best feminized cannabis seeds in the US

Only reputable seed stores like Seed Supreme stock the best feminized seeds in the US. 

All the cannabis seed options listed below are guaranteed to mature into female plants, provided no male plants are in close vicinity. It's important to know that males can pollinate female crops up to a ten-mile radius.


Jack Herer 

The name Jack Herer must have crossed your lips before, even if a blunt filled with the buds hasn't yet. Joining the genetics of Jack Herer feminized (Haze, Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk) with a secret hybrid gave rise to this sativa hero.

Jack saves the day with easy growing traits, recreational and medicinal benefits, and mouthwatering flavors


Jack Herer feminized cannabis seeds


Growing these feminized seeds indoors is favorable to the dense buds and allows you to keep temperatures at 68–80℉ and relative humidity low.

The effects are fast-acting and exhilarating, instantly firing up cerebral upliftment and euphoria. Puff on these tasty buds fused with incense, haze, and citrus notes to bring on the motivation for the day.

  • Flowering: 8–9 weeks
  • Indoor yield: 18–21 oz./m
  • Outdoor yield: 25 oz./plant
  • THC: 15–19%



Amnesia feminized seeds are hybrids created by crossing the lineage of Haze and Afghan. Due to their resilient, easy-growing traits, they’re dubbed some of the best-feminized seeds to grow.


Amnesia feminized cannabis seeds


The sativa-heavy effects are potent, long-lasting, and make you forget about your troubles. The subtle indica kick of serenity evens out the intense mental stimulation. Fruity incense of wood and haze notes satisfy the senses.

  • Flowering: 9 weeks
  • Indoor yield: 16–18 oz./m²
  • Outdoor yield: 19–25 oz./plant
  • THC: 15–20%



The genetic blends of Jack Herer and NY Diesel gave these Diesel feminized seeds their frosty flowers, citrus berry flavors, and sativa-fueled effects.

These are the best feminized weed seeds for new or experienced cultivators. The plants require the usual maintenance and are resistant to cannabis nuisances.

Diesel feminized crops prefer warm, dry, and sunny climates outdoors. Simulating this environment in a greenhouse or grow tent is also ideal.


Diesel feminized cannabis seeds


Puffing on the buds drenched in diesel, citrus, and berry notes leaves you stimulated, focused, and creative at first. Physical relaxation smoothly spreads throughout the body as you enjoy the elated sensations.

  • Flowering 7–9 weeks
  • Indoor yield: 14–18 oz./m²
  • Outdoor yield: up to 33 oz./plant
  • THC: 12–21%



If you're looking for buds that set you off into a peaceful slumber look no further than Afghan feminized. Created by adding some ruderalis genetics gave rise to this resilient indica.

The easy growing qualities and physical structure of the crops make them straightforward to grow for anyone wanting to try cannabis cultivation. 


Afghan feminized cannabis seeds


The best part of these feminized seeds is that they're autoflowering seeds, so they transition into flowering independently and have a relatively short growth cycle.

The buds are dense on the plant and citrusy on the smoke. After every puff, the subtle euphoric mind buzz intensifies. Eventually, the body succumbs to deep relaxation.

  • Flowering 8–9 weeks
  • Indoor yield: 14 oz./m²
  • Outdoor yield: 2–4 oz./plant
  • THC 15–17%


Great White Shark

Great White Shark feminized seeds are in the list because of its easy-growing nature and razor-sharp effects

The genetics of Super Skunk proudly dubs this cultivar with its indica dominance, while the sativa qualities are from South American and South Indian landraces.


Great White Shark feminized cannabis seeds


These crops are a pleasure to grow. They're tolerant of novice mistakes and grow well indoors and out. Expect bountiful yields of frosty and flavorsome skunky and fruity buds.

The effects hit fast and hard after the very first puff. Your mind quickly succumbs to a few hours of euphoric upliftment before the potent body-numbing buzz takes things down. One of the best strains to take on as a nightcap.

  • Flowering: 7–10 weeks
  • Indoor yield: 28 oz./m²
  • Outdoor yield: 35 oz./plant
  • THC 21–24%


Cinderella 99 feminized cannabis seeds

Cinderella 99 feminized seeds come from a long history of relations between Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk. This sativa dominant hybrid has you up and buzzing long after midnight if taken in moderation. 

Cinderella is among the best-feminized seeds to raise if you're looking for a beginner-friendly cultivar to either grow indoors or outside.


Cinderella 99 feminized cannabis seeds


The smoke is smooth and infused with fruity, pineapple, grapefruit flavors and aromas. After every puff, euphoria and positive energy enters the mind before subtle tranquility takes over the body.

  • Flowering: 8–9 weeks
  • Indoor yield: 18–21 oz./m²
  • Outdoor yield: 21–28 oz./plant
  • THC 13–17%


OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds

OG Kush seeds feminized by Seedsupreme are one of the greatest weed seeds to grow for marijuana users seeking medical relief from their tokes. Fire OG and The White pack these buds with cannabinoids for mind stimulation and body relaxation

This indica strain is a bit challenging to grow for newbies. Due to its structure, it's prone to cannabis pests and diseases. Regular topping and trimming are needed.


OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds


These buds emit earthy, woody, pine, and citrus notes with every puff. Long-lasting euphoric sensations powerfully impact the mind. Soon after, a full-body calm gently vibrates through the body.

  • Flowering 8–9 weeks
  • Indoor yield: 16 oz./m
  • Outdoor yield: 16 oz./plant
  • THC 19–26%


White Widow feminized cannabis seeds

White Widow feminized seeds are excellent if you're looking for an easy-to-grow cultivar that produces quality buds with potent effects.

Genetics from a Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica shows well-balanced growing traits and effects. During flowering, the crops grow large with huge colas covered in resin dripping buds. Growing these seeds indoors or out is equally beneficial to the plants.


White Widow feminized cannabis seeds


Expect a pleasantly dank smoke filled with earthy, woody, herbal, and spicy notes. As the senses enjoy the flavors and aromas, euphoric creativity powers the mind, followed by body relaxation.

  • Flowering: 8–9 weeks
  • Indoor yield: 16 oz./m²
  • Outdoor yield: 25 oz./plant
  • THC 18–25%


Super Silver Haze feminized cannabis seeds

Super Silver Haze is an award-winning cultivar putting sativas at the top of the best-feminized seeds list in dispensaries. The legendary genetics of Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk bestows the crops with resinous buds, a flavorsome smoke, and potent effects. 

Learning how to grow these feminized seeds is best attended to by experienced cultivators. The crops grow tall and require a lot of space. The yields are rewarding, making every bit of extra effort worth the while.


Super Silver Haze feminized cannabis seeds


The powerful effects commence with clear-headed euphoric stimulation that enhances creative energy. After a few puffs of sweet citrus, spicy and metallic notes, your mind explodes with vigor and subtle calming sensations. An ideal wake and bake strain to enjoy mid-afternoon.

  • Flowering 9–10 weeks
  • Indoor yield: 18–21 oz./m²
  • Outdoor yield: 21 oz./plant
  • THC 15–19 %


Feminized seeds! For a budding garden

Do you feel like you need to wrap up a bag of "thank you" buds for the breeders who invented these cannabis seeds? Everyone who grows marijuana for juicy nugs shares your sentiment.

Knowing that the presence of males is slim to none certainly calls for celebration. One with rewards of bountiful yields at the end of each season.

Waste no more time and select the best feminized seeds to match your style. Start your cultivating journey with viable seeds from a reputable seedbank like Seed Supreme.

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